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Editor: Imi Maufe Graphic Design: Katarzyna Roman Printed: CC Tryk, Viborg, Denmark Edition: 1000




six CODEX NORDICA stands at CODEX 2019 Book Fair The Craneway Pavilion, Richmond, CA, USA 3rd – 6th February 2019



Based on an invitation to create the international focus at this year's book fair, Codex Polaris presents CODEX NORDICA – a collaboration with partners from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Five curated stands exhibit high-end contemporary Nordic artists’ books, in addition to the collaborative project Bibliotek Nordica. The partners are: Denmark: Pist Protta Tatjana Bergelt Finland: Arkir Art Book Group Iceland: Norway: Codex Polaris Carina Fihn and Lina Nordenström Sweden: The three speakers for the CODEX 2019 Symposium have been selected from the Nordic countries: Thomas Millroth (SE), Tatjana Bergelt (FI) and Pist Protta (DK). Extra events under the Codex Nordica program will take place at the San Francisco Center for the Book (POSTED / UNPOSTED ++ exhibition) and at the Book Club of California (presentation). / Codex Polaris is an art collective based in Bergen, Norway. Over the last five years, the group has initiated a series of book art events, exhibitions and collaborative projects creating a book art network for Norwegian and Nordic artists. CODEX, a four-day art book fair held every two years in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, is one of the world's largest book fairs for the 'handmade book as a work of art'.

Codex Nordica is organised by: Rita Marhaug, Imi Maufe and Randi Annie Strand

D ENM ARK Pist Protta

Pist Protta


Jesper Fabricius b.1957, Rudkøbing / lives Copenhagen, Denmark Åse Eg Jørgensen b.1958, Copenhagen / lives Copenhagen, Denmark Jesper Rasmussen b.1959, Tullebølle / lives Aarhus, Denmark

In 1981 the first issue of a journal with the quirky name Pist Protta saw the light of day. Since then it has been published on average twice a year, reaching a total of more than 80 issues to date. The artists Jesper Fabricius and Jesper Rasmussen together with the graphic designer Åse Eg Jørgensen are the editors of Pist Protta and the driving force behind every issue of the journal.

Pist Protta


Pist Protta is a journal like no other. Firstly, because it is rare that a Danish journal dedicated to contemporary art survives for so many years – Pist Protta is the oldest, existing art journal in Denmark. Secondly, because it does not look like any other art journal. From the very beginning, the principal the editors have adhered to is that no new issue was to be like the previous one in either format or content. According to the editors’ motto that Pist Protta is not only to be about art, but to be art, the individual issues can be seen as a hybrid between a magazine and an artist’s book.


Kristoffer Albrecht


b. 1961, Helsinki / lives IngĂĽ, Finland

Kristoffer Albrecht is a Finnish photographer who has published more than 30 photo books and artists' books since 1984. He has been teaching photography and making books at the Aalto University in Helsinki for many decades. He has also published a doctoral thesis, which deals with photo books.

Maija Albrecht


b. 1967, Turku / lives IngĂĽ, Finland

My principal medium is printmaking, more specifically dry point, but I also make artists' books and assemblages. Since 1991 I have exhibited extensively both in Finland and abroad. Currently I am living and working in the countryside by the sea. The nature behind my studio window has had a great impact on my work. I was educated at The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, and graduated with an MfA in 1998.

Susanna Autio


b. 1966, Helsinki / lives Järvenpää, Finland

I am a visual artist making sculptures, installations, prints and artists' books. I prefer to use recycled or non-conventional materials such as hair, rye dough or root vegetables. My works make statements but they do not condemn. Different themes such as animal welfare are important to me. I enjoy doing and experiencing new things and hope I can transmit that feeling in my works.

Tatjana Bergelt


b. 1966, Berlin, Germany / lives Helsinki, Finland

Tatjana Bergelt has been actively promoting and working on artists' books alongside her other exhibitions. Bergelt has an MFA from Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, Germany and the Ecole Nationale Supérièure des Beaux Arts à Paris, France. “The inspiration for my work lies in literature, history and the human survival skills, be it in biological or socio-political context. I use fragmentation, montage and various linguistic metaphors.”

Eeva-Liisa Isomaaa


b. 1956, Ylotornio / lives Helsinki, Finland

The focus of my work is from private to general history. What do we remember; how do we read history? I want to mix the timelines, break the causality and create an imaginary space. Transparent, three-dimensional, layered – the works overlap different time levels. The landscape is wide open and has the space and light of the northern landscape. The premise is often far away from the place and moment of memory or remembering, but it draws me to familiar places.

Olof Kangas


b. 1946, Maarianhamina / lives Helsinki, Finland

My first solo exhibition was in 1969, since then I have taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. My artists' books, which I have been creating since 1987, have been exhibited in 20 countries. Along with paintings and book works I also make light and sound installations, kinetic sculptures, environmental art and performances.

Antti Nylén & Martti Jämsä


b. 1973 & 1959 / both live Helsinki, Finland | |

Antti Nylén is an essayist and an amateur photographer. He has written about many topics, including photography and popular music. Artists' books have been one of his key mediums for some years now. Martti Jämsä is a Finnish photographic artist. His workflow is usually thoroughly chemical and analogue. Since his debut in the 1980s, he has published several photo books and portfolios.

Irma Tonteri


b. 1955, Janakkala / lives Helsinki, Finland

Irma Tonteri has been working as a printmaker since 1985, doing single prints, artists' books and installations. Tonteri has held several solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. “Paper is the most crucial material I use. Paper can be light, translucent or thick and covering. The sensuality of the surface and the sensation of the material are important to me.�

Tarja Turpeinen


b. 1957, Kemi / lives Oulu, Finland

I am a visual artist and the starting points of my works lay between emotional expression and words, where a first thought gets shaped into a word, a picture or both. The interface of unconscious and conscious thinking is compelling. The feel of the texture of my works is important because I trust the unspoken messages delivered by chosen materials.

IC ELAND Arkir Book Art Group

Helga Pálína Brynjólfsdóttir


b.1953, Ólafsfjörður / lives Reykjavík, Iceland

Helga Pálína Brynjólfsdóttir graduated from the Textile Department at The University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland. She works with various kinds of textile and book art and has been a part of numerous exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. Brynjólfsdóttir teaches textile printing at the Department of Design and Architecture in the Iceland University of the Arts, and in the Reykjavík School of Visual Art.

Kristín Þóra Guðbjartsdóttir


b.1960, Isafjordur / lives Reykjavik, Iceland

Kristín Þóra Guðbjartsdóttir has an M. Art. Ed. degree in art education from Iceland Academy of Arts. She graduated 1984 from the textile department of The Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts and also completed studies in graphic design from the same school 1992. Guðbjartsdóttir works as graphic designer and has earned prizes and awards for her graphic design work. Her book art has been on display at joint exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. She has been a member of the Icelandic book artist group ARKIR since 2013.

Kristín Guðbrandsdóttir


b.1974, Iceland / lives Brussels, Belgium

Kristín Guðbrandsdóttir earned an MA degree in Art and the Book at Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC. She also has a teacher’s education from the Iceland University of Education. She has taken part in joint book art exhibitions in USA. Guðbrandsdóttir's work can be found in the collection of the Library of Congress and in various American universities, such as Duke, Carngie-Mellon, the University of Miami and George Mason, University of Alberta in Canada and numerous private collections.

Áslaug Jónsdóttir


b.1963 / lives Reykjavík, Iceland

Áslaug Jónsdóttir is a writer, illustrator and book artist. She studied at The Icelandic School of Arts and Crafts (MHÍ) and graduated as an illustrator and graphic designer from the Danish arts and design school 'Skolen for Brugskunst' in Copenhagen. She has taken part in numerous joint exhibitions of visual arts. Jónsdóttir works as an author and illustrator of children’s books, book artist and designer. She has received numerous honours for her work.

Arnþrúður Ösp Karlsdóttir


b.1960 / lives Reykjavik, Iceland

In my artwork I seek to express the visual qualities of form and image, atmosphere, lightness and density. I mix traditional fiber techniques with more experimental approach to materials, focusing on fine details using subtle colour blending, seeking a meticulous finish to my work. Since finishing studies in Textiles at The Icelandic College of Art and Craft 1991, I have been active as textile artist, teacher in fibers and art education, and participating in exhibitions in Iceland, Scandinavia and USA.

Svanborg Matthíasdóttir


b.1958, Reykjavík / lives Kópavogur, Iceland

Svanborg Matthíasdóttir is a painter and a book artist. After studying painting, first at the Icelandic College of Arts and Craft and then at the Jan Van Eyck Akademie in Maastricht in the Netherlands she has been teaching at the Icelandic College of Arts and Craft, the Iceland University of the Arts and the art schools in Reykjavík and Kópavogur. Matthíasdóttir has displayed her work in numerous places through the years both solo and with others, in Iceland and abroad.

Ingiríður Óðinsdóttir


b.1960, Reykjavík / lives Garðabær, Iceland

I work with visual art, book art and textile design. I studied at The Icelandic School of Arts and Crafts and since graduating have worked as a visual artist and a designer. I have had five solo exhibitions and participated in numerous joint exhibitions in Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Belgium, Cyprus and USA.

Anna Snædís Sigmarsdóttir


b.1962 / lives Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

Anne Snædís Sigmarsdóttir works with visual arts, design and innovation teaching, book art and graphics. Studied at The Icelandic School of Arts and Crafts and has M.Ed degree in Art History and Vocational Education from the University of Iceland. She is a board member of the Icelandic Graphic Association (IPA) in Reykjavík. Sigmarsdóttir has had solo and group exhibitions in Iceland and internationally, including Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, Finland, USA and Sweden.

Sigurborg Stefánsdóttir


b.1959, Reykjavík / lives Reykjavík, Iceland

Sigurborg Stefánsdóttir studied art at “Skolen for Brugskunst”, the Danish Arts and Design School, now KADK, in Copenhagen, and graduated from the school's drawing and graphic arts faculty, as well as attending the textiles department for a year. Her interest in various art forms has led her to seek out several courses and seminars, for example in the USA and Japan. Stefánsdóttir has held 18 private solo exhibitions in Iceland, Denmark and Italy and has taken part in numerous group exhibitions around the world.

N ORWAY Codex Polaris

Tina Jonsbu


b.1968, Lørenskog / lives Oslo, Norway

Tina Jonsbu mainly works with drawing and embroidery, and executes her works according to a frame that she determines in advance. This involves simple, repetitive actions within a time interval or a physical demarcation such as a sheet of paper or a wall. Jonsbu has an MA from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts. She is currently a PhD research fellow at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Rita Marhaug


b. 1965 / lives Bergen, Norway

Rita Marhaug is a visual artist. She holds an MA in Fine Art from Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHIB (1989) and a BA in History of Art from the University of Bergen, UiB (1996). Until 2013 she was professor at KHIB, Dept of Fine Art. Since the early 1990's she has participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions and performance festivals both in Norway and internationally. As part of print training, Marhaug was introduced to bookbinding. This has been an important part of her practice ever since.

Imi Maufe


b.1974, Norfolk, UK / lives Bergen, Norway

Imi Maufe uses the book format to document journeys, unexpected conversations, everyday objects and cold water swims. Her books incorporate text and minimal imagery, and are often part of larger projects. She has a habit of undertaking residencies in remote or unusual places. Since moving to Norway in 2009 she has been active in promoting artists' books, holding workshops and organising projects for Codex Polaris. Maufe completed her MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking from the University of the West of England in 2004.

David A. Rios


b.1983, Cali, Colombia / lives Bergen, Norway

We humans are pattern recognising beings on a constant search for meaning and connections. This search for a system is the core process of my work. I develop my work based on the idea that, through the limitless paths and the way a system can change and seek equilibrium, all information can be systematised. The focal point of my interest in systems is the transition from one state to another. Through the use of different methods ranging from statistical processing to theoretical constructions I defragment and rearrange the systems and information I work with.

Johan Solberg


b. 1986, Lillesand / lives Halden, Norway

Johan Solberg explores the intersection of artistic research and craft, combining both historical and contemporary techniques and materials in his work. He often starts by making paper, a process that allows him to observe and express the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Solberg’s current work consists of conceptual book works exploring personal stories, stories that he tries to relate to the collective human consciousness. Solberg is a recent graduate from the MFA programme in Book Arts at the University of Iowa Center for the Book in the United States.

Randi Annie Strand


b. 1962, Namsos / lives Oslo, Norway

Randi Annie Strand's ideas have been realised through different media and techniques, mostly as artists' books, but also as installation, land art, photo and video. Language, signs and sensory experiences are central elements in her works. The act of reading, and the tactile aspect is of great importance. She has explored the technical properties and possibilities of the materials, aiming to make the material a main expression equal to the visual elements. Strand holds an MA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design, has had many solo and group exhibitions. She is represented in several collections.

Elisabet Alsos Strand


b. 1963, Mo i Rana / lives Trondheim, Norway

Elisabet Alsos Strand main media of expression is printmaking and artists' books, where she explores the painterly qualities of the Japanese woodblock printing technique mokuhanga, using Japanese paper. Strand has participated in numerous exhibitions in Norway and abroad. Her works are presented in public and private collections. Strand has initiated and coordinated several international projects and exhibitions. She was awarded a PhD in Art from the Matejko Art Academy of Krakรณw, Poland.


Jennifer Bergkvist


b. 1992 / lives Stockholm, Sweden

Jennifer Bergkvist's artistic practice explores the interplay between content and form with particular focus on the book format, aiming to illustrate the force and potential in materiality, perception, and emotion in relation to content. She seeks to transgress the boundaries between art and graphic design, and encourage a more frequent use of experimental book design in traditional publishing. Bergkvist studied at the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden.

Lars Fernell


b. 1943, Karlskoga / lives Gothenburg, Sweden

Lars Fernell works conceptually and experimentally with printmaking, sculpture, objects and artists books. Inspired by the abstract, informal art and by automatism he has a continuous dialogue with artists and poets from the past, like Arthur Rimbaud, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Verner BostrÜm (a Swedish poet and self publisher 1896–1982, from North Sweden). Fernell studied at University of Gothenburg, Atelier 17, Paris and Hovedskous Art School, Gothenburg and has exhibited in galleries and museums in Sweden and internationally.

Carina Fihn


b. 1954, Trollhättan / lives Gothenburg, Sweden

Carina Fihn works in a wide range of media; printmaking, video, text, sound, objects and artists' books. Her work relates to time, memory and loss – inspired by personal experiences, dreams, psychology, philosophy and science. Hands on and experimental processes as well as material characteristics are important parts of her work. Fihn studied at Hovedskous Art School, Gothenburg and Fine Art & New Media at Valand Academy, Gothenburg University and has exhibited in galleries and museums in Sweden and internationally.

Joakim Kruse Lykke


b. 1994, Aarhus, Denmark / lives Stockholm, Sweden

Joakim Kruse Lykke is working conceptually, experimenting with different media. He is working with text, books, and installation, letting material flow through different forms. Thoughts on memory, translation and transition are important in his projects. Kruse Lykke is currently a second year BA student at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

Lina Nordenstrรถm


b. 1963, Stockholm / lives Uttersberg, Sweden

The book format has been a central part of Lina Nordenstrรถm's practice since her first solo show in 1996. Text as an image and print as an object has become her main interest as a visual artist. The musical aspect of language and text as a notation for the spoken word has also caught Nordenstrรถm's interest the last few years. Since 2009 she has been running a print studio called Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet in Uttersberg, together with Lars Nyberg.

Richard Årlin


b. 1945, Malmö / lives Stockholm, Sweden – Richard Årlin

Richard Årlin has been working with physical black and white analog graphic techniques such as wood / lino-cuts, drypoint and burin / copper engravings continuously since the late 1960s, printing in his own studio. His artist's books include techniques such as punchcutting and type-casting by hand, hand setting and letterpress. He makes his own handmade paper according to earliest european methods. Årlin's work has been described in several Matrix issues from The Whittington Press.



Biblotek Nordica - a portable library launched at CODEX 2019 contains 80 specially commissioned A6 book works by artists from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden with Faroe and Åland Islands. This project has been organised by Imi Maufe (Codex Polaris), in collaboration with Megan Adie (Aviary Press) and Bent Kvisgaard (OFFICINA typographica KVISGAARDENSIS) and was collated at Vingaards Officin Bookprinting Museum in Viborg, Denmark.

Leise Dich Abrahamsen • Megan Adie • Kristoffer Albrecht • Maija Albrecht • Alt Går Bra Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck • Märit Aronsson • Monica Aasprong • Jim Berggren Jennifer Bergkvist/Sebastian Larsson • Nina Bondeson • Helga Pálína Brynjólfsdóttir Thomas Bullinger • Sara Elgerot • Leif Elggren • Carina Fihn • Tina Gjerulff Camilla Gunnar • Karin Hald • Christel Hansson • Valgerður Hauksdóttir Eva Hejdström • Lisa Him-Jensen • Kirsti van Hoegee • Andreas Vermehren Holm Håkon Holm-Olsen • Eeva-Liisa Isomaa • Alexandra Jegerstedt • Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson Edward Johansson/Ida Sondell • Áslaug Jónsdóttir • Haraldur Jónsson • Emmi Jormalainen Sarah Jost • Tero Juuti • Åse Eg Jørgensen • Tuukka Kaila • Susanna Kajermo Törner Bent Kvisgaard • Maev Lenaghan • Jeannette Lindstedt • Mathias Løvgreen • Alistair MacIntyre Svanborg Matthíasdóttir • Hanne Matthiesen • Imi Maufe • Karen Helga Maurstig Sakari Männistö • Elisabeth Rydland Nilssen • Lina Nordenström • Anne Nowak Litten Nystrøm • Ingiríður Óðinsdóttir • Vera Ohlsson • Anne Marta Overaa • Petra Rahm John Rasimus • Jóna Rasmussen • Barbro Ravander • Katarzyna Roman • Ingrid Rundberg Anna Sailamaa • Eric Saline • Juile Sass • Anna Snædís Sigmarsdóttir • Thóra Sigurdardóttir Sigurður Atli Sigurðsson • Marja-leena Sillanpää • Sigurborg Stefánsdóttir • Elisabet Alsos Strand Randi Annie Strand • Svends Bibliotek: Hjördis Haack, Nina Maria Kleivan, Jesper Palm, Anne Marie Ploug, Bjarne Werner Sørensen • Soffía Sæmundsdóttir • Milla Toukkari Kristin Tårnesvik • Yilei Wang • Ulla West • Jessica Williams

Three speakers have been selected from the Nordic countries to talk at this year's symposium. Keynote Speaker:

Thomas Breitenstein Millroth (b. Stockholm / lives Malmö, Sweden)

Thomas Breitenstein Millroth is a freelance art historian, PhD, writer, curator and critic with a special interest in artists' books, printed matter and music. He has published more than 40 books, written hundreds of essays and articles for newspapers, magazines and Swedish radio and has curated many exhibitions. As director for the Ystad Art Museum (1995 – 2008) Millroth organised several projects concerning artists' books and he is currently working on a book about Swedish aritsts' books which will be published by Tragus Förlag and Bunchhanglung Walther König. Artist Speakers:

Tatjana Bergelt

Pist Protta

see Finland

see Denmark

COD E X SYMPOSIUM Berkeley City Club, 4 – 5th Feb. 2019


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