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who shall say what DREAM is?

the fantasy of dream, story and memory.

Chloe Zhu

Etymology of CARE

care (n.) Old English “sorrow, anxiety, grief,” and also “burdens of mind; serious mental attention;” Proto-Germanic “sorrow;” Old High German “wail, lament;” Gothic “sorrow, trouble, care;” Irish “cry out, call, scream” Different sense evolution in related Dutch "scanty, frugal," German "stingy, scanty." The sense development in English is from "cry" to "lamentation" to "grief." Meaning "charge, oversight, protection" is attested c.1400, the sense in care of in addressing. To take care of "take in hand, do" is from 1580s.

care (v.) Old English "be anxious, grieve; to feel concern or interest," Proto-Germanic "lament," hence "grief, care" Old Saxon "to care, to sorrow", from the same source as care (n.). To not care as a negative dismissal is attested from mid-13c. Phrase couldn't care less is from 1946; could care less in the same sense (with an understood negative) is from 1966.Care also figures in many "similies of indifference" in the form don't care a _____, with the blank filled by fig, pin, button, cent, straw, rush, point, farthing, snap, etc., etc. Positive senses, such as "have an inclination" (1550s); "have fondness for" (1520s) seem to have developed later as mirrors to the earlier negative ones.






supplement / activator of the relationship

“Dreams are the fulfillments of wishes.”

----Sigmund Freud <The Interpretation of Dreams>

then I wonder...

are Real stories happening in dreams, or dreams/illusions occurring in the Real world?

It is precious because it bears people’s past,

it illustrates

all kinds of lives.

And these stories may like dreams to other people.

to commemorate those “dreams” to isolate the outside world a space that stores people’s dreams, or stories or memories. be shared or kept in secret leave your story in exchange.

and also to enjoy walking into other’s

past, present, or even future.

travelers they come, they â&#x20AC;&#x153;exploreâ&#x20AC;? then they leave.

Just like dreams.

technical research

Urban Hippie

by Damien Krisl

â&#x20AC;?...It is a collaboration between me and you where I do half the film and you do the other half of the film.â&#x20AC;? ----Olafur Eliasson