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Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center


With support from: Dear Friends, The 2018/19 K-12 Arts Education Outreach Program promises to be another exceptional year. Our roster continues to grow as we add new teaching artists and workshop choices as well as exceptional assembly programs. All of our programming meets or exceeds California’s Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) standards, and many of them support the California State Common Core Standards With the continued support and partnering capacity of our local school districts and their parent organizations, we provided more than 2,500 hours of workshop opportunities to elementary school students in 2017/18 We thank the many patrons, funders and College of the Canyons supporters who make our programs possible. A special thanks goes to College of the Canyons Chancellor Dr. Dianne G.Van Hook and Vice President & Assistant Superintendent of Academic Affairs Dr. Jerry Buckley for their support and guidance. We also thank all K-12 superintendents and assistant superintendents (Dr. Isa DeArmas, Kathy Harris, Janene Maxon, Jeff Pelzel) who have joined with us to become consortium partners, as well as the principals, teachers, and parent/ teacher groups that partner with us to bring the highest-quality arts programming to their schools

Carmen Cortez Dominguez, DMA Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts It is a pleasure and an honor to be given the opportunity to serve the students and teachers of the Santa Clarita Valley school districts as the K-12 Arts Education coordinator for the College of the Canyons. As a career arts education administrator, and educator, I value nothing more than facilitating and nurturing the creative and individual voice of children. In the big picture, I see that no innovation is achieved, no solution implemented, no new design imagined in any industry without creative confidence. I am pleased to represent an incredible roster of artists from a depth and breadth of backgrounds and disciplines that enthusiastically cultivate, carefully nurture and creatively inspire the children in the Santa Clarita Valley community. We strive to inspire and enable your creativity with detailed descriptions of the workshops and performances that are possible to come to your classrooms or schools in the coming year. We are fortunate to be endowed by unique opportunities in this community, the likes of which are rarely found elsewhere. We have the benefit of strong arts education partners that include teachers and district leaders, city government officials, passionate business owners and concerned parents and community members. There is a beautifully strong and rich path forward for students from pre-school through high school, which include opportunities within the walls of College of the Canyons and California Institute of the Arts. I am excited to create a strong foundation for our community that utilizes the power of the College of the Canyons roster of artists, following the direction of our district leaders to serve the growing children in our community toward creativity, individuality, understanding and innovation. Moving forward,

Kristen Gunn K-12 Arts Education Outreach Coordinator To discuss program options, please contact the PAC K-12 Arts Education office. We can be reached at (661) 362-3061 or

Kennedy Center Partners in Education in action


K-12 ARTS EDUCATION and Professional Development



Since 2010, the Kennedy Center’s Partners in Education Program in a partnership between the College of the Canyons PAC K-12 Arts Education Outreach Program and the Santa Clarita Valley elementary school districts (Castaic Union, Newhall, Saugus Union, and Sulphur Springs) has brought professional development opportunities to more than 200 teachers. Exceptional teaching artists from the Kennedy Center’s roster offer workshops in a variety of different disciplines, and provide classroom teachers with strategies to integrate art forms with other academic subjects. These opportunities have inspired teachers to expand their repertoire of teaching skills and bring enlightening and engaging lessons to their students. The teachers who have participated are to be congratulated for embracing and implementing a new teaching methodology that brings arts education into the classroom.

We look forward to adding our newest Cohort 2018 this fall as we provide another exciting year of teacher enrichment to the dedicated group educating our students in the Santa Clarita Valley.

“This experience has been truly a treasure to add to my teaching toolkit! I feel so fortunate to be part of the Kennedy Center program!” Teacher from Cohort 2011

Sulphur Springs Aguinaldo, Diane Bastedo, Kayla Berentsen, Gayle Bove, Amy Buchanan, Angie Callahan, Janay Caskey, Geneen Catterson, Tanya

Cota, Carol Cutchall, Carrie Fisher, Nancy Hawkins, Laura Lee, Michael Lewin, Barbara Locke, Stacy Lopez-Gallagher, Claudia Marcus, Melissa

Rohr, Cindy Scavone, Marina Sunde, Kamily Tapia, Deanna Torgenson, Paula Tyboroski, Jennifer Vargas, Beatriz Waller, Elizabeth Zarlenga, Kathleen

Castaic Ashley, Lynda Baron, Alyson Beach, Stephanie Borg-Otting, Sylvia Boyd, Ann Bryant, Dolly Ciambrone, Kari Davis, Dee

DeLemos, Karla Ediger, Joy Edison, Mary Furr, Stacy Gilbert, Marie Graff, Suzanne Hatton, Cynthia Jackson, Sue Rudd, Pam

Rupel, Debbie Seamands, Cynthia Solomon, Melissa Summers, Kerry Taron, Jeanie Thomas, Jennetta Uno, Teresa West, Allison Ziv, Kathi

Saugus Angalet, Lynn Augustine, Holly Bague, Leighanne Bean, Megan Berns, Michele Boron, Michele Bowcott, Karen Chapman, Kirsten Craft, Lisa Davis, Karen Denny, Christine Doing, Carolee Dolder, Shelley Eichman, Theresa Elam, Janice Engh, Adina Farrell Dobbin Flores, Denise Friedman, Angeline Garcia, Teresa Gardener, Janice Goldstein, Sarah Grisanti, Margo Head, Sheila

Herrell, Amy Howard, Kimberly Karzin, Susan Kavanagh, Mara Ketterl, Liz Kohli, Ratika LaMarr, Joan Lewison, Mary Beth Lomeli, Julie Loring, Flo Macabitas, Tina Magon, Patti Michelson, Heather Mills, Elizabeth Morgan, Ashley Muro, Cate Nordskog, Danielle Nossaman, Jennifer Oculam, Paulette Ortega, Diane Ortiz, Robyn Paras, Jodi Payne, Carlene Pfenning, Lauren Pilar, Susan

Pinto, Shawna Pressman, Gretchen Ramsey, Shari Riggin, Anne Ritter, Cythnia Rose, Leslie Rosen, Melody Schoenberger, Juli Seibel, Jennifer Shannon, Tjj Sheridan, Andi Sherman, JoAnn Shute, Carleen Soussi, Ann Suwarno, Tina Terracciano, Ginny Turner, Jane Valencia, Melissa Vincent, Jamie Whitebrook, Susan Wilkinson, Traci Williams, Emily Wood, Charity Yates, Margaret

Newhall Parks, Terressa Aguilar, Ernestina Ball, Jeri Batchelor, Jeri Bingham, Merrilee Bryant, Audrey Carivau, Allison Daucher, Tina Davis, Linda Edwards, Cindy Farley, Terri Ferguson, Kim Fossa, John Frey, Emily George, Katherine Gurrola, Sulma Haggart, Heather Hawthorne, Ellen

Haymond, Sara Hess, Elizabeth Hetzel, Cindy Hochman, Dana-Sue Jimenez, Deborah Johnson, Chelsea Katambwa, Melinda Kehl, Heesun Keller, Brenda Kennedy, lisa Lehrke, Marcie Liles, Julie Mackey, Kim Metts, Angela Miller, Sharon Musella, Melanie Nelson, Stephanie Patten, Barbara Peattie, kate

Rawlins, Bruce Richard, Peggy Riendeau, Kristin Roney, Anna Russo, Connie Salari, Rebecca Severini, Shinna Shelton, Jason Soqui, Melani Sparks, Kara Speiser, Tara Sudik, Denise Susino, Theresa Todd, Kimberly Vasquez, Michelle Walls, Shannon Wilson, Heather Wimsatt, Robin


Castaic Union: Janene Maxon, Newhall: Jeff Pelzel, PAC: Dr. Carmen Dominguez, Saugus Union: Dr. Isa DeArmes, Sulphur Springs: Kathy Harris Partial funding provided by The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; Title II Professional Development Funds; SCPAC at COC and the COC Foundation; and private foundations.



The Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center is proud to make available a wide range of professional performers with national and international experience to entertain, engage and educate your students. Professional artists will bring multi-genre, multicultural works to your school’s performance space for groups of all sizes. All assemblies are based on availability, and study guides will be provided when available. Please pay close attention to show requirements to make sure you can accommodate the chosen shows in your school’s performance space. Unless otherwise noted, the following assemblies are available year-round.


Beth Sussman is a Juilliard-trained pianist who has performed for school assemblies that connect to language arts for tens of thousands of children. She is a master teaching artist with the Santa Clarita PAC K-12 Arts Education Outreach Program and has performed throughout North America and Europe. MUSIC TELLS A STORY – Foster a love of reading through stories and music. Students create sound effects as Beth tells the story and plays the familiar music of Grieg’s “Peer Gynt.” In addition to the sound effects, students predict if the music will be forte (loud), piano (soft), legato (smooth/connected) or staccato (choppy). GRADE LEVEL: 1-6 FEES: $360 single; $600 double; $840 triple (A free 20-minute kindergarten assembly is available if at least one, full-length assembly is booked for the same day.) REQUIREMENTS: Piano, microphone (If a piano is not available, a digital keyboard can be provided for an additional $50 fee.)


“Bob Baker Marionettes’Traveling Jamboree” : Join an array of enchanting characters touring in a marionette variety show spectacular! A fantastical assortment of Bob Baker’s classic puppets! Clarissa, our opera singing chicken, Juggling clowns, tap dancing frogs and soo much more; be whisked away with music and dance. A true throwback to the vaudeville era, an enchanting theatrical experience presented via the ancient art form of puppetry! Shows run 45 minutes each. GRADE LEVEL: 1-6 FEES: One artist: $350 single; $600 double; $850 triple; Two artists: $600 single; $1,000 double; $1,400 triple REQUIREMENTS: None

Beth Sussman


The immensely talented Keith Berger and Sharon Diskin have performed as a Mime Theatre duo since 1985 delighting over one million children and adults throughout the world. Noted for their exciting performance style and professional discipline, Sharon and Keith have been enthusiastically received by audiences and critics alike at theatre venues from New York to L.A., and from Scotland to Macau. Gifted teachers as well as performers, Keith and Sharon have taught workshops and master classes in physical theatre and mime throughout the U.S., including Cornell University, The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, The Disney Animation Studios, and at hundreds of Southern California schools. Keith and Sharon were honored with the PASA award for their excellence as professional artists in the schools, which was presented by the County of Los Angeles, California Arts Council, and the California Department of Education. The Chameleons’ Southern California assembly programs include: Mime Over Matter, Adventures in Space,Wonder of Words,The Bully Dudes and Peter & The Wolf. THE BULLY DUDES – When you mix the brilliance of Keith Berger’s physical comedy with actor David Prather’s razor-sharp wit and mesmerizing oratorical presence, you get “The Bully Dudes”, a show that combines humor with the very serious subject of bullying. Berger and Prather enact a series of thought-provoking vignettes that highlight real-life bullying situations and offer innovative solutions to problems such as playground bullying, name calling, girl-bullying, and what to do when the bully is your friend. They also point out the differences between bullying and ordinary fooling around. Many schools say this is the best anti bullying show they’ve had! GRADE LEVEL: K-8 FEES: $990 single; $1,188 back-to-back; $1,452 triple REQUIREMENTS: None PETER AND THE WOLF A Classical Blast of Music & Mime – The Chameleons’ Sharon Diskin teams up with the brilliant, Julliard- trained classical pianist Beth Sussman, to create a charming interpretation of Sergei Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf.” Sussman received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from The Juilliard School and has performed throughout Europe and North America as a soloist and chamber musician. In addition to this beloved classic, Diskin and Sussman bring other works of classical music to life with their totally unique blend of music and mime. GRADE LEVEL: K-6 FEES: $924 single; $1,122 double; $1,386 triple REQUIREMENTS: Empty stage


PAC - K 1 2 A r t s E d u c a t i o n • ( 6 6 1 ) 3 6 2 - 3 0 6 1 • PAC A r t s E d @ c a nyo n s . e d u


Actor, writer and teaching artist David Prather has offered theatre workshop opportunities to students for more than 20 years. In addition, he has written and performs several exciting assembly programs that combine the dynamism of a theatrical performance with curricular-based material in subjects such as history, social studies and language arts. JOHN AND JUAN – This is a lively romp through the history of the Golden State. John, a native Californian, and Juan, a recent immigrant from Mexico, learn they share a common heritage as they explore the story of California together. The Gold Rush, Father Junipero Serra, the Chumash and the Missions, El Camino Real, Cowboys and Vaqueros, and other social science themes are made humorously real in this multicultural assembly. GRADE LEVEL: 3-6 (fits well with 4th-grade social studies curriculum) FEES: $990 single; $1,188 back-to-back; $1,452 triple REQUIREMENTS: Empty stage YANKEE DOODLE POETRY – The assembly program “Yankee Doodle Poetry” brings to life such American icons as Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty, Francis Scott Key and Paul Revere. The show engages students as it covers an array of language arts and social science standards as they “witness” the creation of the Star-Spangled Banner and participate in Paul Revere’s famous ride through an enactment of Longfellow’s immortal poem “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.” Students will be inspired as this patriotic parade of poetry crosses the stage. GRADE LEVEL: 3-6 FEES: $630 single; $870 double; $1,080 triple REQUIREMENTS: Empty stage


THE MASK MESSENGER –“The Mask Messenger” is a solo show that utilizes physical comedy, quick-change artistry, and masked transformations in a series of vignettes that range from comic to tender to bizarre. Half-masked characters speak; full masked characters remain silent while speaking volumes with convincing body language and a dancer’s grace. Masks are worn on other parts of the body, creating illusions that The New York Times says, “tickle some sort of primal funny bone.” The actor performs the essence of each character, and then transforms time and again, often affecting audiences viscerally in ways that go straight to the heart and sneak up on the brain. The Mask Messenger comments on masks used in cultures worldwide, while addressing themes of personal and societal transformation. Masks are used as metaphor; the performance expands the concept of masking to include the ‘masks’ we wear daily: body language, jewelry, piercing, tattoos, hairstyles, hats, and fashion statement as identity statement. GRADE LEVEL: 1-12 FEES: $1,080 single; $1,500 double REQUIREMENTS: None

A highly praised, Los Angeles-based contemporary dance company founded by Laura Gorenstein Miller in 1996, Helios Dance Theatre has premiered and performed at UCLA’s Royce Hall, REDCAT, The Getty Center, CalArts, USC, Lincoln Center in NYC, and The Royal Opera House in London. Its choreography – a mix of classical, contemporary and pedestrian movement – is a wonderful introduction for audiences not yet familiar with the powerful storytelling potential of contemporary dance. Through its company of dance artists, Helios strives to create dance that explores emotional content and storytelling along with movement invention. PUSS IN BOOTS – Students watch as dance goes from drawings to the big screen, and they are introduced to a lively combination of Flamenco and contemporary dance created for the Academy Award-nominated film “Puss in Boots.” The presentation makes use of the original storyboards from the filmmakers, dancers and projection of the critically acclaimed final animated dance scenes to give students an insider’s look at the creation process of dance, and the use of choreography and dance language in mainstream art. GRADE LEVEL: All FEES: $1,080 single; $1,920 back-to-back double REQUIREMENTS: Space/stage for performances, projector, screen and sound system capabilities ABOUT ANNE: A DIARY IN DANCE – A dance drama inspired by the text of Anne Frank’s: The Diary of a Young Girl. It integrates movement, music and film to explore and celebrate Anne’s spirit of self-examination and her will to live. Created with the belief that the memory of human potential, both good and evil, should remain alive within each of us. AGE GROUP: 7th grade and up FEES: TBD REQUIREMENTS: Space/stage for performances APHRODITE, THEFaustwork MATCHMAKER – Helios Dance TheMask Theatre ater premiered these dances about Ancient Greek Mythology and Aphrodite as a matchmaker at the Family Festival at The Getty Villa. The performance includes Helios dancers, the reading of mythological stories, and stunning costumes. (Note: material may not be appropriate for grades K-3) AGE GROUP: 5th grade and up FEES: TBD REQUIREMENTS: Space/stage for performances



Joseph Peck is a musician, educator and producer of music and educational programs featuring the steel drum instrument. As a performing artist, he gives steel drum presentations for numerous organizations throughout California, and performs live and in the studio for various Latin, reggae, rock, and world music projects. JOSEPH PECK AND THE RHYTHM PAN BAND – This instrumental Caribbean ensemble performs a fusion of calypso, reggae, samba, and salsa selections. Select students will have the opportunity to join the band on stage for an “Engine Room Jam!” Depending on availability, the group will consist of three to five musicians. Upon request and when available vocals can be added. GRADE LEVEL: K-12 FEES: $1,380 single; $1,680 double; $1,980 triple REQUIREMENTS: A microphone PAN IS MY JUMBIE – Provides a general overview of the steelpan (steel drum) and its origin. Joseph performs selections on the steel drum. Group participation is encouraged and select students will have the opportunity to join the artist on stage. GRADE LEVEL: K-12 FEES: $360 single; $540 douple; $660 triple


Kate Randolph Burns, a member of Actors’ Equity and SAG/AFTRA, has performed on stage, screen, and television. Currently she tours internationally with her acclaimed portrayal of Emily Dickinson in William Luce’s one-woman play, “The Belle of Amherst,” for which she won the Valley Theater League Best Actress Award.

EMILY DICKINSON, LIVE! – This beautiful program is no ordinary assembly. Complete with fifty historically accurate props, a complete set and costumes, it stands above the rest, bringing the poetry and life story of 19th Century American poet, Emily Dickinson, alive for your students. Through humor, drama, and entertaining anecdotes, the 45-minute scripted presentation informs, educates, and enthralls audiences of all ages. Adapted appropriately for elementary students in grades 2 through 6, this love affair with language seamlessly incorporates a dozen of Emily’s most famous and beloved poems. Then, through the magic of theatre and the power of imagination, a host of other characters interact with Emily and are brought to life as well, to the surprise and delight of young viewers. GRADE LEVEL: 3-12 FEES: $900 single; $1,188 double; $1,440 triple


These fun, interactive programs are designed for K-12 students and feature artists from the LA Opera performing “Sing Out Loud!” or working with you students through residencies in “Voices for Tolerance” or the “In School Opera” programs. Teacher materials and a visit from LA Opera’s community educators are also available to further enhance and enrich these programs for your students. SING OUT LOUD! – No experience is necessary to get the most out of “Sing Out Loud!” The program features artists from the LA Opera performing operatic favorites. GRADE LEVEL: All FEES: $1,500 single; $1,800 back-to-back (contact Outreach Office if more are required)

LA Opera


PAC - K 1 2 A r t s E d u c a t i o n • ( 6 6 1 ) 3 6 2 - 3 0 6 1 • PAC A r t s E d @ c a nyo n s . e d u

VOICES FOR TOLERANCE – This ten week choral residency program explores themes of tolerance through music. LA Opera teaching artists work with classroom teachers to create a curriculum connected program that concludes with a performance at the school. GRADE LEVEL: All

Martin Espino

ELEMENTARY IN SCHOOL OPERA – Have your students become the opera chorus and perform for your school. Students spend five weeks rehearsing for an age appropriate opera and then perform for their school with the help of professional LA Opera singers, instrumentalists and stage crew who magically transform your school for the show. GRADE LEVEL: 4-5 SECONDARY IN SCHOOL OPERA – Have your students become the opera chorus and perform for your school. Students spend ten weeks rehearsing for an age appropriate opera and then perform for their school with the help of professional LA Opera singers, instrumentalists and stage crew who magically transform your school for the show. GRADE LEVEL: 6-12


Internationally recognized for its unique blend of African Afro-Caribbean, modern, street-dance and jazz techniques, the Lula Washington Dance Theatre provides brilliant depictions of African American experiences, past and present. Founded in 1980, the company is one of the premier African American arts institutions on the West Coast. An interracial group that reflects a multitude of experiences and backgrounds under the leadership of choreographer/artistic director Lula Washington, this company presents a dynamic, inspirational performance that seeks to build bridges among people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, and to inspire and enlighten children everywhere. GRADE LEVEL: All FEES: $1,500 single; $2,280 double; $2,820 triple; $2,920 quad


Martin Espino is a respected scholar of the Music, Culture and Art of the Americas. He created some of the first educational programs in the realm of Native American music. For more than 40 years, he has been pioneering and conducting interactive performance in both workshop and assembly settings with students of ALL ages as a Master Teaching Artist. As an instrument builder, using mostly bamboo and gourds, he has built more than 70,000 instruments since 1990 with his students! Educators and audiences trust his passion for educating and performing as well as the integrity and quality of his work. Martin’s work also integrates his studies in the field of “neuroscience”, on how music has positive effects on the brain! INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCES – All four assemblies are 100% interactive and are VAPA Standards reliant. The audience is gently motivated to sing “easy-to-sing” songs in indigenous languages as well as play from Martin’s huge collection of exotic native percussion. The rest of the audience is his choir! Martin dresses in appropriate traditional garments. ANCIENT MEXICO – A musical journey through various geographical regions of Mexico and its connection to our present-day lives. Martin’s highest requested program! Widely varied songs and instrumentals, students get to play very exotic native percussion instruments! GRADE LEVEL: All FEES: $660 single; $990 double; $1,320 triple (more are available)

MUSIC OF NORTH, CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA – Singing the songs and playing the musical instrument of the first Americans who inhabited magical two continents and founded some of the world’s first cities! GRADE LEVEL: All FEES: $660 single; $990 double; $1,320 triple (more are available) ANCIENT CALIFORNIA – This program explores the musical sounds of “Green” instruments, meaning instruments made of natural materials & “Technological Musical Equipment”; how they sound separately and what happens when they meet. Martin will demonstrate how he mixes instruments of natural materials with high technology with modern music like Hip Hop, EDM, influences from India, Middle East and Africa!!! GRADE LEVEL: All FEES: $660 single; $990 double; $1,320 triple (more are available) GREEN MUSIC – Traditional ancient songs and chants, a wild “Hunters’ Song” with rocks, hunters’ bow, deer antlers and seed pods! Learning more about where we live! GRADE LEVEL: All FEES: $660 single; $990 double; $1,320 triple (more are available)


This exciting assembly combines brilliantly innovative tap, precision clogging, explosive stomp and Irish step dancing into an electrifying interactive educational experience. Students will see various styles of folk dance and learn where those styles originated until they are finally combined into the uniquely contemporary American style of dance known as “percussive dance.” Curriculum connections with math, social studies, and music. GRADE LEVEL: K-8 FEES: $1,080 single; $1,320 double; $1,500 triple REQUIREMENTS: Empty stage and sound system. Portable dance floor and PA system available upon request. Curriculum-based residency/workshop programs also available.



Razzle Bam Boom is the performing team of Mark Beckwith & Obediah Thomas. Since 1999, the duo has performed engaging shows for elementary school assemblies, theatres, and community venues in California and throughout America. Beckwith & Thomas employ a unique blend of love musical performance, humor, & audience participation. These shows also fulfill many curriculum standards for music, language arts, social studies & science. Bye Bye Bully “Bye Bye Bully” is an innovative production that has been carefully crafted to convey important messages in a way that will be understood to instill in students their own insights on how to proactively deal with a bullying situation. Obediah Thomas uses song, role-playing, audience participation, and some novel surprises to hold students’ attention and make memorable points. GRADE LEVEL: K-6 FEES: $834 single; $1,074 double; $1,314 triple The Character Counts Show “The Character Counts Assembly Show” is an official “CHARACTER COUNTS! – Pillars of Character” school assembly. It’s an engaging musical performed by Obediah Thomas. Based on the principles outlined by the Josephson Institute, this interactive Los Angeles-based program inspires good behavior in elementary school students. GRADE LEVEL: K-6 FEES: $834 single; $1,074 double; $1,314 triple Kids for Kindness “Kids for Kindness” is a positive caring-and-kindness school assembly performance which assists schools with their bully-prevention campaigns. Seasoned school performer, Mark Beckwith, uses his original songs, puppetry, and role-playing to engage and demonstrate ways to be an even kinder person and school. GRADE LEVEL: K-6 FEES: $834 single; $1,074 double; $1,314 triple

Wali Dad, the grasscutter – An original, bilingual adaptation

of the East Indian tale The Story of Wali Dâd, a poor, old grasscutter willing to share what little he has, and thus begins an incredible chain of events, and a fanciful journey of generosity and humbleness. Presented with both English and Spanish speaking characters, using reflective speech so everyone can understand the entire story. The production integrates the Six Pillars of Character into the story, as well as connections to the California Common Core State Standards for English, and the California State Standards for Social Science, and the Performing Arts. This 40-minute presentation fits into any school schedule and can be performed in most school multi-purpose rooms. Brought to you by the same award-winning artists the brought you The Boy who Cried LOBO, Scrooge’s Long Night, Jack & the Beanstalk, and East of the Sun y al oeste de la luna. GRADE LEVEL: K-6 FEES: $1,074 single/$1,290 double/ $1,440 triple REQUIREMENTS: Large open floor space

TEN WEST THE FRACAS BROTHERS – Stop bullying before it starts.

Faced with everyday challenges like fights, arguments and disagreements, students and adults alike need the tools of conflict resolution. In this hilarious show, Dr. Fracas and his brothers, Frank and Beans, learn how to identify their conflict and the four easy steps to resolve it. The show utilizes music, dance, physical comedy, audience interaction and participation to teach practical approaches to conflict resolution. GRADE LEVEL: K-6 FEES: $1,200 single; $1,440 double; $1,560 triple (more can be provided) REQUIREMENTS: a clean, clear indoor stage – at least 10X20 feet.

The Fracas Brothers

All That Trash - “All That Trash” is a fun musical-comedy production, which is also packed with lots of science content about the environment and why we should protect our natural resources by reducing, reusing, and recycling. This show is performed by the renowned school-assembly/ theater duo Razzle Bam Boom. Mark Beckwith and Obediah Thomas have performed together, delighting elementary school audiences, since 1999.. GRADE LEVEL: K-6 FEES: $954 single; $1,314 double; $1,674 triple


Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival is a local professional theatre company that is dedicated to enriching our community through theatrical performances and educational programs of Shakespeare and other dramatic works. It is dedicated to providing low-cost theatrical performances to schools throughout the Santa Clarita Valley.


PAC - K 1 2 A r t s E d u c a t i o n • ( 6 6 1 ) 3 6 2 - 3 0 6 1 • PAC A r t s E d @ c a nyo n s . e d u

Aesop’s Fables

QUEST FOR CHARACTER – In a rapidly expanding and

fast-paced world, manners and character matter now more than ever. Join “Don Frijoles” and “Cowboy Harold” as they learn the value of manners, citizenship, teamwork and integrity in the adventurous and fun-filled “Quest for Character.”. GRADE LEVEL: K-6 FEES: $1,200 single; $1,440 double; $1,560 triple (more can be provided) REQUIREMENTS: a clean, clear indoor stage – at least 10X20 feet.


Dedicated to producing high-quality live theatre for children that is participatory, fun and educational, Tj3 Productions incorporates puppetry arts as its foundation and uses many different styles of the form to introduce young audiences to the worlds of theatre, art and music. Formed in 1998, the company’s artistic director, Thom Fountain, is a two-time Emmy-nominated performer who oversees every aspect of each production and corresponding assemblies and workshops.


A colorful musical interactive performance with human-size crayon characters exploring various subjects such as color, music, history or the environment. 45 min. GRADE LEVEL: Pre-K-2 FEES: $540, one assembly REQUIREMENTS: Empty stage, sound system

WILL GEER THEATRICUM BOTANICUM A VISIT WITH GREAT AFRICAN AMERICANS – Performers take the audience through some of the critical moments in African American history using the songs, speeches and poems of such figures as Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Langston Hughes, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and others. In this interactive assembly, students will sing along with civil rights activists, speak along with MLK Jr., and gain some perspective of, and experience with, black history in America. GRADE LEVEL: K-8 FEES: $810 for first performance; $480 for each additional performance REQUIREMENTS: Two music stands and two microphones

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM – Five actors from

the company will present a highly edited, but faithful version of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” This production incorporates six student volunteers who will be on stage along with the actors during the performance. The students should be comfortable being on stage in front of their peers and be able to take direction from the performers quickly and easily. The company will provide simple costumes for the students to wear over their street clothes. Actors will hold a Q&A following the performance, time permitting. GRADE LEVEL: K-12 FEES: $1,200 for first performance; $900 for each additional performance REQUIREMENTS: Access to performance space an hour before first performance

AESOP’S FABLES – In this interactive performance pre-

sented “in-the-round,” legendary philosopher and conflict resolver Aesop opens this presentation of several of his most popular fables. Audience members not only participate, they help find the morals of “The Tortoise and the Hare,” “The Winds and the Sun,” “The Country Mouse and the City Mouse,” and “The Lion and the Mouse. GRADE LEVEL: K-5 FEES: $600 for first performance; $360 for each additional performance REQUIREMENTS: A large, empty space so children can sit on the floor surrounding the actors


teractive programs introduce historical figures as actors appear in appropriate costumes and become historical characters. Available presentations include Queen Elizabeth I & William Shakespeare, Homer, Juan Jose Cabrillo, Lewis & Clark and Sacajawea. GRADE LEVEL: Varies, depending on choice; grades 3-8 FEES: $420-$840, depending on program REQUIREMENTS: Large empty space




Arts Education workshops – based on the specific requirements of the California Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) standards and often incorporating the Common Core state standards – are highly flexible, interactive offerings that can be fine-tuned for individual classrooms and/or curricula. Geared toward the needs of teachers and their students, our workshops have the advantage of being completely packaged while, at the same time, having adaptability. If you are looking to book one of our workshops, please note that this is the perfect opportunity to create a PACkage for your school or district by developing a comprehensive program that will bring professional teaching artists to each grade at your school. Workshops cost between $100 and $110 per session, which includes the PAC administrative fees. All workshops .


MUSIC WORKSHOP – A performer, singer and vocal instructor, Hopkins has performed all over the country as an artist in residence with the Missoula Children’s Theater and in Los Angeles in her own one-woman shows, original plays, standup comedy, commercials and more. She holds a B.A. from Middlebury College in Vermont and an M.A. from Trinity Rep Conservatory in Providence, RI and a California Teaching Credential. Her music workshops introduce students to breath control, pitch-matching, rhythm, melody and harmony. Students form a musical ensemble incorporating musical elements such as steady beat, tempo, dynamics, rhythm patterns, pitch and enunciation, while also reflecting on what they have learned.Various genres of music are explored, including folk, musical theatre, California history songs (mission songs, sea chanties, Gold Rush songs, and Spanish explorer tunes), and contemporary “Glee”style pop .When desired, Aimee can work with classroom teachers to develop curriculum related to grade level and classroom content. All workshops culminate in an informal performance for the school community when desired. GRADE LEVEL: All REQUIREMENTS: None THEATRE WORKSHOP – A performer, singer and vocal instructor, Hopkins has performed all over the country as an artist in residence with the Missoula Children’s Theater and in Los Angeles in her own one-woman shows, original plays, a standup comedy. Commercials, and more. She holds a B.A. from Middlebury College in Vermont and an M.A. from Trinity Rep Conservatory in Providence, RI and a California Teaching Credential. Dance workshops include Dance Sampler, an overview of various dance forms such as Ballet, Tap, Stomp, Hip hop, Jazz, Step, Square Dance, Folk Dance, Malambo and more. Theatre workshops introduce students to improvisation, pantomime, body language, vocal projection and control, and more. For younger students, she works with the Visual & Performing Arts Standards to create age-appropriate pantomimes and scenes. With older students, Hopkins builds on these skills to incorporate plot and sometimes abridged versions of musicals, Shakespeare, staged stories from literature, as well as advanced playwriting and acting experiences. Language arts, social studies, and literary or curricular themes are natural academic links in these engaging theatre workshops. All workshops culminate in an informal performance for the school community when desired. GRADE LEVEL: All REQUIREMENTS: None DANCE WORKSHOP – A performer, singer and vocal instructor, Hopkins has performed all over the country as an artist in residence with the Missoula Children’s Theater and in Los Angeles in her own one-woman shows, original plays, standup comedy, commercials and more. She holds a B.A. from Middlebury College


in Vermont and an M.A. from Trinity Rep Conservatory in Providence, RI and a California Teaching Credential. Dance workshops include Dance Sampler, an overview of various dance forms such as Ballet, Tap, Stomp, Hiphop, Jazz, Step, Square Dance, Folk Dance, Malambo, Zapateado and more. and World Dance, a sampler of dances from around the world, including Irish, Bollywood, Latin, African and more. In Aimee’s Dance workshops, students are also introduced to elements of dance such as Pathways of Movement, Axial and Locomotor and more. Students have a chance to choreograph their own material. All workshops culminate in an informal performance for the school community when desired. GRADE LEVEL: All REQUIREMENTS: None


Aimee Art Productions was founded by Aimee Young Hopkins in 1998 to fill the need for more arts education in our local communities. We are a small company of handpicked teaching artists who bring grassroots, tailor-made, high quality and multicultural arts experiences in theatre, music, dance, visual arts, and interdisciplinary courses such as yoga, puppetry, playwriting, film, cartooning, calligraphy, photography and more, to our local schools, families’ homes, preschools , and community centers. Aimee Art Productions provides these engaging, life changing and transformative residencies at affordable prices with teaching artists who are both professionals in their field and educators in their own right. We offer private lessons in all instruments, group classes in all forms of dance, full-scale theatre productions, workshops in all visual arts media, and much more. For more information please see our website at


AMAN Dance Educators present Creative World Dance Curriculum, a unique program that teaches students dances from around the world and leads them through creative activities that expand their understanding of their bodies in action as tools for communication. Students will expand their knowledge in geography, history and culture, while gaining skills in cooperation, coordination, creativity and rhythm. The curriculum includes dances from Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Since 1988, AMAN Dance Educators, who are former performers with the world-renowned AMAN International Music & Dance Ensemble, continue to build on years of dance education experience. All workshops are grade-appropriate and correspond to the Visual and Performing Arts Standards. The work also makes connections to standards in history/social science, foreign language, math, English/ language arts and physical education. Workshops & residencies can be tailored to create a custom dance experience for students and schools covering a variety of topics.

PAC - K 1 2 A r t s E d u c a t i o n • ( 6 6 1 ) 3 6 2 - 3 0 6 1 • PAC A r t s E d @ c a nyo n s . e d u

ROSINA DIDYK Rosina Didyk has been teaching folk dance and creative movement in schools and other venues since 1989. As a lead dancer, instructor and artistic director for AMAN Folk Ensemble, she taught and performed in schools, colleges, senior centers and libraries in 30 states. As a dance educator, she helps students, teachers and others learn dances from Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Cooperation and teamwork drive these fascinating and engaging workshops. LYNNANNE HANSON MILLER Miss Lynnanne has dedicated her career to the instruction, preservation, research and performance of multicultural dance and heritage. She has been teaching folk and traditional dance to students of all ages in recreational and after school programs, and in primary and middle schools in northern and southern California since 1982. As a former member of AMAN International Music & Dance Ensemble, Lynnanne toured locally and nationally as principal dancer, vocalist and choreographer. She also assisted with the development of AMAN’s nationally acclaimed education program as one of their initial Teaching Artists. DANCES OF CALIFORNIA/USA – These workshops make curriculum connections to the 4th and 5th grade social studies standards by using line, square and circle dances from early U.S. history. These sessions include dance related to Colonial America or the California Ranchos, Fort Ross, and the Gold Rush.


SCORING A STORY – These music workshops empower students to score stories. Students compose rhythm patterns, and make choices about the elements of music to create and perform their own original scores, that will pair with a story appropriate for their grade level. Students work as a large group to practice ideas, and then do independent creative work in small groups, scoring individual parts of the story. The small group work gives students a chance to engage many of the speaking and listening aspects of common core. As students are making choices about their musical elements, they will show evidence in the text of their story to support their musical choices. All aspects of the VAPA music standards are covered, as students engage the playing of music, as well as the literacy of music (reading and writing their own patterns). In addition to building student’s musical skill, these workshops also emphasize the social-personal development that music making can facilitate (focus, teamwork, listening, etc.), and strengthen parallel processes between music and other curriculum areas (tracking, decoding…). GRADE LEVEL: All REQUIREMENTS: Large, open space

MUSIC & DANCE OF GHANA – These student workshops focus on the music and dance of Ghana, West Africa. Students will play traditional instruments, and work on repertoire of the Ewe speaking people of Ghana. Along with practicing various traditional drumming patterns, students will also work on songs and dances that accompany each piece of drumming they learn. Exploring the culture of Ghana, and the role of music and dance in Ghanaian society, will give context to the student’s music making and dancing. Several aspects of student’s social personal development such as: focus, teamwork, listening, perseverance, and self-awareness will be highlighted and discussed with students throughout our residency. The workshops align to California VAPA standards, and common core is supported throughout the residency. GRADE LEVEL: All REQUIREMENTS: Large, open space


Students will experience a full range of basic steps/movement in contemporary clogging (percussive dance) pieced together in rhythmic combinations. Students will gain a basic understanding of: the musicality of percussive dance; body core strength and its importance in dance and fitness in general; and the important cultural significance of folk dances will all be explored. This residency can be adjusted to accommodate programs of four to twelve sessions and will feature at least one “performance ready” routine at completion. GRADE LEVEL: All REQUIREMENTS: Large empty space, preferably uncarpeted


Beth Sussman is a Juilliard-trained pianist who has performed for school assemblies that connect to language arts for tens of thousands of children. She is a master teaching artist with the Santa Clarita PAC K-12 Arts Education Outreach Program and has performed throughout North America and Europe. MUSICALLY SPEAKING: BRINGING TEXT TO LIFE THROUGH MUSIC – Using musical terms and symbols to read and speak with expression, along with percussion to highlight text, this fun and engaging residency will encourage strong, average and weak readers as well as ESL students with a focus on prosody. (prosody: the use of pitch, loudness, tempo, and rhythm in speech to convey information about the structure and meaning of an utterance). GRADE LEVEL: TK-6 REQUIREMENTS: Piano, white board

Andrew Grueschow


See Assemblies for biographical information. IMAGERY, CHARACTER, EMOTION AND STORY THROUGH MIME – Students use their bodies to express their imagination and to learn how to handle invisible objects (pantomime) to create a sense of “place” and “detail.” They learn characterization, employ creative movement to interpret vocabulary words, and engage in the art of silent storytelling. After developing the fundamental skills of mime, students work toward a thrilling culmination program that is a combination of the material they developed during the workshop, often using content from grade-level curriculum. GRADE LEVEL: All REQUIREMENTS: None MASTERWORKS PROJECTS Mime Artist, Sharon Diskin Juilliard trained pianist, Beth Sussman CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS: Music & Mime – Students will explore Camille Saint-Saens’ joyous musical masterwork, Carnival of the Animals, through two very different art forms: music and mime. Juilliard trained pianist, Beth Sussman will introduce the musical themes for each animal as well as the instrument of the orchestra that plays each theme. Then, mime artist, Sharon Diskin, will teach students skills in the art of mime to learn animal characterizations and movement. Finally, students will bring the music to life as they interpret and perform several animal stories to their respective musical themes. GRADE LEVEL: K-2 REQUIREMENTS: Space for movement, piano for music workshops


See Assemblies for biographical information. THEATRE WORKSHOP – Over the course of a multi-week residency, students will learn basic theatre skills and develop them so that they will be able to bring a short text to performance level. Students will begin with improvisation and work through to the development of character and appropriate action. Ideally, this residency should be 10 weeks in length, but it can be adjusted to fit the needs of individual schools. GRADE LEVEL: K-8 REQUIREMENTS: None


Joseph Peck is a musician, educator, and producer of music and educational programs featuring the steel drum instrument. As a performing artist, he gives steel drum presentations for numerous organizations throughout California, and performs live and in the studio for various Latin, reggae, rock, and world music projects. Peck is also a program facilitator for Drumming For Your Life Institute. He holds a valid State of California Music Education K-12 Credential and is a published contributor in “Teaching in the Diverse Classroom: Learner-Centered Activities that Work” by Tanya Huber-Bowen.

PETER AND THE WOLF: Music & Mime – Students will learn skills in music and mime as they are applied to the beloved classical musical story, Peter and the Wolf, by Sergei Prokofiev. With, Beth Sussman, students will discover how each character is represented by a musical theme and instrument. Students will also learn musical vocabulary to describe the characters, setting, and mood of the story. Then, mime artist, Sharon Diskin, will teach students how to “tell a story” without words by using character movement, action, and the creation of an invisible world. Finally, they will bring the music to life as they perform several scenes from Peter & The Wolf. Note: For residencies of 12 sessions or longer, students will perform an edited version of the entire work. GRADE LEVEL: 3-5 REQUIREMENTS: Space for movement, piano for music portion PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION: Music & Mime – Mime artist, Sharon Diskin, and Juilliard trained pianist, Beth Sussman, have continued their highly unique and exciting paring of mime and music to explore another great masterwork - Pictures at an Exhibition, by the Russian composer, Modest Mussorgsky. In this brand new multi-disciplinary project, students will learn about the music and paintings that inspired Mussorgsky’s brilliant composition. Then, they will learn fundamental skills in mime theatre and tableaux and, drawing on historical events, create a non-verbal narrative that they will perform to this majestic music. GRADE LEVEL: 5-6 REQUIREMENTS: Space for movement, piano for music portion

10 I

PAC - K 1 2 A r t s E d u c a t i o n • ( 6 6 1 ) 3 6 2 - 3 0 6 1 • PAC A r t s E d @ c a nyo n s . e d u

Joseph Peck

Lula Washington Dance Theatre CARIBBEAN DRUM CIRCLE – Using steel drums, tamboo-bamboo, and other various percussion instruments students will form a Caribbean drum circle band in which they learn afroCaribbean rhythms, participate in call and response activities, and create and perform their own original rhythmical music compositions. Students will listen to a different pre- recorded musical example of Caribbean music each week. In addition, each week they will learn about a distinguished historical figure who has contributed to the development of the steel drum instrument and/or Caribbean music art form. The enrichment program will conclude with students giving a concert performance demonstrating their ability to perform with proper hand and stick technique, collectively and individually with rhythmic and melodic accuracy, and to play in sync with the beat of the music. This rich musical experience will transform students, giving them a greater sense of confidence, focus, and the ability to team play with one another. GRADE LEVEL: 3-6 THE CARNIVAL ENGINE ROOM – Auxiliary percussion instruments (for example, shakers, cow bells, woodblocks, brake drums), in addition to everyday objects, are used to give students a hands-on experience of what it would be like to play in the engine room of the Trinidad Steel Bands. GRADE LEVEL: K-3


Kate Randolph Burns is an actress and teaching artist who has designed and implemented arts-integrated curricula for all grade levels K through 12. Students will be invited to become “Actors-in-Training,” and through a series of interactive exercises they will learn the basics that every actor needs: body control, focus, vocal projection and articulation. These skills are then built upon and applied to the creation of tableaux (frozen pictures) and dramatic and choral recitation. If desired, Kate is available to work with the classroom teacher to integrate the acting skills with content from other curricular areas. Students will learn how to present themselves to be seen, be heard, be understood, and to be felt. The residency culminates with an open studio in which the students present what they have learned. These workshops are adaptable, and the number of sessions can be adjusted based on particular needs and budget. GRADE LEVEL: All


Linda “La Matadora” Andrade was born in Los Angeles and began her flamenco dance studies there. She eventually moved to the south of Spain to immerse herself in the purest form of flamenco, kept alive by Gypsy families. In Spain, Linda had the opportunity to study with some of the greatest living masters of flamenco. She has been a featured soloist on concert stages and has worked in theatre and film. She was named “Favorite Flamenco Teacher” in the Los Angeles Times’ guide “My Favorite Weekend.” In this series of workshops, students are taken on an exotic journey that traces flamenco’s roots in East India, to its development and creation in the south of Spain. Math skills are used to create and perform footwork patterns and connect steps. Specialized flamenco dance vocabulary and poetry are introduced, enhancing the dance experience, while making meaningful connections to language arts. Linda also introduces the painting “El Jaleo” by John Singer Sargent, to demonstrate how artists inspire one another to create powerful works as an expression of personal experience. Students study, view, analyze and discuss the work, ultimately creating a live version of the painting. The 8 to10 week workshop series culminates in a dance performance and cultural presentation, created by the students and designed to give guests an authentic and unforgettable flamenco experience.

Linda Andrade




Internationally renowned choreographer and dancer Lula Washington continues to bring her 12-week residencies to local students. Primarily for 4th through 6th grades, students get an introduction to dance and dance vocabulary before moving on to important fundamentals like correct posture, proper breathing and basic ballet positions. They also learn the various genres of dance and the basic movements/positions and vocabularies of those diverse disciplines. From warming up and stretching to dance moves and steps, these workshops culminate in performances by the students to their parents and peers. GRADE LEVEL: 4-6 FEES: Special fee arrangements are made through the Outreach Office. REQUIREMENTS: Large space for movement and proper clothing

MARTIN ESPINO See Assemblies biographical information. MAKE AND PLAY AN INSTRUMENT – All residencies cover history, culture, language, customs, food, geography and more, from the indigenous perspective and it is appropriate to grade level. Optional: Instrument Making. After making the instruments, students learn how to play the instruments, document and create their own music. The instrument making process includes a lesson in the Universal Principles of Art which aids students in rendering Native Americans designs on their instruments! Culmination: All residencies conclude with all classes performing as a group in a “culmination”, as well as a collective “class melody” that they composed on the instruments they made.” They play and sing the various native songs and music they learned.

Megan Hook is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and teacher who performs and teaches in the Los Angeles area. She has a degree in classical music from Ithaca College and has performed professionally in both the opera and indie rock worlds. Megan offers several workshops and residencies that explore the fundamental elements of music, such as pitch, melody, beat, rhythm and storytelling, while teaching the foundation of healthy singing. MOTIVATIONAL SONGS – Students explore what is best in themselves, others, and the world through song. Songs taught in this residency include “What A Wonderful World,” “Feeling Good,” and “All You Need Is Love.” GRADE LEVEL: 3-6 STORYBOOK MUSIC – This residency incorporates songs that come for stories around the world, many of which the children will be familiar with through Disney adaptations. This workshop includes curriculum connections to plot, character, setting, and storytelling. GRADE LEVEL: K-2 THE AMERICAN SONGBOOK AND JAZZ STANDARDS – Curriculum connections are made to the American experience, immigration and the history of jazz through songs written by icons such as George Gershwin, Irving Berlin and others. GRADE LEVEL: 4-6 Note: Additional workshop themes are available and can be adjusted to fit particular grade levels and curricular choices.

ANCIENT CALIFORNIA – Includes the building of a “Clapper Stick” instrument and Musical interaction with songs and instruments. Decorating instruments with California Petroglyph images. GRADE LEVEL: All NORTH, CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA – Music from the deserts, mountains, rain forests, sub-arctic and seaside’s! A great variety of styles. A great intro to all the cultures! GRADE LEVEL: All ANCIENT MEXICO – Music from various regions of Mexico. Widely varied songs and instrumentals, very exotic and unusual instruments. GRADE LEVEL: All NORTH AMERICA – Music from ALL of North America, from the Aztecs to the Lakota to the Eskimos. GRADE LEVEL: All

12 I

PAC - K 1 2 A r t s E d u c a t i o n • ( 6 6 1 ) 3 6 2 - 3 0 6 1 • PAC A r t s E d @ c a nyo n s . e d u

Martin Espino

Molly White


FLATFOOT AND FANCY FREE – Students will be introduced to the American tradition of Old Time Flatfoot dance steps, as well as the music that accompanies it. We will sing the songs of Stephen Foster, The Carter Family, Bob Wills and other historically significant early American folk music artists. From the mysterious European ballads of the Appalachians to the fun cowboy songs of the great American West, students will learn to feel the steady beat in their feet and provide their own music for dances and games by “singing the tunes” while using their feet and bodies as percussive instruments. Simple square dances and the occasional waltz will also be visited. Ms. Stout brings her music, dance and harmony singing traditions all the way from Tennessee and surrounding areas, where she grew up immersed in Old Time and Bluegrass music. Ms. White brings her musical expertise with the fiddle and guitar accompaniment to the class, helping to create an authentic “American melting-pot” cultural experience of music and dance. GRADE LEVEL: 2-5


PEACH & SPOON ADVENTURE – Students will experience singing, playing instruments, rhymes/ finger-plays, movement, puppets, dramatic play and opportunities for creative self-expression. Basic music concepts include loud and soft, fast and slow, steady beat, singing melodies with and without words, and stopping and starting together as a group. Music supports early language development, active listening, spatial awareness, numerical literacy, group process, and creative self-expression. We use the original story songs of Peach & Spoon and their friends to help us explore our musical concepts. The course meets VAPA standards and uses cross-curriculum and arts-integrated learning. GRADE LEVEL: Preschool & TK

ARTZ SMARTZ MUSIC – This workshop provides engaging, fun filled classes that integrate cognitive, physical, social and emotional learning inside the framework of music. The children will experience artistic and creative expression through a variety of percussion instruments, movement, music styles, singing and music games to introduce basic music concepts: loud/soft, fast/slow, steady beat, rhythm patterns, tempo, and pitch. We use the story of Christopher Kazoo & Bongo Boo, along with some short videos that help us explore our musical concepts. *All lessons meet grade appropriate California Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) standards for both music and dance while integrating curriculum in math, social studies/ culture, and language arts. GRADE LEVEL: TK-K PIRATE ADVENTURE – Students will experience a variety
of percussion instruments, music styles, singing, movement, music games and opportunities for creative self-expression, leadership skills, and artistic development. This adventure includes “Irish Ike” pirate rhythms, Irish jigs, and treasures of friendship, while introducing basic music concepts such as steady beat, rhythm patterns, tempo, dynamics, pitch, active listening, and stopping and starting as a group. The course is based on content from “Secret of the Purple Stone,” a 2011 Mom’s Choice Gold Award Winner. The course meets VAPA standards and uses cross-curriculum and arts-integrated learning. GRADE LEVEL: K-3



Peter Kors brings a wealth of professional theatre, music and performing arts education experience into the classroom. He has performed with the innovative children’s theatre group “We Tell Stories” and was featured in a number of productions with the Mark Taper Forum’s P.L.A.Y (Performing for Los Angeles Youth) program. A veteran master teaching artist, he has worked throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties, is a cofounder of the internationally acclaimed Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre in Northern California, and teaches acting to high school students every summer at Inner Spark, the California State Summer School for the Arts at CalArts. INTERPRETING VISUAL TEXTS Students will closely observe the animals in the picture book, “Large as Life,” by Julia Fenzel. Then they will take turns acting out one of the animals in the book. This game is expanded with each workshop to make connections between animal shapes and simple geometric shapes, rhythmic games that accompany the animals’ movements, and songs that describe their features. After this workshop series, students will be able to demonstrate improved skills in speaking and listening, compare/contrast, steady beat, rhythm, and teamwork. GRADE LEVEL: TK and K Three to six 45-minute sessions. STORIES AND PICTURES Drawing on source material ranging from books by Dr. Seuss to fables by Aesop, students will create short theatre pieces based on images from the books and stories. Students are engaged in learning the following theatre techniques: tableau, space awareness, pantomime, giving and taking focus, and voice projection. After this workshop series, students will be able to demonstrate the ability to listen creatively and speak clearly, work as a team, memorize and follow directions, and develop interpretive and analytic skills. GRADE LEVEL: 1-4 Three to six 45-minute sessions.

14 I

THE RED CARPET What if, after signing the Constitution, the Founding Fathers held a press conference for contemporary journalists on the red carpet at Independence Mall in Philadelphia? Based on that premise, this workshop series will culminate in students performing a “Theatrical Game Show Contest.” Separated into groups, they will: observe Howard Chandler’s iconic painting “Scene at the Signing of the Constitution,” observe photos of today’s journalists and paparazzi in action, and create tableaus of the painting and the pictures. Students will then study one-page “scripts” with journalists’ questions on one side, and Founding Father quotes/answers on the other side, and compete with one another to determine which group can match the highest number of correct quotes/answers with highest number of corresponding questions. After this workshop-series students will demonstrate the ability to “think on their feet” within a theatrical performance context, as well demonstrate increased basic knowledge of issues that the signers of the Constitution addressed. GRADE LEVELS: 5 Six to ten 1-hour workshops. ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE Students will listen to a dynamic retelling of the Greek myth. They will then develop the story into a short theatre piece of their own creation. In these workshops students will learn how to compose compelling tableaus, how to write dialogue, how to move on-stage like an ensemble, and how to speak with clear voice articulation. After this workshop-series, students will be able to demonstrate the ability to move and speak with the power and clarity of a true acting ensemble, as well as verbalize a deepened insight into the enduring legacy of myth. GRADE LEVEL: 6 Six to ten 1-hour sessions.

PAC - K 1 2 A r t s E d u c a t i o n • ( 6 6 1 ) 3 6 2 - 3 0 6 1 • PAC A r t s E d @ c a nyo n s . e d u


A program created by master teaching artist Robert Gilliam, Do U Dance is a collective of urban street dancers with a deep and strong foundation in diverse movement forms. The guiding principal of Do U Dance is to make dance exciting, fun, inspirational and challenging. Students are given the tools to learn successfully as a large group, and to choreograph their own works in small groups and with a partner. There is a basic focus on the strength and power of building a creative community. Students learn how to give and receive positive feedback, support each other and build upon the contributions of each other. The skills the students develop transcend the dance class and help create a more connected and kinder learning community.



P.A.L. (Performance Arts & Literature Series) These unique workshops, classes of up to 30 students, provide a highly interactive, grade-specific learning experience using colors and shapes in a program that provides a continuous experience from kindergarten through 2nd grade. From learning about primary and secondary colors to crafting a simple shadow-puppet show to producing a radio play, this grade-linear system can supplement ongoing class instruction, uniting arts and crafts with education across the K-2 spectrum.

COLORNOMETRY – COLOR FORMATION – Students watch an interactive puppet show with “Carlton the Chameleon” and learn how secondary colors are created from primary colors through the use of light, water and color gels, and how to recognize colors in nature and everyday objects. The workshop concludes with students making their own colorful chameleon puppet. 45 min. GRADE LEVEL: Pre-K-1 REQUIREMENTS: Work tables; materials are provided in premade kits, but schools will need to provide tape and safety scissors. GEOMETRY – Students watch a small interactive puppet show discussing various shapes and participate in helping solve the “shape problem” related to the performance. Students discuss geometric shapes in nature and everyday objects. Students then draw, color, and cut out their own shapes to construct a puppet from the shapes. GRADE LEVEL: Pre-K-1 REQUIREMENTS: Work tables; materials are provided in premade kits, but schools will need to provide tape and safety scissors. LIVING AQUARIUM – Students construct puppets using cutout patterns, crayons, crepe paper and their imaginations. They will then bring their creations to life in simple scenarios created by the students themselves. 45 min. GRADE LEVEL: Pre-K-1 REQUIREMENTS: Work tables; materials are provided in premade kits, but schools will need to provide tape and safety scissors.


W O R K S H O P S • K - 1 2 A RT S E D U C AT I O N O U T R E A C H O P P O RT U N I T I E S

SHADOW PUPPET MAKING AND PERFORMANCE – Students read a story then use construction paper and crayons to make colorful chameleons, caterpillars, butterflies or shadow puppet characters related to curriculum, then perform with them for the class. 45 min. GRADE LEVEL: Pre-K-1 REQUIREMENTS: Work tables; materials are provided in premade kits, but schools will need to provide tape and safety scissors. ADVANCED PUPPET MAKING AND PERFORMANCE STORYTELLING THROUGH SHADOWS – One group of up to 30 students is divided into small production groups. Each group studies a picture and write the story, create the puppet characters, props, and setting, and then performs its story for other class members. 45 min. Takes 3 to 4 sessions. GRADE LEVEL: 2 REQUIREMENTS: Work tables; materials are provided in premade kits, but schools will need to provide tape and safety scissors. Note: Shadow stage with light source is provided.

SOCK-PUPPET WORKSHOP – Students construct sock puppet characters, compose their own story and perform with them for the class.45 min. Requires 4 to 5 sessions. GRADE LEVEL: 2-3 REQUIREMENTS: Work tables; materials are provided in pre-made kits. Students may bring their own sock and decoration materials THE WAVES OF COLOR & LIGHT – Student will listen to various sounds of voice and musical instruments or synthesizers and see colors through prism and color light gels into a computer to visualize wave-lengths of light, color and sound digitized on a computer to compare and understand wave-lengths, amplitude and frequency. 45 min. May require 2 sessions. GRADE LEVEL: 4-5 REQUIREMENTS: Computer connection to a classroom digital projector. Students may bring their own musical instrument or one will be made in class for demonstration.

Peter Kors

16 I

PAC - K 1 2 A r t s E d u c a t i o n • ( 6 6 1 ) 3 6 2 - 3 0 6 1 • PAC A r t s E d @ c a nyo n s . e d u



The facility boasts a spectacular proscenium theater with a state-of the-art sound system and 886 seats, as well as the experimental Black Box Theater. Funded by the State of California and the City of Santa Clarita, the center features instructional, community and professional entertainment and informational programs. Designed with a green room, scene shops, costume and property storage, orchestra pit, make-up/dressing room areas, lockers, showers, ticket booth and snack bar, the Performing Arts Center is a one-of-a-kind performance destination for community members in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Box Office & Patron Services Information:

The box office is located at the venue (north end of lobby) and is accessed from the outside via ticket windows. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The box office opens two hours prior to show time, except for Black Box events, which are one hour prior to show time. Contact the box office via phone at (661) 362-5304, fax at (661) 362-5310 or email at Note: Please do not submit ticket orders via email.

Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates may be purchased through the box office in a variety of denominations and are redeemable for COC Presents and Arts on Campus (college productions) performances, depending on seating available at time of redemption.


The Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center has been constructed to accommodate attendance for people with accessibility requirements. Accessible seating is available on the main floor in the Orchestra seating section of Rows E or P and is accessible by an elevator. Please contact the box office for additional information and to purchase accessible seating.


The Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center is located on the College of the Canyons Valencia campus at: 26455 Rockwell Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91355


From the south, take Interstate 5 north to Valencia Boulevard. Turn right onto Valencia Boulevard. At the third light (counting the off-ramp light) turn right onto Rockwell Canyon Road. Enter the college at the electronic marquee situated opposite the Performing Arts Center (the fourth parking lot entrance on the right). From the north, take Interstate 5 south to Valencia Boulevard (just past Magic Mountain). Turn left onto Valencia Boulevard. At the fourth light (counting the off-ramp light) turn right onto Rockwell Canyon Road. Enter the college at the electronic marquee situated opposite the Performing Arts Center (the fourth parking lot entrance on the right).


College of the Canyons has ample parking for all events held on its campus. Visit or contact the box office for additional information.

Suitable for Youth:

Performances throughout the season represent a wide range of artistic expression and audience appeal. While many performances may be appropriate for younger children, it is always best to read the event description and content notes of every performance so you can make the best decision for your family. Children ages 2 and older will require a ticket for entrance. Please do not bring babies.


Our continuing series of outstanding family-focused performances are priced for the family to enjoy! Although these performances are not available during the school week, teachers can put together a group of students to experience these performances. Study guides are available for many of the productions. Keep an eye out for the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center at College of the Canyons 2018-19 season brochure, or visit to see what’s on the schedule.


S A N TA C L A R I TA C O M M U N I T Y C O L L E G E D I S T R I C T B O A R D O F T R U S T E E S Dr. Edel Alonso • Mr. Michael D. Berger • Ms. Michele R. Jenkins • Ms. Joan W. MacGregor • Mr. Steven D. Zimmer CHANCELLOR Dr. Dianne G.Van Hook

2018-19 K-12 Arts Education Outreach Brochure  
2018-19 K-12 Arts Education Outreach Brochure