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Video Introduction:

Introduction: Conscious Design is an up and coming graphic design firm based out of Western North Carolina. Over the course of this campaign, Conscious Design’s primary goal has been to increase brand awareness, but we have identified other social media platform specific goals as well. Before we began to establish our brand persona online, Conscious Design considered our voice —how we would like to sound as a brand online. Fundamentally, Conscious Design would like to actively engage with people on social media, with a helpful and kind voice. Posts will be more casual rather than formal, and the majority of the content posted will be more serious. For example, it would be unlikely for Conscious Design to post or reply to someone on social media with a comedic tone, nor would you find memes being posted by Conscious Design. When commenting to someone directly, Conscious Design will always remain courteous, but we still want the experience to feel personal. Responding with the user’s name is one way Conscious Design can connect with individuals and make a lasting impression. By remaining consistent, we will have a unified social media platform identity. Conscious Design tries to give back to the community. We love working with other local businesses that feel the same way.

Buyer Persona

Conscious Design has used the following steps to develop a buyer persona:  Audience research—who was already purchasing from us and who is our competition selling to.  Customer pain points—what are the barriers of your customers. How can you help them?  Customer goals—what motivates them to be invested in a graphic design firm brand, understand .  Understand how our brand can help—what benefits do we offer the customer.


Social Media Platform Development Facebook

Facebook has the largest user base out of all social media platforms. For Facebook, we would like to raise brand awareness, loyalty, and monitor it for potential local charity events or opportunities to give back to the community. Conscious Designs Facebook will also be used as a customer service hub, to answer any questions followers may have.


Social Media Platform Development Twitter

As a social media platform, Twitter platform is primarily popular among millennials and younger business professionals, but older users have also embraced the platform. When Conscious Design created our Twitter profile, we set three goals for the initial month. First, our primary goal is to increase brand awareness. Conscious Design had no Twitter presence prior to this campaign, so increasing brand awareness was made a priority. Second, we want to develop an engaged following. Part of this goal will be met through increasing brand awareness, but it is also important to actively communicate with Twitter followers. Actively communicating with Twitter followers can be achieved by tweeting questions (rather than just statements), making approximately 30-40% of Tweets as responses to other followers, commenting when reposting links, and by Tweeting directly to your audience—for example using a more personal, conversational voice. Our third goal with Twitter is to network with other graphic designers. This can be done through active communication, but it can also be done through observing and following competitor graphic design firms. With Twitter’s list feature you have the possibility of publicly following someone or privately following them. Privately following competitors allows you to stay up to date with the competition, without them knowing you are following them.

Twitter Example:


Social Media Platform Development Instagram

Instagram is a relatively new platform when it comes to advertising. It is the ideal forum for rich visuals that can reflect a brand. The majority of content posted by users are pictures, so it is important we post striking visuals that stand out to our audience. This content can then be cross posted to Twitter and Facebook, where Conscious Design has more followers.


Social Media Platform Development YouTube

YouTube reaches more people between ages 18 and 49 than any television cable network. Out of all the social media platforms mentioned, YouTube has the second highest user base, with over one billion users—second only to Facebook. Compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, YouTube can be overlooked as a medium for establishing brand. Less than ten percent of United States businesses have a YouTube channel. It is important that the content of the videos posted by a brand properly reflect the brand’s identity and persona. Many brands look for an angle, as people generally use YouTube for information or to be entertained. Conscious Design has opted to take an informational approach because it reflects our brand identity and the service Conscious Design offers. Tutorials and discussions are a great way to engage subscribers of the channel. For one of my videos, I chose to continue the discussion on one of my LinkedIn blogposts. The blogpost discussed the importance of creating a brand logo that reflects brand identity. I provided an example of a local business that embodies this, the Grail Moviehouse. YouTube link is below.



Social Media Content Plan Calendar

Blog #1: The Importance of a Business Logo (LinkedIn Example) A strong business logo helps define a brand and reveals a brand’s identity to the public. With that said, a logo is something a company should want to have around for a long time. When someone thinks of a company like Pepsi, it’s hard not to think of their logo. A logo is something that can set you apart from the competition. When a company develops a logo, it’s something that they could theoretically use anywhere. Products are an obvious choice, but companies use their logo for advertisements and on social media profiles. Without a logo that stands out and properly reflects brand identity, people are less likely to remember a brand. Having a memorable logo starts a business on the right path for success. New customers or clients are more likely to remember your logo if it is unique, creative, or exciting. For fledgling businesses, you may want to consider using the company name with the logo (or have an alternative variation of the logo with the company name). When a brand has established themselves, people who think of the logo will natural think of the company (and vice versa). Having a logo that is sloppy, uninspired, or confusing for your brand will reflect poorly on the company. People are more likely to think the brand is not capable of professional material if the logo is subpar. Most people say not to judge a book by its cover, but in the case of business, most people are judging a business by its logo. Although unlikely, some clients could may overlook a shoddy business logo, but most people are probably going to search for a competitor or forget the initial business even exists. With a solid business logo, you are helping your company form a strong foundation and build brand loyalty. You are not only thinking of the present, but also the future of your company.


Social Media Content Plan Calendar November 2018 Sunday Day #: N/A




Thursday Day #: 1

Friday Day #: 2

Saturday Day #: 3

Determine ROI Metrics

Determine Brand Voice

Day #: 7 Research Industry Trends and Buzzwords

Determine Platform Specific Goals Day #: 8

Day #: 9

Day #:10

Consider Strengths/ Weaknesses/ Challenges

Consider Solutions

Determine Call to Action

Week Theme: Planning Day #: 4 Optimize/Connect S.M. Profiles Week Theme: Preparing

Day #: 5

Day #: 6 Consider Analyze Buzzwords Competition and Key Words

Day #: 11

Day #:12

Day #: 13

Day #: 14

Day #: 15

Day #: 16

Day #: 17

Determine Buyer Personas Theme: Creation Day #: 18 Analyze Results Thus Far Week Theme: Adjustment

Brainstorm Content Ideas

Collect Resources

Set a Posting Schedule

Develop Content

Engage Audience

Collect More Resources

Day #: 19

Day #: 20

Day #: 21

Day #: 22

Day #: 23

Day #: 24

Cross Promote Platforms

Look for Local Events

Look for SM People to Engage

Thanksgiving Content

Continue to Engage Audience

Cross Promote Blog

Day #: 25

Day #: 26

Day #: 27

Day #: 28

Day #: 29

Day #: 30

Week Theme: Resolution

Consider Positive Aspects

Consider Negative Aspects

Compare Results To Initial Goals

Evaluate Campaign

Consider Adjustments


Calendar Frequency

Facebook: 5 posts per week (3 during the week/2 during the weekend) Twitter: Daily Post (aimed at afternoon/evening when possible) Instagram: Two quality posts per week YouTube: Three videos LinkedIn: Three Blog Posts


Platform Sub-plans

LinkedIn Blogposts discussed on YouTube and other social media platforms. The theme was how important a logo can be to local business. Some content was cross posted, but we generally tried to post a variety of related content. With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram we focused on raising brand awareness and loyalty. Twitter had the most communication, with Facebook slightly behind. Typically if an image was posted on Instagram, it was reposted on Facebook/Twitter.



What will the campaign accomplish?  Increased brand awareness  Engaged audience/better understanding of audience  Network with other graphic designers

How will you measure it pre and post campaign?  Developing objectives  Set smart goals  Track metrics (as frequently as possible) using analytics  Know the price of social media (time and money cost)

What is the duration of the campaign? The duration of the campaign is 30 days, from November 1st to November 30th.


ROI Examples








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Conscious Design Infographic  
Conscious Design Infographic