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Addressing my Audience By Patryk Gierczak

How did you attract/address your target audience? I featured typical artists associated with the audience which I have been trying to attract to my magazine. I have also featured fashion articles which should attract the social group that is associated with my magazines (Stylers), because it features fashion that would make them look fashionable which is one of the main aspects of that particular social group. I have gathered all the knowledge I researched regarding my target audience to create magazine which will hopefully cater to the needs of my target audience. I also have made my masthead gold and very bold in order to furthermore grab someone’s attention and make my magazine stand out from others.

Point of Sale I have decided to sell my magazine through an online shop and skate shops internationally. I believe that if I decided to place my magazine in all supermarkets, grocery stores etc. I would lose more money than gain. I believe that online and in skate shops is the best place as those would be the most convenient for my audience. I have decided to go against the usual convention of featuring a picture that covers the whole front page, but instead settled for a picture which only covers some of the page. I decided to go against this convention because I thought that if I made my front cover different and make it stand out from the rest it would attract intriguing and fun people which would most likely pick my magazine up. Also due to the fact that my magazine would only just be starting out and would have to build it’s reputation from scratch, I have decided to feature a “famous person” on the front cover, in order to attract a person’s attention to look at my magazine. Throughout my magazine I have decided to use a laid back tone along with slang. I have done this because I think the people who would pick my magazine would be surprised to see formal and commanding text, simply because of the culture which the magazine is meant to represent. I decided to use a simple

colour scheme with only 5 colours (White, Black, Grey, Red and Gold). I think that this would make the magazine more pleasant to the eye of the reader because of it’s minimalistic features. I highlighted the font which I thought would be important for the reader in the colour of Red as it’s the only colour in my colour pallet which stands out from the rest in a major way.

My unique selling point is the fact that no other magazine features the 3 main things that my magazine does (Fashion/Music/Skateboarding), all in one package. I think that this would make my magazine stand out because a person wouldn’t have to buy 3 separate magazines to cater to their interests, but instead purchase just one copy of my magazine. During my survey, I have found out that 90% of people who were asked to answer it would like to see all of the features which I have included in the magazine. I received good feedback once I have shown my final product to my target audience.

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By Patryk Gierczak