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Blue Whales By Haroon Navaid

Describe • Blue Whales are mammals • At birth they weigh 2 tons • Blue Whales live for 80 or 90 years • They are 82-105 feet long • Blue whales have bluish gray skin.

Eat • Blue Whales eat shrimp like creatures called krill • Blue Whales eat 4-8 tons a day

Can Do • Blue whales have blow holes • Blue Whales breath air by blow holes • Blue Whales can be any oceans. • Blue Whales migrate to the equator in winter.

Interesting Facts • Blue whales are the largest animals ever known to live. • Blue whales almost became extinct because people hunted them for their blubber • Blue whales hearts weigh as much as a small car

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Blue Whales  

This is an informative piece on Blue Whales by Haroon.

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