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Design & Bio-performance

Cocoon SARL is a start-up, was born in 2009, based in the South of France more precisely in Provence close to famous massifs of Sainte-Baumes and Sainte-Victoire. The creation of this Start-up comes from an idea imagined and developed by a small team, three people all in all, experts and lovers of Noble-Stone worked and sculptured. Philippe BILLE one of these three founders imagined a heating sculpture in soapstone working with some bio ethanol without smell and smoke in total respect with the environment. The creation of Cocoon SARL is the result of : A hard work which associates the values of the artist and those of the excellent small business sector(crafts), The care brought to the cutting of the stone respecting the natural characteristics of every primary block of stone, The strong implication of the artist Philippe BILLE and his team always desirous to improve their work in order to satisfy the requests of their customers, The attachment of the places where was born the idea of Cocoon All these reasons allow to make of every delivered copy a remarkable object as would be it a real sculpture and every buyer the owner of an efficient and unique means of heating.

A heating sculpture working with some bio ethanol The soapstone called in France “La steatite�, the artist Philippe BILLE had to study it for a long time. To produce Cocoon, it was necessary to ally the characteristics of this material to the ideal shaping to obtain the most radiant possible shape. This shape was imagined little by little as egg-shaped or spherical then revised day after day to improve a small detail, to try a little bit different alchemy, the shape always begun again, never perfect and suddenly Cocoon takes shape.

The soapstone or “La steatite� Stone stemming from the slow transformation of lavas sprung in the primary area, it is a combination with around 7% of chlorites which colour it variously, 45% of talc which give it one very soft touched, 48% of consisted magnesite which confers it its thermal qualities. The difference with the classic refractory materials, the soapstone holds twice more the heat and restores it near ten times more. Today, the soapstone is considered as the best material of current radiant heating.

The bio ethanol It is a new generation fuel stemming from the biomass. Vegetables containing some sugar or some starch are transformed to give some bio ethanol. Respecting strict specifications and with the secure distiller with which is equipped Cocoon, the bio ethanol is a safe fuel, easy usage and respect the resources of ours planet.

Cocoon perhaps declined

in many effects and colour

A unique only object, a technique in movement The particular origin of every block of soapstone give naturally to each produced sculpture an appropriate personality. This identity of the beginning is strengthened by the style of finish which is applied to it, ending in a colour, a shine or a particular matt effect according to the tastes of each because the Cocoon SARL company wants to be flexible and opened in all suggestions. Its small structure permit Cocoon SARL company to be attentive to its customers wishes and their observations and try its best to satisfy all desires as much as Art can do. So the sculpture can be modified as one pleases according to the request of the customers ‌ New concept and innovative challenge open on the "customized".

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Cocoon, heating and organic-performance  

Cocoon is a heating steatite sculpture which runs on bio ethanol. It can be used inside or outside.