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Canstruction® Announces Winners of 20th Annual International Competition Williamsburg, VA (May 22, 2013) - Canstruction®, Inc announced today the seven winners who received top honors for the 20th Annual Canstruction International Design Competition. Administered by Canstruction, Inc. and a panel of esteemed judges, the signature awards honor teams of artists, designers, students and engineers chosen from cities around the world for excellence in design and craftsmanship in their respective Canstruction categories. The judging convened Friday, May 17, 2013 at The Virginia Center for Architecture in downtown Richmond, VA. The International awards were presented on May 18, 2013 during the Society for Design Administration's Annual Convention held at the Williamsburg Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. This year more than 600 local winners from 119 cities and 8 countries working in a broad range of industries and organizations were considered. Each nominee was chosen by their local city panel of judges. This year’s international winners and runner ups were chosen by a panel of five highly respected designers, architects, engineers and food industry professionals from the Richmond area. After careful deliberation, the panel selected seven category winners and four runner ups. The rich spectrum of artistic design highlights the strength of local artists, designers and engineers. The judges found the truly singular and innovative approaches of the seven award winners to be particularly compelling. Winners were selected based on originality, design quality, innovation, nutritional elements, craftsmanship, technique, and finally, structure meaning. Listed below are the Canstruction International Competition winners, runner ups and judges. Jurors' Favorite: KPFF Consulting Engineers & SRG Partnership, Portland, OR. The Jurors' Favorite Award went to, KPFF Consulting Engineers & SRG Partnership of Canstruction® Portland for "Stand Against Hunger." Our judge Helene Dreiling, Executive Director of the Virginia Center for Architecture and AIA National 2014 President, described the winner as “Representational, it’s been stylized but really has some structure. It takes the best of all categories and embodies in one as best of show.” Judge, Nancy Israel, Executive Director of the American Council of Engineering Companies of VA proclaimed, "I would look at the other structures but I would stop for this one.” Runner Up: "Food + Shelter", Squire & Partners, London, England. Structural Ingenuity: Associated Engineering, Lethbridge, AB, Canada. Structural Ingenuity was awarded to Associated Engineering of Canstruction® Lethbridge for "Giving in Spades." Judge Lori Garret, Senior Principal, Glave & Holmes Architecture, described the structure as “impossible, there really is no display of structural support”. The use of the negative space to create the image of a spade defied not only gravity but comprehension, leaving the judges amazed. Runner Up: "A Subtle shift" Floors Plus Commercial & MAC Interior design, Inc., Halifax, NS.

Best Use of Labels: DWL Architects & Planners, Phoenix, AZ. "One Can SCAN" earned the Best Use of Labels showcasing three iconic figures that have helped forge a pathway towards a more humane world. The 4th figure of a QR code symbolizes the newest catalyst for positive changes. Our judges marveled at the careful shading, can placement and realism of the images while appreciating the clever and thoughtful message. Runner Up: "AmeriCAN Flag" Foundation United Methodist Church, Belton, TX. Best Meal: ARUP, New York, NY. Judges awarded Best Meal to "A Peel to End Hunger" by ARUP of Canstruction® New York. Our jurors agreed the other category winners exhibited unhealthy desserts and candies creating a mixed message. “A Peel to End Hunger” boasted hundreds of kidney beans, green beans, sliced carrots, water chestnuts and mandarin oranges creating a healthy all vegetarian meal. In making their final decision, judge and Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia CEO, Joanne Batson noted the structure’s connection to the color of hunger (orange) bringing further awareness to an important message. Runner Up: "Hungry Hippo is Hungry for Change" Anderson Mason Dale Architects, Denver, CO. Honorable Mention: PSP Architecture, Canstruction® Canary Wharf- London, England. The Honorable Mention award this year went to our first London chapter and a first time entrant, PSP Architecture for their structure “Le Petit Can". The structure is in reference to the children’s book “the Little Prince” and alludes to the message that greatness lies within all of us. Evelina Scott of the Virginia Center for Architecture Advisory Council felt "the structure has a little of everything, it appeals to all ages, it’s structurally interesting and its meaning reminds us that hunger is a reality." Runner Up: "Ratatouille" ASD, Atlanta, GA. People's Choice: Agrupamento de Escolas de Fajões of Canstruction® Portugal with 747 Facebook Likes. The International People's Choice Award went to "The Mission" designed by Portugal students. People's Choice voting was cast through Facebook "likes". One Facebook fan commented “[These students] are brilliant!! Living proof that creativity and imagination are very much alive!” Most Cans: Belton Tigers Bible CANnectors, Belton, TX. 11,676 cans 20th Annual Canstruction® International Competition Judges: Evelina Massie Scott, AIA: Advisory Council Member of The Virginia Center for Architecture Helene Dreiling, FAIA: Executive Director of The Virginia Center for Architecture Executive Director and the 2014 AIA National Upcoming President Joanne E. Batson: CEO of the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia Lori Garrett, AIA: Senior Principal of Glave & Holmes Architecture Nancy Israel, MPA: Executive Director of the American Council of Engineering Companies of VA About Canstruction® Canstruction® is a non-profit organization in which teams of architects, engineers, construction firms and students compete to create giant structures made entirely out of canned food. After the event all food is donated to the local food bank. Canstruction was founded in 1992 by the Society for Design Administrators and has since raised over 21 million pounds of food for local communities around the world. Canstruction is one of the largest internationally recognized food drives of its kind.

2012-2013 International Winners

Honorable Mention Winner Le Petit Can Design By: PSP Architecture Canstruction® Canary Wharf – London England

Best Meal Winner A Peel to End Hunger Design By: ARUP Canstruction® New York – New York, NY

Best Use of Labels One Can SCAN Design By: DWL Architects and Planners Canstruction® Phoenix – Phoenix, AZ

Structural Ingenuity Winner Giving in Spades Design By: Associated Engineering Canstruction® Lethbridge – Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Jurors Favorite Winner Stand Against Hunger Design By: KPFF Consulting Engineers & SRG Partnership Canstruction® Portland- Portland, OR

People’s Choice Winner The Mission Design By: Agrupamento de Escolas de Fajões Canstruction® Portugal


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