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We helped an IT giant hire over 1500+ quality candidates in less than 12 weeks!! was engaged by one of the top 5 IT companies in India to meet their engineering numbers for 2010. In a span of less than 12 weeks we helped collate data of > 60,000 authenticated eligible candidates from more than

300+ college placement officers. Used our state-of-art platform to take a yes response from >15,000 students. 11,000 students finally appeared in 8 drives across the country.

Used our knowledge & relationships to collate > 60,000 eligible candidates and help communicate clearly

Participating states: Orissa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, U.P., Tamil Nadu, A.P., NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and M.P. Used our technology platform to collate response and predict footfall numbers resulting in efficient planning Worked seamlessly with the assessment vendor

Zero student duplication Pre-hiring branding done using SMS Account Manager worked with the client to ensure that the client understood how to use the platform, use SMS to communicate with students and ensure compliance with internal reporting processes Helped one of top 5 IT firm(In India) hire 1500+ from campuses all over India is India's largest student engagement and campus hiring platform online with 2000+ colleges, 800,000+ students and over 400 corp...