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Record mode ASPECT [4:3]: 1 M : 1280k960 0.3M : 640k480

Recording still pictures onto a card (Photoshot) ≥ Set to Card Recording Mode.

1 Press the Photoshot button [

] halfway in order to adjust focusing. (For auto focusing only) ≥If you set [O.I.S.] to [ON], then the image stabilizer function will be more effective. ([ MEGA (MEGA Optical image stabilizer)] will be indicated.) ≥The iris/gain value is fixed and this Camcorder focuses on the subject automatically.

ª To record still pictures clearly ≥When zooming in on the subject with a magnification of 4k or higher, it is difficult to reduce the slight shaking from holding the Camcorder by hand. We recommend decreasing the zoom magnification and approaching the subject when recording. ≥When recording still pictures, hold the Camcorder firmly with your hands and keep your arms stationary at your side so as not to shake the Camcorder. ≥You can record stable pictures without shaking by using a tripod and the remote control. ≥For the number of still pictures that can be recorded on a card, refer to -78-. ≥Moving pictures and sound cannot be recorded onto a card. ≥While data is being recorded on a card, do not operate the mode dial. ≥When the access lamp is lit, do not remove the card. ≥Another product may degrade or not play back data recorded on this Camcorder. ≥If you set [PICT.QUALITY] >> [ ], mosaicpattern noise may appear on a playback image depending on the picture content. ≥When the [PICTURE SIZE] is set to other than [ 0.2 ] or [ 0.3M ], the mega pixel recording mode is set. ≥It is not possible to press the [PHOTO SHOT] button on the remote control halfway. ª On-screen display in the card

recording mode

1 2

1 Shutter chance mark ± (The white lamp flashes.): Focusing ¥ (The green lamp lights up.): When in focus No mark: When focusing is unsuccessful ≥The shutter chance mark is indicated as follows when the Photoshot button [ ] is not pressed halfway. Please use it as a guide for recording. ¥ (The green lamp lights up.): When in focus and a good picture can be recorded ± (The white lamp lights up.): Almost in focus 2 Focus area 2 Press the Photoshot button [ ] fully.

1) 100



3) 4)

1) Still picture size 2) Card indication (-66-) 3) Number of recordable still pictures (When no picture can be recorded, this indication will flash in red.) 4) Quality of still pictures ª Select the size of still pictures to be

recorded on a card 1 Set [BASIC] >> [PICTURE SIZE] >> select the desired picture size. ASPECT [16:9]: 2.4 :2048k1152 0.2 :640k360 ASPECT [4:3]:

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