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Introduction After giving the wheels to your own idea, you have successfully ramped up a new venture as a startup, but the one doubt that still lingers in your mind is picking the right mobile platform for your new venture. Not your fault, the credits to this confusion goes to the soaring operating systems Android, Windows, Apple iOS that are equally dominating the world with their technologies but hypes apart, Android app development has taken a lead role in this context, especially when the call comes for Startups.

According to Business Insider , Android has captured almost 80.2% of users while iOS trails behind at 14.8%. Though we’ve been hearing the duopoly of Android and iOS that certainly isn’t going anyway soon, but it is also interesting to note that there is a percentage split for these platforms and they draw a different picture in terms of adoption when we move business by business. When being specific about startups in the segments like healthcare, IT, real estate, travel restaurant and food apps one of the biggest determining factors that justifies the inclination towards Android is the target audience that sprung-up from the mass market. In easy words, if your app targets the mass market, Android is the ruling king with its largest user base.


LOW INVESTMENT & HIGH ROI Goodies for you, because after choosing Android, you’ve already axed the software licensing costs! Android software development kit is an open source framework which makes it totally free of cost and royalty free and gives the liberty to develop applications for android based smart phones without worrying about extensive development costs.



Whether you are looking for complex technical customization and integration of a web application or just a smart phone app with android app you have it all! Integrate and tweak as per your business need. More to this, link different branches of your company (if any) and provide better


features for enhanced integration

MULTIPLE SALES CHANNEL It’s easy to spread the word of your services with Android applications. Deploy it in different ways either on Google play store or your own website, or through different APKs. With your most coveted promotional strategy, you can reach your end users through multiple channels.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Developing an android application for your tech savvy startup is the best way to receive customer feedback, stay in touch with them, and also keep them updated with the latest business developments, offers and discounts.



As discussed above, android apps have the longest reach in the mass market that gives YOU the lucrative space to work closely with your target audiences, understand their requirements and sense the accurate business needs of the client and build the perfect product.

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Android app development  

Are you a startup? And still wondering which would be the right mobile platform for your new venture? Then hit here to know how Android wou...

Android app development  

Are you a startup? And still wondering which would be the right mobile platform for your new venture? Then hit here to know how Android wou...