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Record mode

Optical image stabilizer function This feature reduces the jitter caused by hand movement when recording. ≥ Set to Tape/Card Recording Mode. 1 Set [ADVANCED] >> [O.I.S.] >> [ON].

Recording in various situations (Scene mode) When you record images in different situations, this mode automatically sets optimum shutter speeds and apertures. ≥ Set to Tape/Card Recording Mode. 1 Set the [AUTO/MANUAL/FOCUS] switch to [MANUAL].

ª To cancel the optical image stabilizer

function Set [ADVANCED] >> [O.I.S.] >> [OFF]. ≥When recording still pictures in the Card Recording mode, pressing the Photoshot button [ ] halfway increases the effect of the image stabilizer function. (MEGA Optical Image Stabilizer) ≥In the following cases, the optical image stabilizer function may not work effectively. ≥When the digital zoom is used ≥When the Camcorder is shaken greatly ≥When you record a moving subject while tracking it

2 Set [BASIC] >> [SCENE MODE] >> select the desired mode. 1)





Guideline function View the slope and the balance of the image while recording. You can check if the image is level while recording motion pictures. The function can also be used to estimate the balance of the composition. ≥ Set to Tape/Card Recording Mode. 1 Set [ADVANCED] >> [GUIDE LINES] >> [ON].

ª To Cancel the Guideline Function Set [ADVANCED] >> [GUIDE LINES] >> [OFF]. ≥The guide lines do not appear on the images actually recorded.

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1) [5] Sports mode ≥To record sports scenes or scenes where there are quick motions 2) [ ] Portrait mode ≥To make people stand out against the background 3) [ ] Low light mode ≥To make the scene brighter in dark conditions 4) [ ] Spotlight mode ≥To make the subject under a spotlight look more attractive 5) [ ] Surf & snow mode ≥To record images in bright places such as ski slopes and beaches

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