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Hotel Melborune

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The Beginning The Plan The Execution The Escape

It wasn’t the first time he had asked me for such a favor from me, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. Oh, but it never mattered, he loved me, that was enough,

wasn’t that enough?

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HM 8

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he Golden sunrise slipped through the thin waves within the curtains and struck my eyelids reminding me that the day was fresh. I squinted and slowly blinked my eyes as I attempted to adjust to the morning light. As my sight began to come into focus, I suddenly realized I was not in the room alone, there was another presence sitting still in the dim light. Quickly, I grabbed the sheets and clung them close to my bare chest as if they would protect me from danger. As the blood began to return to my pale face and my long, thin fingers softened their tremble, I began to recognize the form. His tall, dark stature dwarfed me as he sat hunched at the end of the bed. A neatly pressed dark navy suit clung perfectly to his large body. His swift and precise movements quickly attached his left cuff link, then his right. There was something so terrible about him, he loved me, but I often felt he wanted to slowly strangle me until my face was blue. What horrible thoughts. Is this where my mind settles now? I whispered to him questioning what he needed this morning. A long and silent pause. Eerily he turned his head towards me exposing his left side of his face, a glowing cigarette carefully balanced between his clenched lips. He slipped the cigarette our of his mouth and began to speak,

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d e e n I ou to y o us d ittle l a avor f 12 | Hotel Melbourne

A sigh slowly exhaled from my clenched lips, it was Frankie. I stared him down confused and annoyed, what was so important this early in the morning? Frankie patiently took one last drag out of his cigarette, placed a small folded note on the foot of the pale floral bed and walked out the door. I loved Frankie, but struggled to adjust to his short and unexpected visits. Things were never easy between Frankie and I, but the tension between our relationship seemed to be growing. Like a tired rubber band on its last stretch, I knew something was destined to snap sooner rather than later. I turned to the table beside the bed, my watch read six-fifteen. Early. There was not use trying to return to my pleasant slumber, I had already wakened. I gracefully reached for the ceiling then extended my slender arm towards the end of the bed for the small folded note I carefully opened the note wondering what Frankie could possibly want from me, what favor was so important that he needed so early this morning.

Lunch on the Plaza, 2PM

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Fair. But since it was hours until our luncheon I decided to treat myself to a morning of pleasant conversations.


Hotel Melbourne: My home, my escape, my prison. Nothing could quite describe how I felt about the Melbourne; it was such a lovely hotel, the nicest place to stay for miles. However, it had its dirty little secrets. I guess it was like many of its guest, a friendly face just hiding the skeletons hidden deep in the closet. But I loved this place. I entered the white tiled bathroom and glanced in the mirror. Where did that come from? What happened last night? I stared intently at my left eye. I had always been told I had the most beautiful blue eyes, my father once told me that men would one day throw themselves at me. He was telling the truth. But no matter how much my blue eyes sparkled this morning they were overpowered with blue and purple bruises, this morning. I slowly raised my hand towed my face and gently pressed against the soft skin. Tender. Last night was coming back to me. Frankie, I remember that he had struck me, but why? I was late. Frankie always hated when I was tardy, last night I arrived a few minutes after to dinner and he struck me. I guess I deserved it, it was my fault. I wiped away a small tear from my swollen eye and remembered my father’s words, “but no matter how many men throw themselves at you, you have to be ready

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to bat them back and set them straight.� Deep breath. I stood up, placed a set of sunglasses on my face, and stepped out of 382, today would be a turning point, my opportunity to make a change in my life, I just knew it. I strode down the hallway with a new found level of confidence. Dirty little secrets, this hotel was full of them. One woman walked out of a hotel room her clothes ruffled and crooked, Another man grabbed a tray of food from across the hall. It was so corrupt, it was so dynamic. I caught the elevator down, something made me more nervous than usual. I walked down to the dining hall and saw a number of new faces. I see we have to some new guests. The hustle and bustle of the Hotel Melbourne made it such a fascinating place. I loved this place. High class guests mingled by the fireplace, men smoked their cigars and talked about yesterdays stock quotes. Oh to be a fly on the wall and sit and listen for a day. Ah, but I had a very different role, I knew my place and knew this morning was going to be like every other. But maybe not. Maybe I could have one pleasant day, one day without thoughts of trafficking, one day without planning, one day all to myself—

15 | Hotel Melbourne

, y e H e! i s t o To �


od t u o y eed

“I n

16 | Hotel Melbourne

r o v a f e tl us a lit

It could only be one person calling me with such a shrill and terrible voice: Jimmy, better known as “Little Jimmy.” He looked like a clown: Pear shaped and a big, fat smile. His big dirty face has a puffy red nose set tightly between his eyes. He grabbed my arm and tightly pulled my face close to his, the blood began rushing out of my face again. It was only eight o’ clock but I could already smell the cloud of liquor rushing out of his gap toothed smile wafting up into my nostrils. “I need you to pick something up for me, a little package for the Mrs.” Jimmy wasn’t married. No woman would choose to be with this beast. I was the only one who could bare him, but I knew what he meant. Slowly he slipped a small box inside my bag. I could feel the slight shift of weight on my shoulder and slowly closed my eyes in disgust. It was the finest designer bag, it was the finest cover up. “Thanks Toots,” Jimmy whispered so softly into my ear. Again, I cringed and the hair stood up on my neck. I opened my eyes and walked towards the door as Jimmy laughed and called out form another drink. Oh, I hated this place; it was my prison and the burden I had to carry. But for how much longer?

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It wasn’t always like this, I wasn’t always like this. Two years ago my life was very different.


Fresh out of high school I was eager for an education and to enter the big world. However, life had other plans and both my parents tragically died in a shooting at a local market. July 17, 1955, I will never forget that day. It was the day that my parent’s life ended. It was the day that my dreams fell. For weeks I found myself fighting depression and suicide, I struggled to keep my sanity and often found myself in the dark streets of unwelcoming neighborhoods. From a puddle of mud Frankie extended his hand to mine. In a time of darkness he was my beacon of light. Frankie pulled me from the dark hole and treated my wounds until I was a function member of society again. But there was a heafty price to pay. It was my first visit to Hotel Melbourne, at the time it was beautiful, like nothing I had ever seen before. The favors started of innocent enough. I would take various packages and envelopes to the hotel guests or collect items and return them to Frankie or one of his friends. However, the favors got larger and more frequent. Soon I was doing things I would have never dreamed of doing.

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My mind wandered and I suddenly found myself at the footsteps of Danny’s Flowers. The sweet scent of floral arrangements teased my nose as I swung open the door. A gust of cool wind brushed my hair away from my face as the door’s bells warned Danny of my arrival. “Good Morning Miss Clarenstien, how are you doing today?” Danny, the shop owner was always so friendly, but I guess he had to be, at least to me anyway. I had what he wanted. We had the supply and Danny had the demand. And with demand, is control, and with control is fear. “Good morning Danny, how are the wife and kids?” It was always so bewildering, here I was, a kilo of paraphernalia in my purse, and I was carrying on small talk about family with a man who was itching for some new supply. “I need a dozen roses.” Exactly as I was instructed, exactly as I done hundred of times before. But it was not always so easy, it was tricky when there were others in the store, but I had a knack for it. What a talent: A gift for drug transferring.

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I was anxious to leave, anxious to get some time to myself this morning. I casually strolled down the street letting my mind wander about mindless things. glancing through shop windows, I imagined how wonderful it must be to live a more simple life, a life where a woman’s only worry is what dress to wear or what other superficial things. I began to dream of a more simple life, a life free of drugs or money. Alas, it was two-fifteen. Was it past time already? Oh God! Frankie was going to kill me. Quickly I raced across the hot pavement, the bag thrashing behind me. Oh God, no. Please let him forgive me. I can’t take another beating. I swung open the large glass door as fear drug my body quickly past the lobby desk towards Frankie. “Good afternoon ma’am, Frankie is waiting for you on the plaza.” The bellhop greeted me with the same fake grin and silly jacket. Living in this nightmare was like a living in a wax museum, the figures were there but everything about them was fake. Everything here was fake. “Sweetheart,” it was my turn to be fake.

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I took a second to regain my composure and face the consequences. Frankie hated when I was late, so did I.


I walked into the garden. Across the flagstone court spread rows of white iron patio sets. Each one empty and lonely except one. Freddie slowly chewed what was left on his fork, wiped his mouth and slowly stood up with a frightful demeanor, “sit.” Quickly I grabbed the chair across from him and prepared to face my demons. The sun blazed down on our now sweating bodies as beads slowly dripped down Freddie’s temple and conversely down my breast. I could tell Freddie didn’t mind, he like it. “I have a favor to ask of you,” Frankie calmly explained. A favor to ask of me. Oh, how I hated when they said that. He avoided my eyes. I knew it was always serious when he avoided looking at my face. “The Baker Brothers are going to be paying us a visit this coming week. This is going to be one of our biggest transfer and I need your uncanny handoff abilities to make the switch.” Oh? ‘My uncanny handoff abilities?’ “As your passing off the supplies, were going to distract the guest, and some of our authority friends with a gala in the ballroom. “The plan is for you to transfer the goods

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out back behind the kitchen while the guys and I entertain teh guests. It should run smoothly without any kinks, but I need your full commitment and skill if we want to pull this off successfully.” I shook. Easy? Since when were any of the deals easy? “I don’t know Freddie,” I questioned. “I wasn’t asking,” Frankie snapped back. I paused, sipped my wine and looked down at my hands. Why were they shaking? Frankie loved me. Why was I always shaking when he was around? What if the plan didn’t work? Frankie passed over another small note. Short conversations and folded notes, they were Frankie’s signature. The conversation came to a pretty abrupt halt. Frankie stood up, casually tossed down his tarnished napkin onto the table of half-empty dishes took the last swallow of his wine and began to walk towards the door. Frankie never left any drink unfinished, it was his annoying little habit, but there was something about it, something that drove me to accept it. Alone, I finished the meal set before me. This would be so exciting, a gala. I began to

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think of all the beautiful people that would be there, men of power and their beautiful wives, they would all look stunning in the ballroom. Music would play, people would dance and all would have a wonderful time. I snapped myself back into reality as I realized what this really meant. I quickly remembered everything and the great significance that this event would have on the fate of myself and him. This was the defining moment that would change everything. I quickly finished my food and walked back into the hotel, my mind full of new exciting visions. I headed towards my room; I took my time and gave myself a chance to think over everything I encountered. This was our opportunity. I hated it, I worried about it, but this was our chance, and I knew I had to take it. No matter who or what I had to sacrifice. Each step was another thought. So much ran through my mind as I tried to dissect the conversation, it was short, but I read a lot into it. Level two. How could this possibly work? Could we really get away with it? My heels echoed in the hollow halls. Level

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three. I walked down to 382, slipped my key into the door and gently opened it. Finally maybe I could get some—

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26 | Hotel Melbourne

“What are you doing here?” I stuttered across my words, “Frankie could have seen you!” “Relax Tootsie, nobody saw me,” he did not even twitch as my keys violently wisped past him and clashed against the glass pane he so intently stared out. “Did you get caught up about the plan for the gala?,” he questioned. “Yes, I did, its perfect, but risky, can we do it?” I questioned as I began to regain my composure and settle down. “Of course we can, this is the moment we have been planning for months. Read over the plans, I will send a car for you tomorrow.” He slowly walked over to me and gently grabbed me by the waist and pulled me so close. Gently, he kissed me, I kissed back. “Okay Jimmy,” I whispered.

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HM 8

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heard the ruffles of paper early the next morning as a pile was slid under the crack of my door. Damn it Jimmy! He had to be more careful. I swung the covers off the bed and shuffled over to the threshold. Notes. Jimmy must have been up late last right putting the finishing touches on these. maps, diagrams, time schedules, all of these were so detailed, more than we had spoke about before. I began to get nervous and question our capability to pull off such a stunt. As I began to flip though page after page I became more nervous. Jimmy and I had talked about a way our for quite some time, an escape from the hell that was Hotel Melbourne, but I thought it was more talk than anything. The time schedule was precise, down to the minute, it would begin at eight and end precisely at 9, there was a lot to study, practice, and memorize in just a few days. I continued to scroll through all the page until one set intrigued me. An endless supply list filled multiple pages, rope, bullets, cash, it was specific and precise, but so typical at the same time. However, one thing quickly caught my eye.

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Cody Moiseve | 31

CYANIDE? for what? what could we possibly be doing with cyanide?

32 | Hotel Melbourne

Six cases? Oh. Oh, no! Could we really get away with this? Could we actually do this? There was going to be a lot of planning involved and just six days to do it. I slipped on my robe, lit a cigarette and prepared for a morning of hard work. The coming days were hectic, I maintained a careful balance of acting in my traditional self while attempting to study and understand the execution of our escape. Every night I would meet with Jimmy in my room, we would discuss schedules, he would teach me the finer points on aiming and shooting a pistol. However I feared our love for each other would soon get in the way. I worried about what may happen to him if we were to get caught, he worried more for me. Although he may never admit it to me, I could see in his face excitement and worry about my role in our great plan. The weeks passed so quickly and soon it was the eve of the gala. Everything was set for the following day. Jimmy and I had practiced until we were tired and sore, everything was so perfect that nothing could possibly go wrong. It was so sad though, my once chance to experience a beautiful dinner party and I would be too focused to even enjoy it.

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HM 8

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35 | Hotel Melbourne


t was the night; it was all going to happen here tonight. Everything was set in place and we were ready. I slipped on the earrings that Frankie gave me yesterday. Oh, Frankie. Goodbye. They sure did sparkle, real diamonds, I sure would miss the gifts. Knocking. Quickly I jumped out of my trance and slid to the door. “Frankie!” I smiled, he did not. “Are you ready?” Oh, impatient Freddie. “Let me just grab my purse,” I ran to the dressing room and grabbed my purse off the vanity, one last glance in the mirror. Breathe. I was ready. We headed down towards the ballroom as I anxiously waited aside Frankie. As the elevator made its slow journey down, the slight ticks of each level shook my nerves. The music slowly grew louder. Level one and the doors slid open exposing a vast level of people dancing, talking and having a good time. I heard laughter from across the room as I attempt to get my bearings. I was lost in my own world. The drinks were at the bar, the performers were just to the left. “Tootsie?” Frankie again jolted me out of my daze. If this was going to happen tonight I had to stay focused. We made our way trough the sea of smiling faces toward the bar. Jimmy was sitting there, like he always did. As Frankie and Jimmy made small talk I looked around the room. Frankie pulled me back to the conversation to make sure that I was prepared for the plan.

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Tootsie!? Are you ready? I was ready, but not for his plan.

38 | Hotel Melbourne

Frankie reviewed the plan with me and made sure that I would be prepared at the back door in the kitchen by nine. It was 8:45, almost time. Jimmy excused himself to the bathroom. It began. Out of the corner of my eye I watched him slip into the kitchen. “Frankie, why don’t you make a toast?” I inquired. He must make a toast. 8:50. As I convinced Frankie to make a toast to everyone I saw a line of servers walk out of the kitchen carrying trays of wine glasses. Each one spread across the room. As the last one walked out Jimmy slipped out behind him, unnoticed to everyone. Good. 8:55. I prepared to head back to the kitchen to finish my end. I shook a little as I checked my bag again. The pistol was still there. As I swung open the heavy back door I was met with three men. The center man, old and frail was shadowed by the massive silhouette of his men flanking either side of him. I tried to stay brave and not show my shaking body behind my coat. A long, silent pause filled the great darkness of the alley. Carefully we surveyed each other over taking the time to access the situation and find weaknesses in our composure. I tripped across my thoughts, I surprised to see there were more men than planned. I slipped my hand into my bag once more and felt the cool chill of the metal on my gentle fingers. Still there. Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours, nobody spoke. Finally the silence was cracked when I began to speak.

39 | Hotel Melbourne

“Capelli?” I did exactly as I was instructed. “Fr—”. “My name is not important, do you have the money” “Do you have the supplies?” he questioned me as I made a motion towards the garbage cans to the left.

40 | Hotel Melbourne

Each of them eyed the garbage can as I eyed to dark black suitcase at the feet of the old man. They wanted their drugs, but I wanted the money. Each of us showed our control as we finished discussing the transaction. Upon completion, the old man smiled politely, shook my hand and motioned his two men to retrieve the bags from the garbage can. The two large men finally made their first movements as they broke their stance. Suspiciously they moved to the garbage, one man never let his eyes off me. This would never work. Cautiously they opened the lid to find exactly what they should have, two duffle bags, each filled to the top with Frankie’s signature product. Both men reached deep into to dumpster grasping the handles of the bags. Simultaneously, I reached back into my pocket for the last time, this time the bullets would taste blood, or I would. It was so heavy in my hands. I slowly pulled out the pistol and aimed its at the first guy’s back. Just like we had practiced. Just like I had done hundred of time in my room. They were so distracted the had no chance to look down the barrel for their last glimpse of life. Slowly aim the pistol. Straight arms. Line up the sights. I ran through the steps in my head. One man began straightening up and turning. The old frail man watched intently as the men revealed the bags. This was my only chance. Just like we had practiced. Aim. Slowly. Breathe. Squeeze.

41 | Hotel Melbourne

R 8 42 | Hotel Melbourne

R 8 43 | Hotel Melbourne

Oh, No.

click. click.

44 | Hotel Melbourne

I shook as I continued to squeeze the trigger.


45 | Hotel Melbourne

Suddenly. I found myself face to face with the barrel of the old man’s pistol. Is this how it would end?

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Slowly the old man slipped down to the ground next to the two others. I turned towards the door, silhouetted against the light was Jimmy. Oh Jimmy. I ran to him and hugged him so tightly, to feel the warmth of his body against mine. 9:00 no time to talk now, we had other business to take care of, we could talk later. Jimmy ran out past me down the alley as I jumped over to the pile of fresh bodies. From the cold grip of the two men I released the handles of the duffle bags and picked them up. Each bag weighed nearly as much as I did but the adrenaline pushed me though with the plan. Jimmy pulled up and jumped back out of the car, we threw the bags in the trunk along with the money. 9:05, time to return. We slithered back into the crowd, the crowning moment! The finale. We blended into the crowd quickly and I found my spot close to Frankie. We had come in just as Frankie finished he speech. Frankie turned to me and gently winked, I gave a subtle twist of a smile. As far as he was concerned, the plan had gone through without a hitch. Frankie would go to his grave thinking that. The speech was over and the crowd began to clap and whistle. A bustle of tapping glasses waved through the crowd as people honored the toast. At last 9:01, wine glasses began to meet the lips of all the guests. Ruby red lips, pale lips, rich, and fine, all tasted the last sweet taste of life.

51 | Hotel Melbourne


One by one bodies began to collapse.

THUMP. 52 | Hotel Melbourne

Casually the last body fell to the floor and the room was void of life with the exception of Jimmy and I who stood in the center of the room. We took survey of what we had just gotten away with. Murder. It happened in just a moment, but it felt like a lifetime, we quickly ran back towards the kitchen where we had left money. Jimmy’s car idled out back, it was beckoning us. Before we realized it we were on our way out, like a great prison escape we were leaving and never looking back. Oh, but one last look. One last moment looking back on what we had done, where I had lived. Slowly a tear danced down my cheek and tickled my chin. Was this goodbye? It was so terrible, but this hotel, Hotel Melbourne was my home. Jimmy yelled at me to get in the car and I jerked back to reality. So fast, it was all happening so fast, yet everything moved in slow motion as I took one last look and dived into the passenger side of the car. We sped off into the dark, our trunk heavy with a new future. Off in the great distance I could hear the slow droll of sirens. This place was my nightmare, it was my prison, and I had conqored it. I hated this place.

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Cody Moiseve | 55

HM 8

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d o o l b


I don’t even know if I can live like—

58 | Hotel Melbourne

d o o l b

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as it just a dream? I still cannot believe we got away with it. It has been two days since the event and my heart still beats as I think about everything we had done. Jimmy and I have escaped out east and were on our way to Olathe, Kansas. Jimmy has some friends out there that will board us up for a few days. Since yesterday Jimmyy hasn’t been much for talking, I have had quite some tine to myself in this little motel. A chance for me to write down my thoughts. To think over how much has changed in my life this past month. Where is Jimmy? He seems to disappear for hours leaving me alone in this dark room. The faint blue wallpaper mocks me as its beautiful floral design withers away into a useless musty existence. I wonder how long I can last like this: on the road, hiding from everyone except the one man hiding from me. Did we really get away with this or is this my punishment?



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Hotel Melbourne is written, designed, and published by Cody Moiseve. The finished product was produced in Lakewood, Colorado on Adobe InDesign and hand bound by Cody Moiseve. The primary typeface is Friz Quadrata and was designed in 1978 by Ernst Friz. This typeface has been used in a number of applications including the popular film Kill Bill.

Typefaces: Friz Quadrata Std, Medium and Bold; Lobster 1.4; and Bookman Old Style Regular Papertype: Mohawk Color Copy 98, Bright White Smooth, 60 Cover Binding: Perfect Bound Hardcover

Copyright Š2010 Cody Moiseve

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