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25/10/2011 15:59

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Iran aeronave October 05, 2010 @ 04:51 PM via web On June 21, 2008, the United States by and through the following agencies: Federal Bureau of Investigations, United States Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, National Security Agency, United States Custom Office, United States Immigration Department of Defense Criminal Investigation Service, Department of Treasury - Office of Foreign Assets Control, Plantation Police Department, Broward County Sheriff Department, Plantation Fire and Rescue Service, Department of Commerce, United States Department of State – Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, Department of Justice, United States Marshall, did raid Traian Bujduveanu’s residence. This raid requiring over 30 agents to overwhelm any resistance which may have been offered by Traian Bujduveanu or his eighty-four year old blind mother, permitted the government to seize extremely valuable assets which according to the lead prosecutors for the United States were claimed in Court to be worth more than “$ 100,000 from the boxes alone”, not including the cash or computers. Contrary to the representations made by the assistant United States attorney in her place as an attorney before the bar in the open court, during the preconvention motion, the assets seized were less than $ 10,000.00 rather than considerable “ over $ 100,000.00” aircraft parts and consisted of antiqued aircraft parts, this even after an extensive search involving dozens of agents digging holes in the Traian Bujduveanu’s garden. The patently ridiculous television type drama did not harvest anything more than would have been recovered if the United States had chosen to detain Traian Bujduveanu while at or on the way to Publix the previous day, or had the United States calmly knocked on the door with a search warrant instead of terrorizing an eighty-four year old blind woman and sending her to the hospital by striking her. According to the witnesses that have been questioned or interrogated, Traian Bujduveanu was under surveillance since 2007, which represents considerable time before the raid, and could have been detained without the need to break in and breakdown doors, causing unneeded damages to the property and by standers. Apparently, the bureaucratic imperative of needing to justify the expenses of this misadventure create

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Iran / Suggestions / Discussion Area - govpulse Support

25/10/2011 15:59

sufficient rationale for the United States Attorney’s Office to behave in a manner more consistent with Romania’s former communism regime than the spirit of the “taking clause” in the United States Constitution. It is regrettable Bujduveanu’s prior counsels, openly admitted, they were afraid to challenge the United States otherwise this matter could have been more promptly addressed. A current colleague of Bujduveanu has said it is a shame to hear this type of fear comment from any citizen, let alone attorneys, because when the government’s citizens have become afraid of the government, especially where it involves the citizens willingness to speak the truth, “the government no longer has legitimate authority to govern”. The government conducted a massive investigation to get a handful of used parts, which if presented to a jury would have resulted not only in acquittal, but made the government a laughing stock. Bujduveanu regrets buckling into the coercion of the government and his innate fear of government instead of properly presenting the case to court and public and having his day in court.

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Iran / Suggestions / Discussion Area - govpulse Support

25/10/2011 15:59

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