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1979. When Peter Somers fell in love with a girl named moonshadow on the Berkeley pier, little did he know that she was a member of a group of wannabe revolutionaries.  After an undercover cop is killed and another friend is falsely charged with the murder, the cell disappears. 2007.  Somers ends up back in Berkeley after receiving a letter describing the arrest of his friend on murder charges.  He joins forces with a lawyer and others in an attempt to clear his friend's name.  The authorities have something else in mind. 

There's a place where love and mistrust are never at peace;

Announcing Two New Books

where duplicity and deceit are the universal currency. The Co-Conspirator's Tale takes place within this nebulous firmament. Crimes committed by the police in the name of justice. Excess in the name of revolution. The combination leaves death in its wake and the survivors struggling to find justice in a San Francisco Bay Area noir by the author of the underground classic The Way the Wind Blew:A History of the Weather Underground and the novel Short Order Frame Up. Published by Fomite, Burlington, VT. ISBN-13: 978-0983206309

Tripping Through the American Night A collection of essays about life in these United States from a libertarian left perspective. Many of the essays appeared in the journal Counterpunch and cover everything from the resignation of Richard Nixon to the knighthood of Mick Jagger;the war in Vietnam to the debacle in Baghdad; and from the streets of Washington DC to Berkeley, California.

ISBN-13:978-0615481876 Published by Hanian Media, NC

Ron Jacobs is one of my favorite writers. -Dave Zirin, author of People's History of Sports In the United States Available through Amazon, other online stores and your local bookseller

Two New Books  

Announcement of 2011 publications by Ron Jacobs, author of The Way the Wind Blew ,writer for Counterpunch and Dissident Voice

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