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Playback mode “UNPLAYABLE CARD’’ indication may appear as warning. ≥When playing back still pictures recorded in 4:3 mode ([ 3.1M ], [ 2 M ], [ 1 M ], [ 0.3M ]) on a widescreen TV, the picture quality may deteriorate. ≥When playing back a file recorded on other equipment, the date and time display is different from when it was recorded. ª To display multiple playback files Multiple files on the card (6 files on 1 screen) are displayed. 1 Move the [s /VOLr] lever to switch the images.

Deleting files recorded on a card The deleted files cannot be restored. ≥Set to Card Playback Mode. 1 Move the joystick left or right to select a file to delete.

≥You can select a file in the multi-screen display. After selecting the file, press the joystick and display the operation icon. 2 Move the joystick down to select [ ].


Towards [r]: Towards [`]:

Full-screen display (Displays 1 image.) Multi-screen display (Displays 6 files on 1 screen.)

≥In the multi-screen display, ≥Move the joystick to select a file (The selected file will be encircled by a orange frame) and press to determine it. The selected file is full-screen displayed. ≥If there are 7 files or more, then move the joystick. The next or previous multi-screen will be displayed.

3 Move the joystick up or down in order to select [DELETE 1 FILE] and then press it.

4 When the confirmation message appears, select [YES] and press the joystick. ≥In order to stop deletion, select [NO]. ª To delete all files 1 Move the joystick down to select [


ª About the compatibility of still

pictures ≥The Camcorder is compliant with the unified standard DCF (Design rule for Camera File system) established by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association). ≥The file format supported by this Camcorder is JPEG. (Not all JPEG formatted files will be played back.) ≥If an out-of-specs file is played back, the folder/ file name may not be displayed. ≥The Camcorder may degrade or not play back data recorded or created on another brand of Camcorder and vice versa.

2 Move the joystick up or down in order to select [ALL FILES] and then press it.

3 When the confirmation message appears, select [YES] and press the joystick. ≥Do not turn off the power while deleting. ≥To delete files, use the AC adaptor or a sufficiently charged battery. ≥In case of [ALL FILES], the deletion may take time if there are many files on the card. ≥If the “CARD FULL” indication appears when recording, the card is full and no further data can be recorded. Insert a new card or set the Camcorder to Card Playback Mode and delete unnecessary files. ≥If files conforming to DCF standard are deleted, all the data related to the files will be deleted.

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