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Hopping off the ledge is Ethan Hess. We were running down the alley by the recently closed down Sonic on Watauga Road when he decided to jump into the ditch. “Come on! The tunnel to the mall is over here!�


Sitting on the hood of a 1999 Ford Ranger is Colby Munguia. He’d seen the truck pulling up to the house in Park Vista when he decided to jump on it. “Holy Crap!”said Zia cannon.

In the middle of their work, Alfredo Alivo and Michael Dean paint the tiki for the play “South Pacific” Their work was not unnoticed but shown off in the Haltom. “Dude, are we done yet?” said Michael On his way to the Trailers of Watauga, Collin De Leon rides his bike, not expecting what is to come. He’d found a puppy on the street which he took home to help with its hunger and limp. “I didn’t wanna get rid of him” said Collin.

As he walks around his house, Colby Munguia shows off his leopard gecko. He’s had it in his family for 2 or 3 years now. “I really don’t know why we have 2 of these…they’re really boring” Said Colby.

There goes Cody Dean and Brandon Moreno on their way to class. Cody Dean was on his way to photojournalism when bumping into Brandon, quite literally. “Heeeeeey what’s up dude?” said Brandon

Drawing in chemistry is Jose Correa. Instead of working he was doodling in his 3rd period class. “Ha guff” said Jose.

He’s the master of disguise. Zebdiel Garcia had his face drawn on by Michael Meza and Cody Cannon. “This mustache itches” said Zebdiel

Cody Cannon Photo journ project  

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