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Record mode 3.1M : 2M : 1M : 0.3M :

2048k1512 1600k1200 1280k960 640k480 ≥When you purchase this unit, [ASPECT] is set to [16:9]. The sides of pictures recorded when [16:9] is set may be cut at printing. Check before printing.

Zoom in/out function You can zoom in up to 10k optically. ≥Set to Tape/Card Recording Mode. 1 Wide-angle recording (zoom out): Push the [W/T] lever towards [W]. Close-up recording (zoom in): Push the [W/T] lever towards [T].

ª Select the picture quality for

photoshot images 1 Set [BASIC] >> [PICT.QUALITY] >> select the desired picture quality. [ ]: High picture quality [ ]: Normal picture quality ≥You can also change the picture quality on [ADVANCED] >> [PICT.QUALITY] in the tape recording mode. ª Recording with a shutter operation

effect You can add a shutter operation simulating sound. 1 Set [ADVANCED] >> [SHTR EFFECT] >> [ON]. ª About the shutter chance mark ≥The shutter chance mark does not appear in manual focus mode. ≥When the subject is not easily focused, focus on the subject manually. ≥You can record still pictures on the card even if the shutter chance mark does not appear, but pictures may be recorded without being focused. ≥The shutter chance mark does not appear or has difficulty displaying in the following cases. ≥When the zoom magnification is high. ≥When the Camcorder is shaken. ≥When the subject is moving. ≥When the subject stands in front of a light source. ≥When close subjects and far subjects are included in the same scene. ≥When the scene is dark. ≥When there is a bright part in the scene. ≥When the scene is filled with only horizontal lines. ≥When the scene lacks contrast. ≥When recording on tape. ª Concerning the focusing area ≥When there is a contrasting object ahead or behind the subject in the focus area, the subject may not be focused. If so, move the contrasting object out of the focus area. ≥Even when it is still difficult to focus, adjust the focus manually.

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1t tW

T 5t tW

T 10t 10 tW


≥When zooming in and taking a picture while holding the Camcorder by hand, we recommend using the image stabilizer function. ≥When you are zooming in on a faraway subject, a sharper focus is achieved if the recording subject is 1 m (3.3 feet) or further from the Camcorder. ≥When the zoom speed is high, the subject may not be focused easily. ≥When the zoom magnification is 1k, the Camcorder can focus on a subject approx. 4 cm (1.6 inches) away from the lens. ≥Be aware that a mechanical sound may be recorded when the [W/T] lever is released while zooming. Gently move the zoom lever back to it’s original position before releasing it.

Manual de Filmadora PV-GS320-3ccd  
Manual de Filmadora PV-GS320-3ccd  

Manual da Filmadora Panasonic PVGS320