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“Everything Grove Every Month!”

You Should


G R O V E T O B E R E V E N T S Publication and make it your own.

receive a fairy reading and/or have your aura photographed. Ever wondered what your aura looks like? Bring your friends, children, pets, or even some special objects. Atena’s fairy readings offer positive, useful, real-life insight into the real events that are affecting you now. She will be here all day to accommodate your schedule. Costs for fairy readings are $25 for 15 minutes, $38 for 25 minutes, and $55 for 45 minutes. Aura photos cost $27 each. Best to schedule an appointment; however, walk-ins are welcome. Call (305) 461-2341 for more information. For more info

2 . T U E S D A Y 8pm Halloween Spells and

4 , 11 , 1 8 , a n d 2 5 ,

Happy Halloween!

Events on page 2. Includes a discussion of the planetary symbols, magickal signs, and runes as well as the astrological signs of the zodiac. Say many things with only a glyph. Oct 25: Divination - Every Witch worth his or her weight in salt should know how to perform divination of some type. Included in this discussion are how to do divination by pendulum, coins, dowsing rods, and crystals. By the end of this class, you will be able to do divination for yourself to answer simple questions. $25 per person, per class. For more info

1 3 . S A T U R D A Y 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

GrovetoberFest!!!! at Peacock Park. Come enjoy over 130 different beers, as well as food and music. For more information, please visit Grovetoberfest’s official website here:

16 t h . TUESDAY:8pm

Underworld Magick with Firewolf.

The ancient people of the Mediterranean, like many other cultures, honored and revered the souls of their ancestors. Travel into the GrecoRoman Underworld with Firewolf for the following: learn the basic understanding of the “Story of Persephone’s Descent”; how to use the story as a catalyst for personal understanding, growth and retrospect; Greco-Roman traditional tips for honoring the Dead in one’s home; working with the Dead in magick and ritual; and a special meditation. $45 All Supplies Included. For more info go to

18 .

T H U R S D A Y 8 p m : Autumn Spells with Firewolf. Witches Mirror Workshop

with Firewolf. Black Mirror Scrying is the practice of gazing deeply into the darkened surface of

of free advertising! call: 786-529-6074.


T uesdays

Free Yoga Foundation: Yoga @ Kennedy Park 6:30pm @ Kennedy Park 2400 S. Bayshore Drive Coconut Grove, FL 33133

T uesdays

Tween Book Club 6:30pm @ Coconut Grove Library 2875 McFarlane Road Coconut Grove, FL 33133 305-442-8695

W ednesdays: Bedtime Storytime for

Preschoolers @ Coconut Grove Library 2875 McFarlane Road Coconut Grove, FL 33133 305442-8695

W E E K LY E V E N T S a r e Continued on page ednesW DAYS *Lobster Night @ Monty’s Raw Bar Coconut



“Everything Grove Every Month”

T H U R S D A Y S 8 P M : Lectures in The Astral Realm with Sandra Richardson. Explore the astral realm with this fascinating course in the occult and spirituality. Topics for this month are: Oct 4.: How to Read the Aura – Have you ever seen the aura of a human being or pet? Gain a better awareness of what the aura is and how it works. Each participant will be taught techniques towards seeing the aura of every living thing by practicing on each other. By the conclusion of the class, you should be able to see auras! Oct 11: Dream Symbolism and Past Lives – Would you like to understand your dreams better? Explore the world of dreams and past lives. Some dreams are prophetic, some are about other lifetimes and some dreams are messages from your subconscious. No one to this day knows what it means to dream. When it comes to past lives, there are too many people with too many memories of other lifetimes that can be proved in this present lifetime. Valid memories that have yet to be explained other than with the probability of reincarnation. Oct 18:Occult Symbolism –This class focuses on occult symbols and their meaning.

Runs itself. Perfect business for student, retiree or business needing lots


Magic with Firewolf. Learn some Halloween magick! This delightful workshop will cover the basic History of Halloween or “Samhain”, Spells and Magick used by modern practitioners, Gods and Goddess’s of Halloween, and a Guided Meditation led by Firewolf, “Witches Harvest Moon Meditation.” All Supplies Included! $35 Call (305) 461-2341 for more information. For more info visit::www.


The Coconut Grove Gazette Needs a New Owner. You Get the Website, Paper, and Mailing List of 8thousand+ Grovites and People interested in Coconut Grove Events FOR A SONG.

Fairy Readings with Atena Komar. Come and


2 . T U E S D A Y Aura Photography and


Coconut Grove Gazette

a Black Mirror, with the intent of receiving psychic information to questions as well as guidance to present or future dilemmas. In this Workshop, class study will cover the following: History of the Magick Mirror, Black Mirror Gazing Techniques and the powerful meditation titled “Mirror, Mirror Meditation”. Participants in this class will receive a Small Hand-Made Black Mirror created by Firewolf! $35 includes Black Mirror.

1 3 . S A T U R D A Y 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.



Peacock Park. Come enjoy over 130 different beers, as well as food and music. For more

Everything Grove Every Month”

information, please visit Grovetoberfest’s official website here: www.




The 26th Annual Viscaya Halloween Sundowner.

p.m. to midnight.

Comprehensive music education centered on the study of the piano

Celebrate this annual Halloween Sundowner at Vizcaya, a fundraiser to benefit Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Buy tickets early, as they sell out fast. For more info visit:

Benefits: Integrate the study of music & mathematics Apply musical learning techniques & make ac discipines connections across


WEDNESDAY Happy HALLOWEEN!! Spook-tacular at Cocowalk 2pm -6pm :Kids Fun! Trick-orTreat candy, Costume Contests, Up-close Magician, Tattoo and Balloon Artists, Spooky Dance Music! 6-11pm: DJ spinning the most popular house, techno, as well as Latin music. For more info visit:


For a complete and up-tothe-minute Events Calendar go to: Public Notice:

Mihai Preda does business as Miami Piano Studio. 3840 Main Hwy Miami Fl 33133.

Zodiac Connections OCTOBER 2012 Horoscopes by Sandra Cheryl Richardson


ibra: September 23-October 22 Changes in perceptions bring you to a crossroads. What do you want to believe? Passion and energy are strong. You are in more control of things than you may realize. Let go of the fear.


corpio: October 23-November 22 You are in your element this month. This means finding the causes behind people’s motives and other secrets. Money improves. Changes are present. Some people enter and some people go.






quarius: Happiness is found in leading a double life or having more than one interest. Not the best time for decisions. Stay focused on the positive. Relationships are loyal and reliable. Seek variety.

isces: Lots of mood swings bring unpredictable energies. Remember our mind ultimately controls how we feel. Financial ideas are cost-effective. Do not become intimidated by another. Live your life!

eo: Step into your leadership role with ease. New pioneering endeavors are well thought through and planned. You are ready for action. Issues with your father or male authority figures are indicated.



ries: March 21-April 21 Strong intuition and prophetic dreams this month. Confusion requires faith in the unknown. Use common sense. Love is easy and sensual. Money fluctuates. Secrets are revealed. Are they yours?


agittarius: Physical efforts put forth do bring the reward. You are grounded, stable and protected. Do more with your relationships. Sometimes you really don’t get it. Spiritually cleanse your home.

aurus: April 22-May 21 You are feeling more domestic this month. Emphasis is on making your home a place of comfort and beauty. Romance takes on deeper meanings as friendship develops. Money flows well.



apricorn: Things are really coming together for you. Areas of magick and mysticism are fascinating. Opposites attract in relationships and it works. Money is fine. Legal areas are successful.

ancer: Messages come in dreams. You easily figure things out. Good time for organizing your personal life as well as networking with others. Break out of your rut. Yes, you are telepathic.

emini: May 21-June 21 Multi-tasking is easy. You are resourceful and clever. Love yourself and you can love others. Choose your words carefully. In moments of confusion, deep down you know what you should do.

Dr. Mihai Preda, Director Call 305-720-0670 To Feature your upcoming event in this calendar, Call 786-3990607! Did you know that when you promote your event through the Coconut Grove Gazette that your event listing is also placed online? That’s right, you can POST YOUR EVENT ONLINE FOR FREE at!

W E E K LY E V E N T S Continued from Pg 1: Grove. Get a whole Maine lobster, shrimp, clams, potatoes, corn, and clam chowder for $25. @ Monty’s Raw Bar Coconut Grove 2550 S. Bayshore Drive in the Grove. Alternative Healing.


Beginning Tarot with Sandra Richardson. Tel:


7:15-8:15pm Retreats/Workirgo: August 23-September 22 There are new feelings about shops. Weekly weight loss yourself and your identity. Relationships reinforcement using meditation thrive with unconditional love. Finances and visualization technique at are stronger. Fertility comes in many Gables Optimal Health, 195 Giralda forms. Spirit guides are with you.

Voted New Times 2012 “Best Miami Psyckic” Sandra Richardson is an internationally recognized psychic, author, and lecturer. She is available for psychic consultations from Wednesday through Saturday at Celestial Treasures in Coconut Grove. Tel: (305) 265-2228; Email: mysticalaamulet@earthlink. net; Web:

Ave, Coral Gables, Florida $21.00 Phone:: (305) 305-2288


azz Pizzazz Thursdays at COCOWALK. 6pm-10pm The best in live and local Jazz. Performing: Oct. 4 :the versatile Campo Deluxe Jazz Trio. The Legendary Ricky Williams Trio on Oct. 11 and Oct. 25. and Jazz maestro Mel Dancy, Oct 18th. 3015 Grand Ave. 305-4440777. 11:00 S aturdays: am

Coconut Grove Organic Farmers Market 10:00am6:00pm * Rain or shine. . South Florida’s oldest organic farmers mar- ket. Enjoy a unique raw foods deli, featuring Sprouted Spreads, Gourmet Salads, Nori Rolls, fresh squeezed juices, and raw fruitpies. Corner of Grand Avenue & 33rd Ave. (305) 238-7747. TO Advertise here Call 1-(786)-529-6074 OR GO TO: WWW.COCONUTGROVEGAZETTE.COM

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