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By Acadia DeAtley Sports editor The Equus was awarded 3A All-State Newspaper for the fourth consecutive year and the CHS yearbook The Bronc earned All-State runnerup at this year’s State Journalism Convention in Casper on Oct. 3. 
 Equus and Bronc students also won numerous individual awards (see results, page 7), and the Equus also earned the People’s Choice top newspaper award. Equus staff recieved 15 individual awards; 11 of the awards went to members of last year’s staff, with four of the awards going to remaining members. Jess Neary, Editor-in-Chief of the CHS Equus, won three of the four awards given. 
 “As editor, just going [to state] and being able to think overall for the entire staff just thinking OK, ‘What can I do to help everyone else?’ rather than just my personal goals,” Neary said. 
 Yearbook staff recieved a total six individual awards; four of the awards also going to members from last year’s staff and two of the awards going Jenna Backes who is the editor of the CHS yearbook this year. 
 Jessica Courtney a new journalist in yearbook attended the convention and gained much of the information needed for the class.
 “I am a new journalism student and did not really know much about yearbook and I honestly had no idea what to expect,” Courtney said. “After going I learned so much new information and I feel confident in making this book better and to compete nationally next year.”
 Equus adviser Mr. Vin Cappiello was pleased with the win and looks forward to what this year’s staff will be able to pull off next year. 
 “Fourteen out of 20 people on this year’s staff have never had a stitch of journalism until now,” Cappiello said. “Some people may look at that as a weakness, I look at it as a strength because I have never had a group more eager to learn than this one.”
 Jim Angell, the Executive Director of the Wyoming Press Association, served as the keynote speaker at the convention. He gave insight and advice to students based on his 20 years of journalistic experience.
 “We have been given almost the holy obligation to inform the people around us of what is happening in their world so they can make the proper decisions they need,” Angell said.
 Students from all of the schools attended the awards banquet on Monday night, where individuals, school newspapers and yearbooks were recognized and awarded.
 CHS was one of many schools to attend the statewide convention and took part in multiple workshops offered. The workshops offered all were directed at improving journalism skills and included: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop (taught by CAN tech specialist Amos Olson), How to Motivate Yourself, Photography, Ways to Improve Your News, Features and Sports Photography, Sports Writing (taught by Cappiello), Google Docs (taught by CHS Tech Coach Mrs. Lisa Smith), Finding the Untold Stories.
 Neary also won the On-the-Spot Reporting contest for her coverage of Angell’s speech. Her story appeared in the Casper Star-Tribune on Wednesday morning. This marks the sixth consecutive year a CHS journalist has won this category.

State Journalism 2010  
State Journalism 2010  

Equus article written by a high school student