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ABOUT US Pharmabox is a company founded in South Florida that has developed an innovative automated retail system for commercializing Over The Counter (OTC) and personal care pharmaceutical products, in compliance with the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) regulations. We offer a state of the art service’s platform that provides the customer with immediate top-quality products, based on healthcare necessities. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our mission is to provide the safest and most effective way to obtain top-brand OTC products in highly frequented areas that are still underserved.

Our benefits summarized in one word


Convenience at your fingertips

WHERE WE WANT TO BE Nowadays we are the FIRST AUTOMATED SYSTEM for pharmaceutical products located in highly-frequented areas. Our business plan contemplates placing more than five hundred automated systems nation-wide for the next years, consolidating this way a strong growing process. The path to success is an ongoing process that we are determined to continue...

Finding the solution to a NEED According to The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA), 81% of adults make over 2.9 Billion trips every year to retail stores only to purchase over the counter (non-prescribed) medicine as a first response to minor ailments. Nearly 7 out of 10 parents have given their children any OTC medicine late night to treat a sudden medical symptom. In the US alone, the total retail sales for OTC medication reached more than $8.5 Billion in 2015. For pediatric OTC medication, the total sales exceeded $1.7 Billion in 2015. Pharmabox can cut the time it takes to get medication by providing with these innovative, automated kiosks. Moreover, we help put this medication in convenient locations, for the consumer in need. Making us an important provider of healthcare’s delivery system.

Total Sales ($ millions)

Total Us Retail Sales And Pediatric OTC at current Prices, 2010-20 Best case (million) $2,897 Mintel forecast (million) $2,897 Worst case (million) $2,080

Confidence intervals

95% 70% 50%

Sources: 1) Mintel: Cough, cold, flu and allergy remedies. 2016 | 2) Mintel: OTC Pediatrics 2016 | 3) IRI, 2015. Extracted from Consumer Healthcare Product Association retrieved from // | Graph based on Information Resources, Inc. InfoScan Reviews; US Census Bureau, Economic Census/Mintel


Our automated kiosks offer an easy access system with a touch screen where you can: • View our categories and wide range of products. • Make individual or multiple purchases. • Accumulate points and coupon codes (may vary with location). Pharmabox can be found in malls, universities, airports, and areas with lack of public transportation or with hard access to big box stores. We want to help unattended areas where traditional access is not available.

Unique technology • Each Pharmabox is made with safety glass, and special lighting making it vandal- proof. • Its advanced design can showcase any product regardless of the shape or size: boxes, bottles, envelopes. You name it! • We can program coupons and special discounts. • It provides receipts, making it easier for exchanges or customer support. • Our software is customer friendly. • It generates daily and monthly reports that are easy to read, efficient, and accurate. • We have interactive screens making advertisement so much easier and pleasant for the client and customer.

First aid kit design with special features

Pharmabox was designed to resemble a first aid kit for giving the people the feeling of being able to solve an unexpected situation almost immediately.

WHO TRUST US We’ve developed a strong business relationship with partners who have added high value to our commercial network. This partnership combined with our technology and business model makes us unique in the vending-machine market for pharmaceutical products.

What differentiates us from our competitors? THE BLISS OF A HASSLE-FREE VENDING MACHINE 1. Pharmabox is solely responsible for the services and replenishment of our automated system. • No sub-contractors are needed. • We offer services 24/7, since our system provides the unique feature of remote troubleshooting. • Its advanced software runs on real-time and provides inventory reports, which will notify us automatically when a product is low on stock. Allowing an easy same day or next morning restock. 2. The machines sensor will not charge the user unless the product has been removed from the bin, making charges and refunds easier. 3. Our technology offers the highest ROI for vending machines on the industry. 4. Our commercial network has allowed us an exponential growth.


Whether in a hotel, airport, hospital, mall or any other location you need Pharmabox. This convenient system increases customer satisfaction by helping to get what they need when they need it. Pharmabox efficiently provides the consumer with more than 135 products that cover a wide variety of health and personal care necessities. This is going ta change the way healthcare works nationwide by reducing trips to urgent cares and emergency rooms facilities and making the way to buy OTC products more affordable, convenient, and fast with the best market prices.


Convenience at your f i n ger tips

For the consumer: We target all types of customers, to solve all your over the counter needs. For the airport: For travelers that want to avoid long-lines, giving them a better solution. For the mall: Serves a necessity in the mosttechnological and affordable way possible. For universities: Students will appreciate the over the counter convenience and safety.

Pharmabox ... Automated system for your pharmaceutical products.

Brochure Corporativo Pharamabox 2018

Brochure Corporativo Pharamabox 2018