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Cody Stadler

New Media Arts Center - Minneapolis, MN

Academic Work

Union Depot Expansion - St. Paul, MN

Performing Arts Center and Masterplan - Oshkosh, WI

New Media Arts Center

Site and Parti Situated across the Mississippi River from the Guthrie Theatre, the Soap Factory is remnant of the historic industrial age in Minneapolis. This specific site houses an underfunded art gallery and artist studio space. The premise of this project was to propose a vibrant program and building that could catalyze growth in the area.

New Media Arts Center


Program and Form New Media Arts Center

Program diagram

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The existing structure is a timber-framed building from the early 1900s and creates spaces that are ideal for artist studios much like they exist currently. Following this cue, the existing building is filled with production aspects of the program and the newer, flashier building contains the consumptive pieces of the program.


Level -1

Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


New Media Arts Center


Detail and Materiality The material quality of the addition speaks to the programmatic aspects it contains. Sleek, bright and theatrical, this addition uses its material qualities to entice visitors to peer beyond its fuschia-hued skin and transparent courtyard.

Section A

Detail 1


New Media Arts Center


Union Depot Expansion

Site and Parti

Program Dispersion Diagram

The existing Union Depot is a relic of the industrial revolution and the city of St. Paul is seeking to revive it to its glory day. This is problematic. The proposed program, coupled with the condominium tenants that have moved into the building, does not fit. This proposal seeks to continue the dispersion of the program in harmony with the revival of the transit hub.

Union Depot Expansion


Program and Form

Level 0

The dispersion of programmatic elements, coupled with a separation of mobility types were the driving forces behind the formal concept of this proposal. Pedestrian, automobile, light rail and bus movement are all given discreet zones that interact with particular pieces of architecture. The most vividly explored is that of the pedestrian. Spaces along the pedestrian path were designed to create a “hyper-urban� experience; meshing various layers of materials with varying levels of enclosure.

Programmatic Axonometric

Union Depot Expansion


Detail and Materiality To create the level of transparency required for the pedestrian experiences, many layers of glass, steel and concrete were used. The careful precision with which openings within glass are made also help promote the layering concept.

Project Title


Oshkosh Performing Arts Center and Masterplan

Urban Program Diagram

Site and Parti The city of Oshkosh has seen many transformations and transplantations of its downtown district throughout its history. This proposal seeks to anchor the downtown district that is currently expanding and to provide a strong socio-economic center. An existing shopping mall of ~400,000 square feet is the basis for this exploration.

Oshkosh Performing Arts Center


Program and Form Through program and construction phasing, the building begins to be reinhabited by various constituents of the city. The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh turns into one of the greater stakeholders in this property, along with local businesses and local government. In creating a highly mixed program, this place has many shareholders and becomes the antithesis to the classic shopping mall idealism of consumption.

Construction sequencing diagram

Oshkosh Performing Arts Center


Detail and Materiality To become a beacon for a mid-sized city and a region, the building is packed with entertainment functions that supplement commercial businesses, education facilities and various other tenants. The entertainment aspect also creates a higher profile for the place, creating a hierarchy the city currently lacks and desperately needs.

Theatrical Building Section

Oshkosh Performing Arts Center



A compilation of my design work from Graduate School.

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