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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation?

Using technologies was a vital part of our work. We used different media tools such as the website builder “” to make our website. It enabled our page to be published on the internet so others can see. With the software, we were able to design the website in a way that we found acceptable as it allowed us to move pictures and text to any positions. We could change the colour scheme that would fit our taste the most. We could place different hyperlinks that could link to different pages as well as adding links were they can pay for merchandise which may not have been available on other software. All this allowed our website to look more professional and provide more services to our target audience.

I used photoshop to make our digipak. Using this software I was able to edit our digipak to make it more eye-catching and appealing. We used DSLR cameras to produce high quality images for us to place on our digipaks in order for our digipak to look more professional. We changed colours and effects to make it more interesting i.e changing colour scheme on our photos to black and white and changing gradient which would give off different auras depending on how we edited. While using photoshop, I tried to implement objects that will help distinguish our brand such as addding the orange and white colour scheme and our “Faux Fire” logo as it was nessacary to help us create our brand.

To make our video, we used Final Cut Pro. This allowed to edit our video in the precise way we wanted. Editing the video would make our video look more professional as well as more conventional. By using the editing, like photoshop, we could add in different effects that will make our video more interesting and appealing which we . By allowing us to cut out and choose which parts of filming to add in, we could make a high quality product that our target audience will enjoy as it make “easy viewing”

Evaluation Q. 4