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Before using ª Operating with remote control The menu screen transition is the same as when the buttons on the main unit are used. 1 Press the [MENU] button.

Adjusting LCD monitor/viewfinder ª Adjusting the brightness and color

level 1 Set [SETUP] >> [LCD SET] or [EVF SET] >> [YES].

2 Select a menu item. ≥Use the direction buttons (3, 2, 1, 4) and [ENTER] button in place of the joystick on the main unit.

2 Move the joystick up or down in order to select the item to be adjusted. [LCD SET] : Brightness of the LCD monitor : Color level of the LCD monitor [EVF SET]

3 Press the [MENU] button to exit the menu screen.

:Brightness of the viewfinder

3 Move the joystick left or right to move the bar indication representing the brightness.

4 Press the [MENU] button or the joystick to complete the settings. ≥When the LCD monitor is rotated by 180° towards the lens, the brightness of the LCD monitor cannot be adjusted. ≥To adjust the brightness of the viewfinder, close the LCD monitor and extend the viewfinder to activate it. ≥These settings will not affect the images actually recorded. ª In order to increase the brightness of

the entire LCD monitor 1 Set [SETUP] >> [POWER LCD] >> [ON]. ≥The [ ] indication appears on the LCD monitor. ≥If the [POWER LCD] is set to [ON], the entire LCD monitor will become approx. twice as bright as usual. ≥To cancel the [POWER LCD] function, set [SETUP] >> [POWER LCD] >> [OFF]. ≥This will not affect the images to be recorded. ≥If you turn on the Camcorder when the AC adaptor is used, the [POWER LCD] function will automatically be activated. ≥You cannot use this function in PC Connection Mode.

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