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COCO Magazine [ ISSUE 2] Jan 2012

COCO Taking it to the

DARK SIDE! Edgy Fashion Behind the Lens

Interviews with todays aspiring photographers

COCO Issue 2 The Dark Issue

Editors Kris.K & Dee M

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by: Daniela Majic



CONTENTS Fashion Editorials

004 Burried In The Hollow by: Emily Soto 014 The Witching Hour by: Daniela Majic 036 The Raven Day by: Daniela Majic 046 Monochromatic.. . by: Rodney Ray & LUZ 054 Through The Looking.. . by: Naomy Qui単ones 068 Broken Doll by: Claire Huish

Coco Interview

026 Q&A with EVITA WEED

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Burried In The Hollow

Photography by: Emily Soto, Models: Josh Puente @Willow Model Management &Alex Womack, Hair by: Jen Kolhagen, Make-up by: Amy Richardson, Styling by: Jennafer Grace, Designers: Jeffrey Parish, Jennafer Grace, David Higgs, Jen Kolhagen

Title Page & Opposite Page: Jewelry by: David Higgs, Jeans model’s own, White Fur Coat from Jennafer Grace vintage archives, Head Piece by Jen Kolhagen. This Page: Same as previous + Brown Fur Coat from Jennafer Grace vintage archives

Opposite Page: On Him- Jewelry by David Higgs, Jeans model’s own. On Her- White Fur Coat from Jennafer Grace vintage, Head Piece by Jen Kolhagen, Jewelry by David Higgs, Jeans Model’s Own. This Page: : Fur Coat Vintage; Jewelry by David Higgs

This Page: Cream Men’s Tunic by Jennafer Grace, Black and Gold Robe from Jennafer Grace vintage archives, Jewelry by David Higgs. Opposite Page Top: Black Stevie Dress by Jeffrey Parish available at Junc Boutique Opposite Page Bottom: Fur Coat Vintage; Jewelry by David Higgs

This Page: On Him- Cream Men’s Tunic by Jennafer Grace, Black and Gold Robe from Jennafer Grace vintage archives, jewelry by: David Higgs. On Her- Black Stevie Dress by Jeffrey Parish available at Junc Boutique

The Witching Hour

Daniela Majic, Model Justyna Zablocka, Make-up & Hair by Lee- Anne Wilson

Photography & Styling by


Opposite Page: Skirt by: Udita Designs, Top- Urban Outfitters, This Page: Vintage top, photographers own jewelry.

Opposite Page: 18th century top by: UDITA designs, Leather dress - Urban Outifters, Crown- Photographers/ stylist own. This Page: Top, Dress & Crown same as opposite page, Vintage knee High socks, shoes- Models own.

This Page: Leather Dress- Urban Outfitters, Vintage floral top.

This Page & Opposite Page: Black Cut out dress by CHLOE COMME PARRIS .


Evita Weed

Mysterious, Awe Inspiring, Dreamy! We had the pleasure of interveiwing talented photographer Evita Weed.

CC: Tell us A little bit about yourself? EW: Hi, my name is Eva Maria Gonzalez, though all know me more as EvitaWeed. I was born in the town of Jaen, and for many years I have lived in Granada. I moved here to study photography and since then there is not a day that I don’t make pictures.

CC: How did you start taking pictures? EW: In 2002 I moved to Granada where I began my studies of photography and where I found my own personal style. I started to learn photography was something deeper, a medium through which to put my feelings and sensations perceived as light, and turn them into tangible realities on paper.That’s all.

CC: What inspires you to take the pictures you do? EW: I am inspired by my day to day, my boyfriend, the landscapes around me, everything around me is a huge desert of asphalt which tried to flee through my photographs, to preserve my innocence in a society that lacks that quality. My photographs are always in line with the seasons and my mood, try to capture a sort of personal diary in which I show my life, the places I like to go, my secret corners, trying to find those little details of life and ensure transform a dream into images that perpetuate in our memory.

CC: Do you prefer to take pictures with film or digital? EW: Its the same to me,the truth, I use both formats, I like the speed that you get with digital or Polaroid, but I also like waiting for the developing of the photos, the uncertainty of not knowing what you have left in the photo, if you have errors when measuring the light, you always end up surprised and that part is great. I have many cameras and use them all.

CC: What is your favorite picture that you have ever taken? EW: My favorite photo is the first picture that I published in a magazine, and is a self portrait I did a day in my bedroom, I remember it was a very sad day and turned out to be a very special day.


What are your goals with photography? Where would you like to see yourself and your photography go? EW: I do not know, the truth is I do not really like thinking about the future, I would love to have a gallery to exhibit my work and that of other artists, and also I am working for magazine’s and as a freelancer, the truth is that I prefer go without expectations and be happy for what comes, but I have certainly not going to stop taking pictures ever.

You can find more of Evita Weed’s work here:



Photography & Styling by: Daniela Majic, Model: Brianna @

Spot 6, Make-up by: Jenn Aqui

Cover Page, This Page & Opposite Page: Dress by Udita Designs, Feathered reversable Wings by: Metamorph, Vintage Lace top.

Opposite Page & This Page: Feathered Reversable Wings by: Metamorph.

This Page & Opposite Page : Blazer by: Gryphon New York, Black Cut out dress by: Chloe Comme Parris.

Opposite Page : Blazer by: Gryphon New York, Black Cut out dress by: Chloe Comme Parris, Vintage knee High Socks , Shoes- Models own, This Page: Blazer by: Gryphon New York, Black Cut out dress by: Chloe Comme Parris



Photography by: Rodney Ray [] Styling by: LuZ, Model: Laura Wineteer, Make-up & Hair by: Mina Kang

Title Page: Lace Dress: Muheeka Belts: Jeanne Bauer. This Page: Black Bodysuit: Sugarpuss, Chiffon Top: Bebe, Belt: Jeanne Bauer Opposite Page: Sequin Shorts: Tracy Hang

This Page: Feather Dress: Bryan Hearns, Leather Necklace: Kuumba, Feather & Chain Earring: Etoile, Heels: Bryan Hearns Opposite Page: Top: American Eagle, Denim Shorts: Guess by Marciano

Opposite Page: Top: Muheeka Pants: Bryan Opposite Page: Hearns Top: Muheeka Pants: Bryan Hearns

Photography by Naomy

Quiñones, Creative Concept by Nao Nao Group (, Make-up & Styling: Aisha Naomi, Hair: Rafael Quiñones, Set Design: Ken Chinea, Photography Assistant: Cyrus Kourush, Fashion Direction: Caridad Fernández, Clothing: Jaer Cabán, Model: Larissa @ UNICA.


The Dark Beauty

Make-up artist Jenn Aqui takes us into the realm of the dark and luxu rious.

TIP 1: The Smokey


1. The Smokey Eye - How to Create the look To make your eye shadow long lasting, it helps to use a base. For dark and dramatic looks like this, using a dark base such as MAC Blackground Paint Pot will really intensify your eye shadow as well as increase the wear time. You can use your finger or a brush to apply your base all over your lid, blended out into your crease.

Next, pick the eye shadow colour you’d like to use. The typical smokey eye is black or dark grey, but you can use any colour you’d like - navy, purple or green are among my favorites. Once you’ve picked your eye shadow, apply it all over your lid and little bit into the crease with a dense shader brush.

Take a fluffy blending brush and blend the shadow into the crease so there are no harsh lines. - MAC Eyeshadow

With an eye shadow about two shades darker then your skin tone, use a crease Make-up forever: Aqua eyes 0L brush to blend the shadow into the crease and slightly above. This will help diffuse the colour and make everything blend together nicely.

Apply highlight colour of your choice to your brow bone.

Time for eye liner. I highly recommend Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in #0L, it’s an amazing black pencil eye liner that stays put! Line your upper lash line and smudge it out. Line your lower lash line & smudge it out with whatever colour you used on your lids. Add a generous amount of mascara, and you’re done!



TIP 2: The Vampy Lip

2. The Vampy Lip - How to Create the look

Dark lips are all the rage this season. Want to know how to perfect the look? Keep reading. First, make sure your lips have been exfoliated and are well moisturized. Applying some lip balm before you start your make-up routine is a good habit to get into. it gives your lips a chance to absorb the moisture and be prepped and ready when it comes time to apply your lip products. Choose a lip liner. Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip pencils are a good option. - they glide on easily and are long wearing. Outline and fill in your entire lip area. Find a lipstick that compliments the colour of the lip liner. Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick to your lips- this will give you more precision than applying straight from the tube.

You can stop there if you prefer more of a matte look, or you can continue with a gloss. Use a gloss Use a gloss in a similar colour if you have it but clear will work just as well. Dab some gloss onto the back of your hand hand or a palette and apply with your lip brush. An extra trick to prevent your lipstick from bleeding is to take the brush with some concealor on it and outline just outside of your lip line. Make sure to blend it outwards, you don’t want an obvious line of concealer around your lips. This extra step will ensure you keep that crisp line around your lips.

MAC- Cosmetics

Make-up Forever- Lipstick

Highlighting Basics:

ETXRA Highlighting your face is an easy way to give TIPS that healthy “glow from within” look to your skin and enhance your features.

The Eyes: One of the most common areas to highlight is the brow bone. You can either use either a shimmery or matte colour for this (depending

COCO [ BEAUTY] on your preference) A great matte eye shadow for this is MAC Brule shadow, simply apply to your brow bone with a fluffy brush and blend. This step helps define the arch of the brow and pulls together your eyeshadow look. Bonus tip: Add a shimmery highlight to the inner tear duct area- it will instantly make your eyes look more open and awake.

The Cheeks: After you’ve applied your blush, highlight just above the cheekbone and blend upwa ards, and into your brow bone in a “C” shape. This will create the illusions of higher cheekbones, and give you an amaMAC- Brule Eyeshadow zing glow.

MAC- Assortment of blush.

The Lips: Apply highlighter to the cupid’s bow, this will help emphasize the lips. If you want to make your lips look fuller, dab a bit of lighter in just the centre of your lower lip over top of your lipstick or lip gloss. Whether you use a cream or powder highlighter is up to your own personal preference. Some top picks for highlighters are NARS Albatross, Tarte Provocateur Amazonian Clay Shimmering Powder in Champagne, Benefit High Beam, and MAC Strobe Cream.

Benefit- High Beam

MAC- Strobe Cream

Article Written by: Jenn Aqui You can find more infromation about Jenn Aqui here:

BROKEN DOLL Photography by: Claire Huish Model: Heather W @ Nevs Designs by: Amy Xiao Pan

Image by: Emily Soto



Issue 2: The Dark Side  

Coco takes fashion and beauty to the dark side for it's 2nd issue.