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LABOR AVAILABILITY Labor Force York County offers a productive workforce with increasingly diversified skills. Approximately 40% of the county's workforce commutes many miles to jobs throughout the region. New businesses locating in York County find good availability in the labor supply, especially with people who desire a job closer to home. In a recent survey of companies in the labor shed area, our workforce received high marks for productivity and most companies judged absenteeism and turnover to be low. South Carolina is a "right to work" state and has a low unionization rate of 2.1% reported in 2010. The state continues to hold the slot for one of the lowest union rate in the United States during the last decade. South Carolina also has one of the lowest work stoppage rates in the country over the last 30 years. York County has not held a union election in the last five years.

Annual Average 2010 Labor Force Total Labor Force


Unemployment Rate

York County




Charlotte Region




Average for 2010, Source: US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Unemployed Labor Force Published statistics document 97,800 unemployed workers in the labor shed who are actively seeking work. This number could possibly be higher due to individuals looking for work who are not on the roles of the state unemployment agencies. Survey results suggest that an additional 34,700 people, who are not currently employed or actively seeking work, would consider re entering the workforce.

York County Economic Development

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Underemployment Studies have shown that firms that expand or grow in York County draw from those who are already employed. A recent survey found that many people expressed an interest in changing jobs, creating a pool of desirable candidates for new employment opportunities. The York County survey area includes those locations from which workers might be drawn to a new employer and is referred to in this report as the “labor shed”. This labor shed consists of York, Cherokee, Chester and Lancaster Counties in South Carolina and Gaston and Mecklenburg Counties in North Carolina. This pool of workers possesses the skills, experience and education that seem to qualify them for job upgrades. The York County area, referred to in this report as the “labor shed”, has a household population of approximately 1,448,900; a civilian labor force of approximately 741,300; and a pool of approximately 97,800 unemployed persons who are actively seeking work. The results of this survey indicate that a new or expanding employer will be able to attract employees from an additional pool of about 206,600 underemployed workers. The desired pay rates of the underemployed workers are reasonable when compared to their existing pay rates. The median current pay rate of the underemployed workers is $16.00 per hour, and their median desired pay rate is $17.65 per hour. The median desired pay rate of the unemployed workers who are actively seeking work is $12.40 per hour. In addition to the underemployed and those unemployed individuals who are actively seeking work, survey results indicate approximately 34,700 unemployed individuals in the labor shed who are not actively seeking work but would consider re entering the workforce. In total, the York County area has approximately 339,100 available workers for new or expanding businesses.

Employment Skills of Underemployed Workers Office Operations Customer Service Warehouse/Distribution/Transportation Manufacturing/Assembly/Fabrication Maintenance/Installation Repair Information Technology/Telecommunications Medical/Health Sciences Call Center

Number of Persons


146,700 134,300 113,600 105,400 66,100 64,000 45,500 26,900

72% 60% 61% 21% 32% 24% 31% 58%

* Individuals polled may have skills in more than one job classification Sources: South Carolina Employment Security Commission, “The Catawba Region of South Carolina Labor Availability Report” by The Pathfinders

York County Economic Development

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LABOR FORCE Current Employment York County 2010 Average

Total Labor Force 112,801





Unemployment Rate 15.6%

Labor Participation Labor Force Participation Rate Distribution by Age 20 34 35 – 54 55 64

Distribution by Sex Male Female

Highest Education Attainment High School Graduates 1 3 Years of College College Graduates Post Graduates

30 mile Radius of Rock Hill

45 mile Radius of Rock Hill

York County



69.1 %

20.7 % 30.8% 10.8%

20.3 % 30.8% 10.9%

19.4 % 34.4% 11.7%

48.9 % 51.1%

49.1 % 50.9%

48.7 % 51.3%

26.3% 20.5% 28.2% 8.3%

27.8% 19.9% 27.1% 7.8%

30% 20.1% 24.4% 7.6%

The average South Carolina is 63.4%.

Sources: South Carolina Employment Security Commission, ESRI

York County Economic Development

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UnemployedLaborForce LaborForce TotalLaborForce Unemployed UnemploymentRate SouthCarolinaisa"righttowork"stateandhasalowunionizationrateof2....

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