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In furthering the objectives of the JAAA to encourage, promote, develop and direct athletics in Jamaica, the TEAM JACKSON CAMPAIGN presents its mandate for the next four years and beyond.

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Our Vision is to build on our athletics legacy by: :: continuing our quest for superiority in track and field :: strengthening organisational effectiveness :: promoting a culture of transparency and fiduciary integrity


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Grace Jackson :: Olympian :: Administrator :: Innovator

Tireless advocate for Jamaican Track& Field


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Our action plan builds on the past successes of our athletes and the JAAA, and adds value to it. We believe that it is the Association’s duty to champion the welfare and development of track & field athletes to enable their success. A comprehensive support programme for our athletes, coupled with the identification and promotion of events outside of the sprints, will aid in improving our medal winning performances on the international stage. It is our conviction that a key component of Jamaica’s future success in athletics lies in the Junior Programme and that we must nurture and build on this foundation. Partnerships with established institutions will not only ease the burden on the Association, but will maximise the use of our local resources and unify the athletics community. We are fully committed to the tenet that the successful organization of track & field requires effective and efficient management skills and structures and will make a concerted effort and a collective commitment to attain higher standards in administration and management. It is our firm belief that training and certification of coaches and officials is central to ensuring fair and healthy competition for our athletes and we are committed to ensuring that we attract and retain the best coaches and officials and support them in getting local and international certification.

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OBJECTIVE: To develop a comprehensive athletes’ support programme Step 1: Develop athletes registry

:: Tracking of athletes’ progress :: Identification of athletes for sustained support

Step 2: Establish programme to provide support for athletes identified

::Athletes access to adequate training facilities, coaching, accommodation, medical and financing :: Improved technical expertise in these areas :: Adequate access to training facilities

Step 3: Partner with existing institutions to identify and provide interventions for events outside of the sprints

: Improved technical expertise in these areas : Adequate access to training facilities

OBJECTIVE: Structure National Junior Championship Programme to foster post-secondary school development Step 1: Establish partnerships with schools and other organizations

:: Opportunities for junior athletes to benefit in personal development.

Step 2: Prepare juniors for national representation

:: Identify best practices already in use in schools. :: Opportunities for junior athletes to familiarize themselves with National Coaches. :: Opportunities for junior athletes to be exposed to mentors. :: Junior athletes have access to training facilities and coaching outside of school term and post-high school.


:: Develop consistent & clear selection criteria for national teams.

on a mission for change

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OBJECTIVE: Strengthen Existing Organizational Structure Step 1: Develop transparent financial management and accountability systems

:: Budget developed and shared with members :: Strategic Plan developed and shared with members :: Targets and attainments for sponsorship and fundraising developed and shared with members on a regular basis :: Appointment of subcommittee to manage and control finances

Step 2: Strengthen the day-to-day administrative capacity

:: Appointment of Executive Director to ensure the professional management of the Association's affairs

Step 3: Reform Constitution to include roles and responsibilities for Executive Members, and ensure results-oriented leadership

:: Executive Committee members held responsible for various areas in the management of the JAAA’s affairs. :: Clear protocols for composition of all committees. :: Members of the JAAA afforded opportunities for participation outside of the annual general meeting

Step 4: Establish work group to design programme to increase the member benefits and establish regular communication with membership

:: Members of the JAAA able to access key information (technical and otherwise) via the use of technology.


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OBJECTIVE: Develop a wide-ranging programme to certify coaches and officials Step 1: Implement and pursue strategies to attract and retain new coaches and officials

:: Improved coaching for athletes :: Improved officiating at local competitions :: Recognition/incentives for coaches and officials :: Support for rejuvenation of coaches and officials associations :: Support for coaches in their goal to ensure the safety of the athletes.

Step 2: Enhance communication between JAAA’s, coaches and officials

:: Coaches and Officials have access to information pertaining to their areas

Step 3: Partner with already established colleges and universities to build on local and international certification programmes

:: Increased number of coaches have access to certification programmes

OBJECTIVE: Develop an effective, innovative and comprehensive marketing and rebranding campaign for increased sponsorship. Step 1: Develop and implement marketing and external communication campaign

:: Increased visibility of the work of the JAAA, locally and overseas. e.g. dynamic current website :: opportunities maximized for attracting sponsorship and donations :: revenue generated from e-commerce and fund raising events


on a mission for change

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WHO IS GRACE JACKSON? Professionally: An enthusiastic Sports Administrator with vast experience in sports event planning, fundraising and project management. A hard working visionary who has used her athletic achievements to help develop sports in Jamaica. Personally: A passionate, creative and talented soul with a love for helping others to achieve.

GRACE JACKSON President SKILLS • Mentoring • Management • Leadership • Team Building • Public Speaking • Event Management • Negotiating • Planning • Budgeting • Computing • Fund Raising • Sports Analyst (Track & Field) HONOURS AND AWARDS :: 2009 Ambassador to the Caribbean Games :: 1989 Order of Distinction, Officer Class :: 1998 Inducted into Alabama A&M University's Hall of Fame (1st female honoree) :: 1998 Presented with keys to the city of Birmington, Alabama :: 1986 & 1988 Carreras Jamaica Sportswoman of the Year BOARDS & ORGANIZATIONS :: 2008 - present: RJR Foundation, member and chair of awards presentation :: 2007–2010: Member of IAAF's Women's Committee :: 2004–2012: JAAA's 1st Vice President and chairperson of the competitions committee :: 1996–2000: JAAA, executive member & vice chairman of athletes' affairs sub-committee :: 2001–2006: Intercollegiate Sports Association, president :: 2000–2004: International University Sports Federation (FISU), member :: 1999–2003: IAAF's Women's Committee, member :: 2000–2001: JAAA, vice president :: 1993–2008: National Council of Sports of Jamaica, member :: 1988–2004: IAAF, Athletes' Commission, member :: 1993–1998: Institute of Sports (Jamaica), board member (Cont’d)


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Organization for Athletes Striving for Improvement and Success (OASIS), founder and executive member

GRACE JACKSON LEADERSHIP SPORTS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, UWI (Current) :: Raises funds for various sports projects :: Established UWI Sports Endowment Fund :: Instrumental in upgrading facilities :: Assists student athletes through bursaries and scholarships STUDENT SERVICES MANAGER, UWI :: Managed all the intramural and intercollegiate sports, regional tournaments, competitions and the sports facilities :: Increased the number of student athletes and the number of sports offered to students :: Saw to engagement of elite coaches in nine sporting disciplines. :: Developed/spearheaded • UWI Invitational Track Meet, • UWI Volleyball Tournament, • UWI Games • Hosting of the IAAF High Performance Centre (serves the Caribbean in the areas of sprints and hurdles) and the Racers Track Club, which helped to attract the Regupol allpurpose track now at the campus. JAAA COMPETITIONS COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON :: Established JAAA All Comers Meets - which have proven to be extremely beneficial to the country's senior and elite athletes in terms of high-level preparation for national and international duties :: Developed annual JAAA events calendar TEAM MANAGEMENT :: 1998 Commonwealth Games (Malaysia), :: 1999 World Championships (Athens), :: 2005 World Champs (Helsinki) :: 2007 World Championship (Japan) :: 2011 World Championships Team (Daegu, South Korea) :: MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT & MARKETING EXECUTIVE at KPMG Peat Marwick and Partners and the Mechala Group Jamaica respectively.


on a mission for change

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QUALIFICATIONS :: 2000–2007 Master of Sports Science (Sports Management) United States Sports Academy, Mobile Alabama :: 1983–1987 Master of Arts (Computer Science) Queens College, Queens, USA :: 1979–1982 Bachelor of Arts (Accounting) Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University, Alabama, USA Graduated cum laude SPORTS ACHIEVEMENTS :: 1992 Commonwealth Games bronze medalist – 4x100m :: 1989 & 1987 World Indoor Championship 200M medalist – silver and bronze (respectively) :: 1988 Olympic silver medalist 200M (1st Jamaican female to get a medal at this level :: 1985 & 1991 (respectively) World Cup medalist – gold, silver and bronze :: 1985 and 1983 (respectively) World University Games medalist – 200M & 100M – gold and bronze :: 1982: NCAA Division 2 (MVP); won 100M, 200M, 4x100m; 4th in HJ.


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DR. NEIL GARDNER 4th Vice President Before his current profession as a Chiropractic Neurologist, Dr. Neil Gardner was a very successful track and field athlete. He competed for Jamaica in the 1996 Olympic Games, where he was a semifinalist in the 400m hurdles and was among the top 10 fastest performers in the world that year. He was also a semifinalist at the 2001 World Athletic Championships in Edmonton, Canada. While competing for his alma mater, the University of Michigan, Dr. Gardner won two individual NCAA Championships. To date he is the only male in the his-tory of the NCAA to have won titles in the 400m hurdles and the 55m high hurdle events. Dr. Gardner graduated summa cum laude and valedictorian with a 4.0 grade point average from Parker College of Chiropractic. He has achieved diplomate status from the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Michigan, their first black graduate to do so, as well as two Bachelor of Science degrees from Parker College in Anatomy and Health & Wellness. Dr. Gardner has combined his expertise as a Chiropractic Neurologist with his experience as a successful athlete to pioneer the Sports Neurology Therapeutic Programme. This is a unique program geared at identifying neurological deficits in athletes and providing specific therapies to not only prevent injury, but more importantly optimize peak athletic performance. He is the recipient of the 2011 Courtney Walsh Award for Excellence. Dr. Gardner practiced chiropractic in Dallas, Texas and has recently moved back to Jamaica to serve the Jamaican people. He is a Christian, husband, teacher, motivational speaker, and a nutrition and wellness expert.


on a mission for change

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JOSEPH TAFFE Treasurer Joseph Taffe is equipped to contribute in all areas of strategic planning and execution, business development, staff development, financial analysis & advice and team leadership.

RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE AND MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS: • Member of the turnaround team for Dairy Industry (Jamaica) Ltd. that returned the company to sustainable profitability and strong cash flow. • Member of the turnaround team for George & Branday Ltd. that returned the company to profitability. • Assisted in the development of treasury and credit policies for George & Branday Ltd. • Assisted in the development and implementation of the Accountant’s Cadet Programme for the GraceKennedy Group. • Guided the development of the Treasury Department of First Global Bank Ltd. to become the major contributor to the Bank’s profitability. • Member of Credit Committee of First Global Bank Ltd. • Chairman, Asset & Liability Committee (ALCO) First Global Bank Ltd. • Chairman, Finance and MIS Committee for the mergers involving First Global Bank Ltd. and First Global Financial Services Ltd. • Establishing and operating Centralised Services for First Global Bank Ltd. and First Global Financial Services Ltd. • Leading the strategic direction of the Jamaican Credit Union movement including its ownership and participation in the national ATM network (JETS). • Led the process to develop and implement the strategic direction of Churches Cooperative Credit Un-ion Ltd. returning it to profitability. • Represented the Jamaican Credit Union Movement at international conferences. Mr. Taafe also serves on several regional corporate boards.


on a mission for change

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DR. JON JONES General Secretary Education Knox College High School; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Howard University, University of the West Indies, Mico University College, Kyushu University–Japan. Track & Field Career He began his career as an athlete in the late 1970s and continued as a part of the organizing team for one of the track and field meets in the late 1990s into the early 2000s. Sports Administration Dr. Jones has been a JAAA member since about 2002 and has served as General Secretary for a National Sporting Association. He intends to follow the Constitutional duties of his intended post as prescribed by the By-Laws and Articles of Association which will be the primary focus.


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CATHY RATTRAY SAMUEL Assistant Secretary Cathy Rattray Samuel is a four-time Jamaican Olympian and is currently the Executive Director of the Jamaica Independent Schools’ Association and Project Officer for the Mutual Building Societies Foundation – Centres of Excellence. Cathy represented Jamaica at the 1980, 1984, 1988 and 1992 Olympics in the 400m and 4 x 400m. She has won medals for Jamaica at the CAC Games, Commonwealth Games and Indoor World Championships and was a semi-finalist in the 400m at the 1984 and 1988 Olympics, where she set a personal best in the 400m in a time of 50.82 seconds. Cathy is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and holds a Masters De-gree in Education from Nova Southeastern University. She has published two Spanish workbooks with accompanying audio CDs that are used in primary-level schools through-out Jamaica. She assisted in writing the Ministry of Education’s Primary Spanish Curriculum and has been a consultant with CARICOM in training teachers to use the Primary Spanish Curriculum. She regularly conducts workshops for teachers in Foreign Language Methodology as well as Integrating Technology into the Classroom. Cathy has continued to serve the sporting arena in Jamaica and proudly serves as a co-opted executive member of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA). Currently she is a member of the board of the GC Foster College of Physical Education & Sport and a JADCO Commissioner. A former Principal of the St. Hugh’s Preparatory School and the Sts. Peter & Paul Preparatory school she has served for many years as a member of the Jamaica Independent Schools’ Association Sports Committee and as the committee’s Chairperson.


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MAURICE WIGNALL Director of Records Maurice is not only a former Vaz Prep. School student, but also a product of Calabar High School and a graduate of George Mason University. His first appearance in a major international championship was at the 1997 World Championships, where he competed in the long jump. He jumped 8.09, which still stands as his personal best. Wignall's success in hurdling came later on. He took his first medal, a bronze medal, at the 2002 Commonwealth Games. At the 2004 World Indoor Championships, Wignall won the bronze medal in 60m hurdles and later that year he competed in the Olympic 110 metres Hurdles where he placed fourth in the final, missing the bronze medal by one hundredth of a second. In the semi final he set a thennational record with a time of 13.17. His fans fondly call him ‘Mr. Smooth’. In March 2006, he won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games with a time of 13.26, comfortably ahead of the rest of the field. Maurice can also list as his accomplishments: • 2-Time Olympic Finalist • 9-Time National Champion • 6-Time World Championship Finalist • CAC Champion • NCAA Champion & All American • National Indoor Record Holder And showing off his leadership capabilities: • 4-Time Senior National Team Captain Maurice has also started giving back to the sport of track and field by hosting hurdling clinics and just recently developing and maintaining the website for the JN Jamaica Invitational Track Meet.


on a mission for change

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DR. PAULA DAWSON Member MBBS, Diplomate ABPMR, FAAPMR Consultant Physiatrist and Lecturer Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine An expert in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatry) and Sports Medicine, Dr. Dawson holds the distinction of being the only Physician in Jamaica with US Board Certification in Physiatry and has Fellowship training in Interventional Spine, Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation from the prestigious Northwestern University and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago which is the #1 Rehabilitation Hospital in the United States as reported by US News since 1991. Dr. Dawson returned to Jamaica in 2008 to be a Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of the West Indies and a Consultant at the University Hospital of the West Indies. She is currently pioneer-ing the development of the discipline of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Jamaica and by extension in the Caribbean. She has already pioneered areas in rehabilitation medicine in Jamaica, including new techniques in fluoroscopic Interventional Spine treatment and Spasticity Management with Botulinum Toxin and Phenol injection in adults and in children with cerebral palsy. She is a co-founder of the UWI Sports Medicine Clinic and one of the University examiners for the MSc in Sports Medicine for doctors and the MSc Sports Medicine and Exercise Medicine for Physiotherapists. She is the Executive Medical Director of the Rehabilitation Institute of the Caribbean, the first multidisciplinary Rehabilitation center in the Caribbean, where she is the Consultant Physiatrist and Sports Medicine Doctor for the two (2) prominent elite track clubs, UWI and UTECH as well as many high schools. She currently treats many professional athletes and was one of the team doctors for the Jamaican team to the IAAF World Championships in Berlin, 2009. Dr. Dawson has published in peer reviewed medical journals and has spoken at several international medical meetings including the National Medical Association (NMA) Annual Meeting in Hawaii in 2007, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R) Annual Assembly in 2007, 2008 and again in 2008, Medical Association of Jamaica since 2006 and Caribbean Neurosciences Symposium since 2006 to 2012. She is a peer reviewer for the West Indies Medical Journal and the PM&R Journal, which is published by the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 17

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DAVID RILEY Member David Riley graduated from Excelsior High School in 1989 with top honours in his CXC and GCE subjects. He was the Sanguinetti Awardee that year and went on to Wolmer’s Boys School where he did his A-Levels. An accomplished athlete, he earned a full athletic scholarship in 1992 to attend Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts where he studied Mechanical Engineering. After graduating with honors in 1996, he secured an academic scholarship to pursue a Master’s of Science Degree in Material Science and Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. While at Georgia Tech he conducted research in Thin Film deposition and wrote sev-eral articles which were published in the Journal of Applied Physics and other periodicals. In March 2000, he moved back to Jamaica to start his own technology business called Interactive Voice Solutions Ltd and in 2004, began his coaching career at Wolmer’s Boys School. Within his first 2 years as a coach, he was producing athletes that were competitive at the global level. He was promoted to Head Track and Field Coach in 2009 and led the team to the historic win at Boys’ Champs 2010 using only 35 athletes. He is also the Director of the newly formed Technique Lab, the Caribbean’s first and only sports performance center. David is also known for his insightful analysis of track and field on local television and radio for the Olympics (2012 & 2008), the IAAF World Championships in Athletics (2009, 2011) and has served on the Global Expert Network for the UK Guardian and LBC 97.3 Radio in London for the Olympics 2012. He is also an IAAF Level 2 certified coach and has been appointed National Junior and Senior Team coach on several occasions. He is now the Head Coach of the Boys’ Track and Field Team at Excelsior High School. As a member of Team Jackson, Mr. Riley brings to the team an international coach’s perspective to the vision of developing Jamaica’s track and field. His focus will be on developing prowess in the non-traditional events, particularly the field events and middle-distance running. His passion and expertise will be the seed for the developmental programs and the deliberate and targeted effort to promote athlete’s participation and develop the coaches to produce the next wave of Jamaicans excelling in non-traditional events. He also brings a strong business and administrative background to the team with “out-of-the-box thinking”. 18

on a mission for change

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