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Record mode ª To set the white balance manually Select [ ] in Step 3. Then, while viewing a white subject on the entire screen, move the joystick up to select the [ ] indication. ª About flashing of the [ ] indication When the manual adjustment mode is selected ≥Flashing indicates that the white balance previously adjusted is stored. This setting is stored until the white balance is adjusted again. When white balance cannot be set in the manual adjustment mode ≥White balance may not be adjusted properly in the manual adjustment mode in dark places. If required, use the auto white balance mode. Setting in the manual adjustment mode ≥When the setting is completed, it will keep lit.

Manual focus adjustment If auto focusing is difficult due to the conditions, then manual focusing is available. ≥Set to Tape/Card Recording Mode. 1 Set the [AUTO/MANUAL/FOCUS] switch to [MANUAL].

2 Set the [AUTO/MANUAL/FOCUS] switch to [FOCUS].

ª About the white balance sensor The white balance sensor detects the type of light source during recording. ≥Do not cover the white balance sensor during recording or it may not function properly. ª About the black balance adjustment This is one of the 3CCD system functions that automatically adjusts the black when the white balance is set in the manual adjustment mode. When the black balance is being adjusted, the screen will temporarily go black. (It is not possible to adjust the black balance manually.)




≥The [ MNL ] indication and the manual focus [MF] indication appears. 3 Move the joystick left or right in order to adjust the focus. MF MNL

3 ≥When focused with a wide angle, the subject may not be in focus when zoomed in. First, zoom in on the subject and then focus on it. 1 Black balance adjustment (Flashes.) 2 White balance adjustment (Flashes.) 3 Adjustment completed (Lights up.)

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ª To restore to the automatic

adjustment Set the [AUTO/MANUAL/FOCUS] switch to [AUTO] or [FOCUS].

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