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My name is Codee Adams. I am an industrial design student. I find inspiration in the planet, people, products, and the conditions under which they all connect. I consider myself an industrial, experience, and service designer. This is my work so far.


once flat

Frog 48


zippo jet




once flat

A perfectly imperfect seat. Using the minimum amount of the most optimum material. Project in progress.

Manipulate ideas, not forms. We want our things to last forever. Let’s make a chair that will stand the test of whatever may come it’s way.



Wood is good. When it comes to being ecologically minded, the natural super-material still cannot be beat. Seek inspiration from those with some of the oldest and strongest wood history: the Scandinavians.


Finnish Design is hallmarked by intelligent material usage. Only what is necessary exists.

The Swedish ideal of Lagom is being or using the perfectly appropriate amount.


Textile reinforced cement. Cement technology has evolved from a material into an entire genre since its Mesopotamian inception. It’s time to change the public’s mental model for good.


Forms and strength once unimaginable can be achieved with natural or synthetic textile reinforcement.

Engineered Cementeous Composites act more like metal than stone.


Design for disrepair. Even the highest quality of goods break eventually. If the chair is to last forever, that truth must be recognized very early on.




Check back soon!


frog charrette

Experience Design Workshop Frog traveled to Cincinnati to share a few of their research methodologies then, put us to work on a problem.

Do you vend? The late night food experience in DAAP is sub-standard. Students have created a ritual surrounding settling for junk food.


Unknowing victims of the ‘all-nighter’ learn the lack of healthy foodstuffs can render them useless. Anything from here, really.


Rapid research and interviews. We set out to the entire UC campus. As it turns out, students lack both the knowledge and the options to make good choices, day or night.


The vending machines are full of garbage and students lack proper means for food preperation.

The limiting payment model discourages students from using campus vending machines.

We posted fliers asking for user feedback. The response was pleasantly surprising!


Synthesis and ideation. Using our new methods, we distilled our research from insights into directed principles. We focused on convenient and heathly options that were centered around the late night ritual.







Rapid prototyping and refinement. The aim was to create a refreshing distraction using knowledge and stimulation. A habitual behavior is already present, the availability of information and healthy options can enable a positive vending ritual.


We capitalized on the recognizable vending machine sillouette and focused on user touchpoints.

Craft paper and newsprint worked wonderfully for full scale mock-ups.


RFID paypass and login.

Food organized horizontally by nutritional value.

Refrigerated partition stocked regularly.

This is Vender. A vending machine that offers a variety of options from fresh to fattening. At the intersection of Paywave, Bearcat Card and Fooducate, Vender creates a tailored customer experience.

Fooducate rating.

AMOLED display enchances the vending ritual.

Gamified food pairing suggestions.

Nutritional information available before purchase.

A smarter vending machine. The display can either direct a hungry student straight to their favorite treat, distract a procrastinator with a personalized match, or guide a conscious mind to an organic delight.



Focus on aesthetics. How do we unite the likes of an eyepiece, timepiece, and briefcase into a happy family?


ProuvÊ. Frattini. Wright. These form-giving icons knew what looked good and how to make good look unified and original. This isn’t their first rodeo.



Develop an elevated rhetoric. Word association allows us to translate form into a more liquidable medium, helping us to manifest impressions and feelings. Ultimately enabling us to isolate and integrate patterns.



Sketch your heart out. After transposing the aesthetics of our mentors into shapes and lines, it’s time to translate that ability into an authentic form language.



Prototyping at scale. Taking the form from the 2D to 3D can be eye opening. With the high tolerences of eyewear design, an ABS printer is a helpful friend.



The family of form. A combination of material, color and form language knits the Bellwether siblings together.



Making functional spectacles. With a little help from local specialists in jewelry casting, eyewear repair and optical lenses, an accurate and usable brass model is achieved.



The Bellwether Collection Implicit. Calculated. Composed.

zippo jet

A branding exercise. How the American brand can lend a hand to the sushi chefs of the world.

A song of maki and fire. Stop by any Western sushi bar and at some point, you are bound to see the chef unsheath a blow torch and light a lucky recipient’s food on fire.


Certain rolls containing oilier fish, such as yellowtail or red snapper, are seared with a gas torch to create a smokey flavor.

Some chefs perfer oxygen-gas mixed torches to avoid the taste of propane. He does.


Recognizing a new market. The problem is your favorite sushi chef yields a flame thrower that is out of place in the sushi. But, they have their reasons.


Kitchen culinary torches are neither quick nor hot enough to keep up in the sushi bar environment.

Blow torches do a wonderful job, but are designed for the shop, not the kitchen.


An ergonomic analysis. The sushi chef doesn’t have many minutes to spare. Here’s where the shortcomings of the blowtorch most heavily impact the workflow and how we can help.


A large tank acts as a long and heavy moment arm, straining the wrist. The length and unbalanced nature of the torch make searing the rolls strenuous on the hand, neck, and back.


The Zippo touch. Zippo was founded as a reusable lighter company in 1932. The legacy began during WWII and is now an examplar of reliability and durability.



Synthesis and iteration. The sushi chef needs a quick and hot flame. Zippo’s famous heat-sync pattern serves an effective cooling application for an inverted torch.



The solution. An oxy-propane torch in the palm of your hand. Hot in seconds.


Codee Adams

Product, Experience, and Service Design




Runius Design AB

Hasbro Inc.

Stockholm, Sweden Aug–Dec 2013 Consulting Design Co-op

Pawtucket, RI, USA Jan–May 2013 Toy Design Co-op

Consulted on several internal and external projects. Worked very closely with clients focusing on research, product development user-experience, and production.

Toy Design co-op on Advanced Technology and Innovation team. Ideated on several young concepts for multiple Hasbro IPs including Nerf and Kreo.

Industrial Design

Chemical Engineering

University of Cincinnati DAAP 2011–present

University of Cincinnati CEAS 2010–2011

Product Development Concept Generation User-centered Design Experience Design Design Thinking Sketching and Rendering Adobe Creative Suite Solidworks Alias Automotive

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