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2012 Sponsorship Proposal I am contacting you today because I want to offer you a chance to be a part of my 2012 drift season. In the next few pages I will present to you my competitive driving history, the 2012 drift event schedule, and how we can design a partnership for the 2012 season. Thank you very much for taking a look at my program!

Driving History I began driving competitively in 2007 and with each year since then, I have taken my driving to the next level. I have traveled from coast to coast three times and have built a remarkably strong fan base as well as become a greatly competitive driver.

2011 driving history Fabricatedmotorsports Round 1 Houston TX 4th Place Mean Streets Drift Austin TX 2nd place Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 1 Irwindale CA 6th Place Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 2 Phoenix AZ 5th Place Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 3 Orlando FL 12th Place Fabricatedmotorsports Round 2 Dallas TX 5th place Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 4 Summit Point WV 15th Place Xt Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 5 Charlotte NC 17th Place Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 6 Seattle WA 5th Place Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 7 Fort Worth TX 4th Place Fabricatedmotorsports Round 3 Houston TX 1st Place Fabricatedmotorsports Round 4 Forth Worth TX 5th Place Fabricatedmotorsports 2nd Place Overall Xtreme Drift Circuit 3rd Place Overall Xt

* Earned 2012 Formula Drift Professional License

Xtreme Drift Circuit:

2012 Schedule

A professional nation-wide series that pits the countrys most up-and-coming drivers against each other. The 2012 season will mark the third year for XDC to host events across the country. With each year, the series becomes increasingly more competitive and garners a wider fan base with each stop. The 2012 season is sure to be no exception with events held from San Francisco to Orlando. 2012 XDC TOUR - March XDC RD 1- LA California -May XDC RD 3- Orlando FL -July XDC RD 5- Char. NC - April XDC RD 2 - PH. Arizona - June XDC RD 4 - West Virginia - August XDC RD 6 - San Fran CA September XDC RD 7- Dallas TX

Lone Star Drift Series: A four round series where the best of Texas take it to the track in hopes of grabbing cash prizes and points towards a Formula Drift license. This series is designed using a professional event format while catering to the local Texas fan base by holding events in major cities across the lone star state. The Lone Star Drift Series is designed to shine a spotlight on the Texas born stars of drifting and bring them together to battle it out on the track. LONE STAR DRIFT 2012 SCHEDULE - March LSD RD 1 Houston TX - May LSD RD 2 Dallas TX, - July LSD RD 3 Houston TX, - Sep. LSD RD 4 Dallas TX

Marketing Your company will be marketed in several different ways for your contribution. Branding of your company logo will be placed in a prominent location on the left and right side of my competition car as well as on the front and rear of the car. I will also do a write-up on your product/company and post it on my website, any particular forums you would like and social networking sites. On average about 6000 spectators attend every Xtreme Drift Circuit event and 1500 spectators at every Lone Star Drift Series event. Your company will also get a great deal of coverage in transit as we are traveling the country. I will represent your company in the most professional way possible and I will put forth the effort to ensure your marketing dollars are returned.


What I would like from your company.


II appreciate the opportunity to have your company as part of my team for the 2012 season. What I would like from you is a set of your BC3060 intake valves, BC3061 exhaust valves, BC0040 spring and retainer set, BC2940 billet keepers, and your BC0061t turbo cams. I will use these cylinder head components to take my 2012 season to the next level and to give your company coverage that will best reach your customer base. I've been in this sport for several years now and my passion continues to grow with each year. This dedication to the sport is reflected in the relationship I maintain with my current sponsors and fans. Thank you for your time and consideration, Will Parsons

Parsons 2012- Brian Crower  

Will Parsons 2012 drivers package.