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Valentina Melzi Vivienne Mok, Marijke Boye, Daniela Majic, Tomer Zmora, Annick Meijer, Zeliha Cambaz Owen Behan,


Dear Readers, With every new issue of Coco Indie we are always dedicated to crafting our issues with the most beautiful story telling imagery. Coco has changed many times through out the last three years. We have gone from a fresh magazine that only published gorgeous editorials from upcoming creatives to featuring some of the most brilliant and talented photographers, stylists, models and make-up artists. To publishing webeditorials weekly on our website, a rebrand and finally a brand new look with interviews, themed editorials, and fashion. We are beyond thrilled to have been able to watch our little magazine grow so massively to an amazing audience whom we treasure dearly. The ‘Coco’ brand started as a labour of love & in many ways it still is a labour of love. We are just three editors that do everything from submissions, to creative editing, crafting of the magazine, web work, and interviews pretty much every single aspect of Coco Indie that you see is created by only three of us. We love what we do and we hope you love it too! We hope the ‘Spellbinding’ issue is a Summer/July 2015 magical experience. Love: The Coco Indie Team


On the Cover | Photography by Valentina Melzi, Styled by Elena Monti, Hair & make-up by Giada Raucci, Model | Ivana G @ Major Models Milan

004 | Witches of Just Ahead of their Time

058 | The Craft - Editorial

006 | Fashionfile

064 | Juicy Dune - Editorial

010 | Hello Jackets -Editorial

074 | Black Cat - Editorial

020 | L’appel de la foret -Editorial

090 | Avalon Temptress- Editorial

030 | Quija & Tarot

102 | Stocklist

032 | Q&A Marijke Boye 040 | Fading Space - Editorial



A magical insight into the most historical

Witches or just ahead of their time??

You can’t think witch without the

Salem witch trials going through your mind and you would be right to do so considering the amount of movies, tv shows and stories we have grown up with telling us that witches are evil & ugly in appearance. It has been said that many women and men were burned alive because they were thought to be witches or warlocks. But were they really into demonic rituals or were they just ahead of their time? Here’s what we know. Catherine Monvoisin is considered a popular witch in history. After her husbands jewellery business went bankrupt she began to sell love potions as well as drugs and poisons. Herself & her daughter were known to have also do palm readings. In 1680 she was arrested and burned at the stake for her dealings in black magic and withcraft. Maybe Catherine wasn’t really a witch but a savy business woman or a mod ern day drug dealer or con artist.

Alice Kyteler was married to a few very rich men. However all of her husbands had died which in turn left her all of their fortunes. Her fourth husband eventually came down with a very bizarre sickness which had his childrvery suspicious. Alice was tried for

witch craft and sentanced to death. However, the night before her executtion she had mysteriously disapeared. Agnes Sampson was a healer and a midwife in a small village in Scotland around the end of the 16th century.She was accused of attending sabbaths hosted by Satan and also summoning a storm over the sea which was meant to sink the ship of Queen Anne. During the same year she was one of the firs victims to be bruned alive during the North Berwick witch trials. Sampson’s healing skills would be praised in todays society. Can you believe that the practice of being a doctor and a mid wife could have you arrested on charges of witch craft? Doctors, criminals, and even just being unlucky those are some of the things that could very well have gotten one arrested on counts of black magic. We have come a long way when it comes to pseudoscience.


The Witches Wardrobe

TOPSHOP $48,00

TOPSHOP $35,00

AGNONA $2,990


FOREVER 21 $18,80

GUCCI $1,590



TOPSHOP $40,00

3.1 PHILLIP LIM $901

FOREVER 21 $29,90

Modern Day Witch The most iconic witch moments

It seems that almost every generation has it’s share

of witchy delights. Most notably The witches of East wick. If you can remember sultry singer Cher you are sure to remember the 1987 witchy thriller. Can we talk about a crimson Susan Sarandon or even that sexy cat lady Michelle Pfeiffer? Pfeiffer went on to play a witch again in the 2007’s fantasy Star Dust. We’re about to countdown some of the moments Coco Indie considers to be iconic witch moments. We grew up in the 90’s so don’t fret if we miss a few. 1. Minerva McGonagall- Harry Potter Franchise Played amazingly by the oh so talented Dame Maggie Smith we love Minerva because she is more than just a kick ass witch. She is smart, wise, loyal and compa ssionate. Did you know that Dame Maggie Smith shot the entire last movie while fighting cancer? Now that’s powerful. 2. The Craft witches As I mentioned “90’s kids”. 1996’s The Craft couldn’t hold a candle to some of the top 90’s horrors like Scream at the time, but now it’s a whole other ball park. This movie is considered a cult classic. How can we forget a house filled with insects and snakes? 3. Hocus Pocus You can’t say the word witch without thinking about this Halloween classic. Can we talk about how SJP played the sexy songstress that lured all the street kids to the witches little cabin in the woods? Hocus Pocus is a must watch every Halloween. 4. Alexander McQueen- 2007 AW Collection No one did it like McQueen. Bold, outspoken and utterly ethereal his designs were like no other. The 2007 AW show saw models embracing their darkness. Crescent moon head pieces, dark black and gold dre sses. The witchy vibe was definetely creeping down the catwalk that Autumn.

5. The Worst Witch You might find it hard to remember this one. Before Harry Potter you could watch the clumsy witch Mildred Hubble pretty much mucking everything she did up. This was a 90’s tv show that we remember loving as a kids. 6. American Horror Story- Coven If you don’t watch anthology series AHS you probably should be. For horror lovers AHS nails the hammer on the head. Season three found the cast in New Orleans doing a whole bunch of witchy things. 7. Every fairytale witch who ever was That’s right. From the Grimm Brothers to Disney you have an array of some bad ass witches like the witch in Hansel and Gretal, to the evil queen in Snow White all the way to Elsa the white witch who means well in Disney’s Frozen. Sometimes the story of how those ladies got so darn evil is more interesting then the hero’s story. Most notably, Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. 8. Luella- 2008 Fall RTW Collection This collection saw a modern day youthful witch calmly walking down the runway. Pointed hats, stockings and witchy prints made this a spellbinding show and extremely wearable. Honourable Mentions- Witches of Eastwick (1987) Witches of East End (2013), Practical Magic (1998), Charmed (1998), Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996) Bewitched (1946).

Hello Jackets Photography by VALENTINA MELZI Styling by ELENA MONTI Hair & Make-up by GIADA RAUCCI Model | IVANA G. @ Major Models Milan

Jumpsuit Jumpsuit by by TARA TARA JARMON, JARMON, Jacket Jacket by by MESSAGGERIE, MESSAGGERIE, Shoes Shoes by by SEBASTIAN, SEBASTIAN, Rings Rings by by BIJOU BIJOU BRIGITTE, BRIGITTE, Necklace Necklace by by CLAIRES CLAIRES

Opposite Page Jacket by MANGANO, Hat by SUPERDUPER, Rings by BIJOU BRIGITTE, This Page: Trousers | ASOS, Jacket by MESSAGGERIE,, Rings by BIJOU BRIGITTE, Shoes by PALOMA BARCELONA


This Page: Blouse by TARA JARMON, Jacket by MANGANO, Skirt by LOLA SWING, Rings by BIJOU BRIGITTE, Opposite Page: Dress & Jacket by MANGANO, Shoes by DANIELA GONZALEZ, Rings by BIJOU BRIGITTE, Hat by SUPERDUPER

Opposite Page: Jacket & Blouse by MANGANO, Necklace by CLAIRES, This Page: Jacket & Pants by SHIRTAPORTER, Blouse by TARA JARMON, SHoes by DANIELA GONZALEZ, RIngs by BIJOU BRIGITTE

L' Appel De La Foret

Photography & Styling by VIVIENNE MOK Model | VIVIEN R @ TIME

Title & Page: This Page: is Vintage, by H&M , Opposite is Vintage, Lace by Title Page & This DressDress | Vintage, ShoesShoes by H&M, Opposite Page: Page: BlouseBlouse | Vintage, Lace Top by Top ANNE ANNE VALERIE VALERIE HASH,HASH,Skirt Skirt hand made by VIVIENNE MOK, Stockings by TABIO, Shoes | H&M

Opposite Page: Dress, Blouse and Bracelet are Vintage, Shoes | H&M, This Page: Blouse is Vintage, Lace Top by ANNE VALERIE HASH, Skirt by VIVIENNE MOK, Stockings by TABIO, Shoes by H&M

Opposite Page & This Page: Dress, Blouse & Bracelet are Vintage, Shoes | H&M

This Page: Dress, Blouse & Bracelet are Vintage, Shoes | H&M

This Page: Opposite Page & This Page: Dress, Blouse & Bracelet are Vintage, Shoes | H&M


Communicate with deceased loved ones or Find out what our futures will hold. So many questions that we want answered and who better esle to answer them then our friends from the other world or the powers that be?

There will always be the believers and the skeptics what are we? Well we like to keep an open mind. We don’t think we will be able to give a true answer to whether playing Ouija or going to your local Tarot reader will be a life altering experience or that it’s complete hog wash all we can do is tell you some stories and from there you can be the judge. The rise of the Ouija board came in 1886. A game called The talking board was being used in Spirt ualist camps in Ohio. Businessman Elijah Bond was intrigued by this so called game and decided to commercially introduce what is known as the Ouija Board. It was considered to be an innocent game at first but later Spiritualist Pearl Curran popularized the board as a divining tool. What we know about Oujia today is that it’s a popular game for curious teens and spirtual adults to play. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not you can’t say it isn’t intruguing.

A few scientific experiments have been done on users whilst they play. One popular study showed that the subjects were actually moving the planchette involuntarily. Was it the power of the board? Or was it something else? Other studies reveal that it is just a muscular response that makes the planchette move. Either way there aren’t enough studies on the subject as of yet. Ouija in popular culture can be seen in a recent horror flick titled by the same name Oujia. It is said that indie rock band The Mars Volta wrote their entire album Bedlam in Goliath based on their experience experimenting with Ouija. It’s also been said that the stage and band name of Alice Cooper was agreed upon and chosen by the spirit board. So if Ouija can talk to spirits what exactly can a deck of cards do? The Tarot deck can be traced back all the way to 14th century Europe. Where it’s name comes from the Italian word tarrocco. Like the Ouija board the origional use for Tarot was also just a game. A game of cards if you will.

Many varieties of Tarot deck styles can be found today. This is because there were so many different styles and types of decks and games to be played with Tarot in Europe. Some decks are only looked upon as art works and others as the divine cards that can tell us our futures.

It is said that the reader of the deck must choose a deck style that suits them and that the deck will take sometime before it is used to the decks owner/reader. Once you become more comfortable with your deck the readings will come more naturally and with stronger meaning.

Each card depicts an image & each image represents a specific concept. The belief of Tarot is that which ever cards are dealt during a session are through spiritual divination and those cards with those specific symbols can be read.

So there you have it a brief history into two of the worlds most common real life magics. Both Tarot and Ouija have their roots in history. Both have found a way to remain within our new world where sciene is front an center.

The cards being used as a method of divination are shown as early as 1540 in a book called The Oracles of Francesco Marcolino da Forli. Todays Tarot decks represent a variety of concepts and possibilities. There are hundreds of interpretations of what each card and Tarot spread can possibly mean. More and more interpretations are being written.

What do you think? Do you believe it? Or do you consider these “games� hog wash? Would you be interested in playing with the spirit board or picking up a deck of cards?

What’s your tale, Nightingale. . Designs by Marijke Boye

COCO: Tell us about yourself. MB: I’m the mother of Miss Mona. I’m a fashion poet located in the nice city of Brussels. I ‘ve studied Textile design and recently I’ve been graduated as a Fashion designer. I love to draw. I always had a great fascination for the world of arts. I love to travel, to get out, to have new experiences and to meet new people. I love to speak spanish (I’ve lived there once, and since then I’ve lost my heart over there). I love to dream... COCO: When and why did you start designing? MB: I started designing a long time ago. It sounds like a cliché. Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated with drawing and painting. Soon I knew I wanted to go into this direction. I’ve started my higher education in Textile Design and found my passion in the designing of graphic prints. After the birth of Mona the need to design 3D remained so I started my fashion course where I recently have been graduated. I love to tell stories, I love the dive into a completely new world where you can go crazy and make things that are almost not able to exist. Something that when you touch it, it will bring you right into another world. COCO: Can you tell us about your latest collection and now your daughter inspired you to create it? MB: This collection is about my little girl, my 6-years old daughter Mona and the story that we read every night before bedtime, the marvelous book ‘Het geheim van de keel van de nachtegaal’ (The nightingale and the secret of his voice) by Peter Verhelst. The story is about the search of happiness that you can find in the little things of life. This collection goes that little bit further. Mona, my muse, goes into her dream to the secret garden of this book. It’s the most beautiful garden of the world, full of these amazing flowers and trees. A garden where the nightingale sings his most beautiful song.In this perfect other world of scents and colors she starts the search for her older self. Together with the nightingale she starts her journey to spread her wings. Not only in the concept was Mona of great importance, but also in shaping and creating she was very closely involved. Both in the clothing design, where she took over the place of the bird, as the textile design she was

an important co-operative link. Together we started to paint our fabrics. In this way we were able to create an almost literal visualization of the story. A painting of the garden, seen through Mona’s eyes. This collection is both dynamic and romantic and consists of many oriental influences. It puts an ethereal atmosphere where the childlike fantasy remains strong. It brings you into a story where birds and forest nymphs are still able to exist and fulfill their role. Where they are able to pursue their search for happiness. Mone is the perfect muse for such a collection. She is six. Although, she is growing up she is still in touch with that typical powere that chidren have, that opporotunity to switch the button and turn off the realistic mind. She is still able to believe that everything can happen. She is still able to enjoy every little awkardness. She is still able to look at the world differently. I really love the fact that she can take make into the flow. As well, it is really nice to work together. It’s interesting to let go a bit of my controlling mind and just get in touch with her impulsivity. Every time we work together there is that challenge where I need to put my idea a bit aside and just go along with hers. COCO: Do you feel that having an imagination is vital to creating? MB: I think every artist does need a certain kind of imagination to create their work. Each creation for me has always been a form to translate that imagination into a real, tangible thing. That’s one of the reasons why I was thrilled to be working with Mona. For the bigger part during her day she is still living in her imagination.

COCO: What inspires you to create? MD: There are a lot of things that inspire me. I like things that are always moving. That’s why I really love to live in the city of Brussels, because there’s always something running. There’s a certain diversity that attracts and that makes it able for me to explore new things every day and to make up stories. Like I’ve said already before, Mona is also a great inspiration, but also other people where I’ve been surrounded, new places that I meet, stories that I read, plants, papers... On a good day everything can be an element of inspiration. Credits: Photography by KLAARTJE LAMBRECHTS Make-up & Hair by KATARINA GOYVAERTS Models | HELEN FESKENS & MONA VAN GEEL

COCO: What’s in store for the future of your brand and designs? After following my two courses, Textile Designs (at The Hogeschool Voor Wetenschap en Kunt, SintLucas in Ghent, Belgium) and Fashion Design (at the Academy of Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) I am able to determine my direction. What are my strengths? Who am I as a designer? What I find especially interesting and what do I like to do? Although, I love designing clothing pieces. I always had a great passion for 2dimensional art and techniques. I’ve always found it amazing to make up stories and bring them to life. Drawing, painting, print designs... My cup of tea!

So I would like to continue on that base and want to work two -dimensional again. At this moment I’m starting my own graphic label. A label that will deliver quirky prints for fashion, interior & other conceptual purposes. A label that is both tailored to the client & will reproduce my own vision, my stories, my Mona in seasonal print collections.

Fading Space Photography by TOMER ZMORA Model | BETTY ZELTSER Make-up by ADAR SANANES Producer | NOA STERN

Title Page | This Page & Opposite Page: All Designs by ADI YAIR

This Page & Opposite Page: All Designs by ADI YAIR

This Page & Opposite Page: All Designs by ADI YAIR

This Page & Opposite Page: All Designs by ADI YAIR

This Page: On Claudia (Left) Dress by ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Sweater Shirt by MCQ BY MCQUEEN, Nose Ring| CLAIRES, On Bri (Right) Cut out dress by CHLOE COMME PARIS, Necklace by ROUGE PONY, Stockings | VINATGE, Boots | Models Own. Nose RIng by CLAIRES

Photography & Styling by DANIELA MAJIC Make-up & Hair by JILLY IJOE of KIREI MAKE-UP Photography Models | BRI |@DANIELA CorestoneMAJIC & CLAUDIA @ Elite & Styling

(On Claudia) ALEXANDER MCQUEEN DRESS, Sweater top worn over dress | MCQ BY MCQUEEN, Boots | SEYCHELLES, (On Bri) Cut out dress by CHLOE COMME PARRIS, Necklace by ROUGE PONY, Tights | Vintage, Shoes are Models Own.



This Page: Dress (Worn underneath) ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Sweater Shirt by MCQ BY ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, Nose ring | CLAIRES

This Page: Jacket by HELMUT LANG, Blouse | LANVIN, Skirt | SHEINSIDE, Nose ring | CLAIRES

Opposite Page: Jacket by HELMUT LANG, Top by LANVIN, Skirt | SHEINSIDE, Nose ring | CLAIRES, This Page: Dress by YI HERG MEI, Nose ring | CLAIRES

This Page: Dress by YI HERG MEI, Boots | SEYCHELLES

Opposite Page: Dress by YI HERG MEI, This Page: On Bri (Left) Sequin Gown | FREE & ROSE, Boots | Models Own, On Claudia ( Right) Dress | YI HERG MEI,Boots | SEYCHELLES

Opposite Page: Sequin Gown by FREE & ROSE, This Page: Lace gown | FREE & ROSE, Jacket by HELMUT LANG

This Page: Sequin Gown by FREE & ROSE, Leather Jacket | Custom made by YOUNG, ANGRY & POOR

This Page: Gold & Black Gown by WOMEIDISHA FASHION, Coat by ALICE & OLIVIA, Nose ring | CLAIRES

Juicy Dune

Photography by ANNICK MEIJER Model | JUICY @ Rocket Garage Mgmt (Netherlands) Styling by SRYANI TIRTOTAROENO

This Page: Body Suit by EPISODE VINTAGE STORE, Shoes | FOREVER 21

Opposite Page & This Page: Undergarments by MONKI, Vest by ZARA

Opposite Page & This Page: Lace Body Suit by BERSHKA, Shorts/ Undergarments by MONKI

This Page: Lace Body Suit by BERSHKA, Shorts/ Undergarments by MONKI

Opposite Page: High waisted undergarments by MONKI, Vest by ZARA, This Page: Body Suit by EPISODE VINTAGE STORE, Shoes | FOREVER 21

Black Cat

Photography by ZELIHA CAMBAZ, Designer & Stylist | HASAN KOCA, Model | SONGUL HAYDARPASA, Make-up & Hair by SONGUL HAYDARPASA

Title page & This Page: All Designs by HASAN KOCA

This Page & Opposite Page : All Designs by HASAN KOCA, Sandals by MANGO

This Page & Opposite Page: All Designs by HASAN KOCA

This Page: All Designs by HASAN KOCA

Opposite page & This Page: All Designs by HASAN KOCA

Opposite page & This Page: All Designs by HASAN KOCA

This Page: All Designs by HASAN KOCA


Temptress Photography by OWEN BEHAN, Styling by JOCELYN CORONA, Make-up by GEORGINA PRIETO C. @ GEOPRIETO, Styling Assistant | ANDREA BORES, Model | DANIELLE @ WILHELMINA / GH

Full look by MICHELLE OTERO, Jewellery by AVEC

Opposite Page: Trousers by MARIKA VERA, Necklace by AVEC, This Page: Full look by MARIKA VERA, Ring by AVEC

Full look by ANDREAS BORES, Jewellery by AVOCET

Opposite Page & This Page: Full look by ANDREAS BORES, Jewellery by AVOCET, Shoes by UTERQUE

This Page: Coat | ANDREAS BORES, Earrings by AVOCET

Opposite Page: Full look by MICHELLE OTERO, Shoes by UTERQUE, Jewellery by AVEC, This Page: Body Suit by REFORMATION, Vest | VINTAGE















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"Spellbinding" is the theme of our brand new Coco Indie look. Filled with haunting fashion editorials, interviews and articles about all thi...

Coco Indie: Volume oo1  

"Spellbinding" is the theme of our brand new Coco Indie look. Filled with haunting fashion editorials, interviews and articles about all thi...