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What does É mean? — Whenever you see the É that means it’s GLACÉAU sponsored. We figured out a way to simplify the logo so we could use it in more abstract environments. In this case we used it in the illustrations made for the 8 Vitamin Water flavors. But when did it all start? — J. Darius Bikoff, a self-proclaimed health nut born on September 21, 1961, Tconceived of the idea of vitamin enhanced water in 1996. According to him, he was feeling “run down” and concerned he was catching a cold, so he took some Vitamin C and drank some mineral water. As he consumed the items, he started thinking about the idea of having them together instead of having to take them separately. He founded Energy Brands in May 1996 using his personal savings and contracting with an aquifer in Connecticut for the base water used. The individual products carried the Glacéau name, with the company’s first product being Glacéau Smartwater.


acai-blueberry-pomegranate (triple the good stuff) with antioxidant vitamin c launch an attack on microscopic oxidative forces. call it a preemptive strike to help keep your insides clean. and those pesky enemies can just call it a day. — try it: day break, midday — c’mon get your mind out of the gutter. we only named this drink xxx because it gives you the benefits of antioxidants to fight free radicals and help support your health. we even added manganese. so in case you’re wondering, this does not cost $1.99/minute or contain explicit adult content or anything considered ‘uncensored.’ it has not ‘gone wild!!!’ during spring break, nor will clips of it be passed around the internet. and it has never been seen live or nude, but it is defintely staked...with vitamins, that is.


dragonfruit (c+b’s) ignite your inner beast with the vitamin c+b in power-c. fuel muscles. encourage health. when it comes to charging for the day, one bottle and you can get more oomph — try it: day break, midday — legally, we are prohibited from making exaggerated claims about the potency of the nutrients in this bottle, therefore, legally we wouldn’t tell you that after drinking this, thelma from brakpan threw a cement mixer across a rugby field, or that this drink gave william from nelspruit enough strength to stop a speeding train. heck, we can’t even tell you this drink gives you the strength of a hundred raging buffaloes, or the stamina to run up mount everest in nothing but silky running shorts.


kiwi-strawberry (a+lutein) i-focus provides support for healthy eyes and skin and is also good for: kids with tape on their glasses, people threading needles, seeing-eye dogs and anyone else who could use a little more perspective. — try it: afternoon, late night — now that everyone is glued to their mobile phones, no one really pays atterntion to what’s going on around them. with all that walking and talking, you never know what you could be missing: birds chirping, flowers blooming, shoe sales, really goodlooking people, celebrities without make-up, telephone poles, or piles of poo (and we don’t mean winnie). that’s why this stuff has lutein - to help keep you focused. so keep your eyes peeled or that smell could be your shoe.


orange-orange (c+calcium) essential is for those who want to get it sorted,..left foot, left shoe that sort of thing. (hey, wake up we’re talking to you) its mix of vitamins and nutirients will give you a little more bounce to get your day started right... whenever that may be. — try it: morning — do you think “good morning” is an oxymoron? does the sound of your alarm clock have you reaching for a sledgehammer? and what’s up with those obnoxiously cheery “morning people” who are actually smiling before 9 am? (if that’s you, good on ya!) (*eye roll*) whatever your case of morningitis happens to be, we think we can help you with this bottle of orange goodness. it has vitamin c, calcium and other nutrients to help keep you from punching a rooster (and by rooster we mean those smiley people).


tropical citrus (b+guarana) early mornings. late nights. no naps. anybody’s bound to fizzle. but once you twist this top, your day changes. tired human being, meet lightning in a bottle. spark, with b vitamins , guarana and natural caffeine keeps going where others fall flat. so you stop when you choose to. usually in the winner’s circle. zing. try it: afternoon, late night — in soccer (excuse us mexico, spain and italy, we mean “futbol“), there isn’t a more exciting moment than when the announcer screams “goooooooal“ (yelling “ooofffsiddde“ never quite caught on). with that said, we added b vitamins, caffeine and guarana to give you an extra kick (pun intended). so now when you’re watching soccer, playing soccer, coaching soccer, driving kids to soccer or doing anything that starts with “socc“ and ends with “er,“ you too can have the energy of a raving lunatic to yell “goooooooal.“


lemonade (b to zinc) lifeless board meetings...whoosh!! this vitamin supercharge will have you ready to fly in and save the day. (as a rule: resist urges to run around in any sort of cape, mask or tights combo). — try it: morning — superheroes aren’t what they used to be. what happened? at best, you’ve got a wierdo with a mullet, a sjambok, and a bad attitude. it’s like saving the world is a huge hassle or something? no one wants to take charge anymore. there are vest to stop speeding bullets, elevators for tall buildings and villains running amuck (insert evil laugh here). that’s where we come in. we created this all-in-one product containing more of the nutrients you need, from a to zinc. it will unleash your inner superhero and give you what you need to take charge of any situation. and when you do remember the biggest perk of all... undies on the outside.


fruit punch (b vitamins + potassium) face it - these little guys are cute. but they have no taste, are always wearing funny little outfits and scratch themselves in public. revive as b vitamins and potassium to help bring you back to life and on your feet after a long night of swinging... (in the trees of course). — try it: afternoon, late night — if you woke up tired, you probably need more sleep, If you woke up drooling at your desk, you probably need a new job. if you woke up with whipped cream in your hair and the number of someone called “baksteen” on the inside of your thigh, you probably need answers. it’s got potassium and b vitamins to help you feel refreshed. in fact, it’s so good you could bring back awesome eighties television, mix tapes and chopper bicycles with this stuff.


raspberry apple (c+zinc) really, who wants to spend time reading old magazines in the doctor’s waiting room? defense with vitamin c and zinc is just the armour you need to make it through stuffy rides on the tube, preposterous airport queues and whatever else comes at you (especially if you must face off with the nurse bearing something pointy and sharp!). — try it: morning, midday — you gotta admit, there’s nothing like people watching at the gym. there’s the woman in the neon pink unitard over spandex bike shorts (1986 called), the guy checking himself out in the mirror (we see you), and our favorite, the “let’s do this!!!” trainer (chill. it’s 6am), but if you want to help support your immune system, crack open this bottle. it’s got a set of zinc and heavy reps of great taste. so hey there, mr. i’m just going to walk around and watch tv, good thinking. no need to pay the gym and cable.

w w w . v i ta m i nwat e r . c o m

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