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AMAZING CONTRIBUTORS! Visionaries Rae Beth Nicole Palermo Amy Bees Mindy Whalen Magdalena Czerny Dominique Mazzuca Reem Rafid Attisha Eni Hegedus-Buiron Nicole Richards Christina Mckenzie

Photographers Alana Beall Elton Lau Kristina Raimi Sarah Salisbury Vander Hiede Special Guests Tuti Do Konrad Drewnowski Patricia Drewnowski Tara West Carla Da Silva Corina Van Sluytman

Aesthetic Remains


photography Alana Beall | Vanity’s Edge Design hair fascinator, horns + accessories Rae Beth Designs makeup Nicole Palermo hair Mindy Whalen hair {for red dress + horns image} Amy Bees

Departures Wish List:

Petite Winter Getaways






concept + producer Renee Dimitrovski creative director + concept  Magdalena Czerny | Oh So Chic Celebrations Event Design & Styling photography Pear Studios location Hazelton Manor | Vaughan little ones Dylan | Isabel | Aydra production assistant Dominique Mazzuca prop stylist Magdalena Czerny sweet table treats  Cakealicious By Reem cake Cakealicious By Reem decor Magdalena Czerny sweet table styling Magdalena Czerny + Reem Rafid Attisha stationary My Name Is Pea flowers Terracotta Flowers wardrobe stylist Eni Hegedus-Buiron | Lulu Et Gigi hair + makeup Nicole Richards & Co. casting director Eni Hegedus-Buiron | Magdalena Czerny clothing Lulu Et Gigi dillon’s hat Liv And Lily dillon’s suspenders Liv And Lily dillon’s bow tie Magdalena Czerny fascinators Lulu Et Gigi shoes Own

concept + producer Christina Mckenzie + Sarah Salisbury Vander Hiede creative director  Christina Mckenzie photography SSV Photography location Waterstone Estates | Newmarket production assistant Sarah Salisbury Vander Hiede children  Milana prop stylist christina mckenzie + sarah salisbury vander hiede wardrobe stylist Sarah Salisbury Vander Hiede sweet treats  The Cocoa Cakery cake The Cocoa Cakery

Sweet Serenity INSPIRATION

I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says

“Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”   - Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Editor’s Lookbook: Sweet Mornings For Her Cable Sweater Mug

Norid Ware Waffled Pancake Pan

Kapu Coffee Scoop and Bag Closer

Old Fashioned Lip Balm

Delcampe Petite Alarm Clock

Wildfox Desperate Morning Sweats

“Kids Rule” Wooden Ruler Height Chart Mid Oak

Kids Handmade Ceramic Tableware Set

For Child

Pillow Talk “My Sunshine”

The Emily + Meritt Bunny Alarm Clock

Kids Butcher Apron Set

Art Station

For Office Ooh La La Swivel Chair

2014 Desk Calendar

Dylan One of a Kind Handmade Leather Journal

Kate Spade New York Eat Cake Paperweight

For Fun

IKoNO Mango Small Wooden Radio

Where Chefs Eat A Guide to Chef’s Favourite Restaurants

Saturday Morning Print PB Grand Phone

Natural Linen Lavender Sachets

Organic Terry Velour Cotton Robe

For Natural

Common Good Glass Bottle Hand Soap

Caldrea Natural Cellulose Pop-up Sponges Personalized Guest Soap

For Apps

Pindolo Every day is different. Let the daily comic strip make you smile. Challenge yourself with the Pindolo game. From daily quotes to who was born on this very day, Pindolo offers you new content daily to brighten up your moment. iPhone only; $0.99 Good Morning Good Morning is more than a talking alarm clock; it’s a personal wake-up assistant. It can play a song and read the time, date, weather forecast, calendar entries, today’s news, and a custom message of your choice. And for hard-to-wake types, it can force you to solve a math problem to turn of the alarm. Free & paid versions available. Sunrise What are you doing today? Sunrise combines Facebook, Google Calendar, LinkedIn and more into a customized daily e-mail. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Waking up made easy. An intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase – the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed.

photo by Pascal Germano

photo by Pascal Germano

photo by Pascal Germano

Q &A with Tuti Do of Rev Communications

photo by Tanya Zaleski

photo by Martin Bisson

Q: WHAT IS REV COMMUNICATIONS? A: Rev Communications is the little marketing & PR agency with big hearts and results. Rev it up! Q: TELL US, HOW REV COMMUNICATIONS, COME TO BE? A: Early in my career I worked at a PR agency and loved the fast-pace, interesting clients and creative challenges. I then changed my career path to work in-house at some of Canada’s leading fashion companies…and found myself still juggling PR in my various marketing roles. I realized it was what I loved most about what I did. My husband always encouraged me to become an entrepreneur, he has an incredible business sense. It also helped that I’ve had a lot of valuable business start-up experience at the companies that I’ve been fortunate to work for. These factors all contributed but the kicker was when I went on mat leave.  Rev was inspired by my baby boy.  One afternoon, we sat in our condo parking lot playing in the sun.  Every little thing fascinated him. Blade of grass…WOW! Pebble on the ground…WOW!  Dirt…extra WOW!!!  Seeing the world through his eyes made me realize all the unlimited possibilities.  When I realized I’d never been happier than in that very moment with just grass, pebbles and dirt…it gave me a new perspective.  He gave me the courage to venture out and try something new…like start my own marketing & PR agency.   Q: WHAT WAS THE PROCESS THAT GOT YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY?   A: Embracing every opportunity and challenge, lots of optimism, relentless drive and good old hard work. Q: IF YOU COULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE?  A: Hmmm...hard to say. I’m a strong believer that we learn valuable life lessons in all that we do and even fail at.  If I could change something it would be to slow down and just savour each moment. Travelling more before having the kiddie crew would have been nice too.

Q: WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE MOMS WHO WANT TO START THEIR OWN BUSINESS? A: Be smart with your time. Everything has to add value to your business or your family, if it doesn’t, cut it out. Prioritize your goals, you may want to do it all but perhaps it’s not always possible to do it at the same time. Surround yourself with people who have the same work ethics, drive and optimism as they are a source of great motivation and valuable support. Q: WHAT IS THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION THAT EVERYONE THINKS WHEN YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR? A: The biggest misconception is that you won’t have a boss to report to. When you work at a company you only have to keep one boss happy. When you’re an entrepreneur you have many bosses to report to and keep happy. Our clients are the boss, everyone we work with is our boss. And yes, I am my “own” boss too… but I always say my boss isn’t very nice since she always makes me work overtime! Hahahaha. Q: ONE BUSINESS TOOL THAT IS A MUST AND CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT ITEM?  A: My Blackberry. Yes, contrary to popular belief, we berry users and lovers are not extinct. Say what you will but just try to out-type me with your keyless iPhone. Q: MARKETING IS KEY IN ANY BUSINESS, WHICH MARKETING PORTALS HAVE YOU USED FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND WHICH WAS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL FOR YOU? A: It’s no coincidence that public relations has been the most valuable to us. Not only do we accomplish positive publicity for our clients, but we have been blessed by the same good fortune of positive word of mouth. By just being hardworking and sincere, we have built a strong network who have referred us to amazing new clients and opportunities.  Having that unbiased testimonial from a respected individual has unlimited value.  That’s the power of PR. Q; HOW DO YOU JUGGLE BEING A BUSINESSWOMAN AND MOM? A: Still learning this one and will never quite get it right! It’s tough, something always has to give and for me, it’s usually sleep or sanity.  I have lists for everything and continually prioritize what needs to be done. When it’s work-time being focused is key. Can’t waste time. I remind myself of the little ones waiting for mommy time. Work hard, play hard. I’ve learned to be more efficient, productive and smarter with my time since becoming a mom.  My children have actually taught me to be a better professional by helping me refine my multi-tasking, time and crisis management skills! Q: WHAT DOES YOUR TYPICAL WORK DAY LOOK LIKE? What I love about my work is there is no such thing as a typical day. At any given moment, something unexpected happens and we have to be quick to fulfil. Never know what’s around the corner – a new client, another event, a new project, etc. There are meetings sprinkled with phone calls, mixed in with proposals to review or create, strategies to develop, press releases to write, tossed in with a never-ending bombardment of emails…and topped with an ice cream break or two. Q: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE WINE? A: Sterling Vineyards’ Malvasia Bianca, discovered it on a trip to Napa Valley. Q: WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE CHOCOLATE? A: That’s like asking me who my favourite child is! It depends on my mood…but my favourites include Godiva, Galeries Au Chocolat (Canadian!), Almond Roca, Tolberone…feel free to send me other suggestions… Q: WHAT IS ONE SONG THAT MOTIVATES YOU NO MATTER HOW BAD OF A DAY YOU’VE HAD? A: I don’t have a particular song but my son’s daily impromptu (and hilarious) dance routines and baby girl’s infectious giggles can pretty much knock out any bad mood. Q: COCOLILY MAGAZINE IS ALL ABOUT CELEBRATION + INSPIRATION, WHAT DO YOU CELEBRATE MOST ABOUT LIFE AND WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST INSPIRATION? A: Sharing experiences and laughter. Life brings us so many amazing moments and people to share them with. Celebrate each of these, big or small…they are all blessings that shape our lives. My biggest inspiration is my loved ones.

The Breakfast Club

{ a meeting for definitive women }

location Patricia’s Cake Creations | Toronto pastry chef Konrad Crewnowski photography Elton Lau breakfast club Tara West | Tara West Photography Carla Da Silva | Photasia Photography Reimagined Corina Van Sluytman | Corina V. Photography

Tara West

Tara West Photography BIO. was surrounded by photographers growing up and she loved taking photos at a young age, even with the old school big old flashes. Tara modelled at age sixteen for a few years but was more fascinated being behind the camera and how the images evolved. Started doing wedding portraits which later snowballed into baby and family portraits for twelve years. This transitioned shortly after to fashion editorials and freelancing for fashion journalism magazine. Now also doing interior work for homes. HER INSPIRATION. The work that she does. Meeting and capturing people living very fortunate lives with pretty interesting stories of their struggles. Constant inspiration in a very visual way.   THE LOVE OF PHOTOGRAPHY. “Being able to observe so many amazing people.... and document both creative moments, and real life story oments...huge privilege and rewarding to give peoples stories some visual life”.   IDEAL SWEET MORNING FOR TARA. Lighting my scented candles around the house...White Birch and Grandma’s kitchen are my favourite go-to’s | sitting in the sunshine, in a window seat or on my back deck, with my morning coffee | doing Deepak Chopra guided meditation in the sunshine, on my back deck; to start my day grounded and inspired | finding inspiration as I leaf through fashion magazines or biography books on fashion, designers, musicians | a bowl of granola cereal with sweet almond milk! loving the almond milk lately! FOR THE LOVE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. “Facebook and Twitter...being able to visually share my work and upcoming projects....along with giving us a platform and making it possible to easily reach out to meet other people all over the world”. IMAGE LOVE. “One of my most favourite images to date,  was taken at a ver y pivotal point in both my career and personal life. This image is called ‘The Souls Journey.’ It was taken at an extraordinary oceanfront mansion, along the California coast. The quote from R.W. Emerson was on my mind, and when I arrived at the shoot location it quickly became  my inspiration for this image. I was immediately drawn to the pool area, with all the lush greens as my background. The horse statues were positioned with one ahead of my fabulous model,  and one behind her....and voila! The quote; my inspiration had life...well at least to me”.

Carla Da Silva

Photasia Photography Reimagined BIO. with over a decade spent curating canvases for Toronto’s fashion editorials, her passion and inspiration has evolved. Shifting from the pages of magazines to the walls of clients homes. Carla now captures the moments and memories of families, friends and couples. She manages to transform every image into a work of art.    HER INSPIRATION. Kirsty Mitchell. Loves the mystical feel and how her images are open for interpretation. Magazines. Tear sheets. European things.   THE LOVE OF PHOTOGRAPHY. “The rewards  for me to being a photographer for is, which I must confess, a selfish one. I love to see the ideas in my head come alive in a photograph or a series of them.. it’s about creating that work of art, always challenging yourself to bigger and better works, and the enjoyment of accomplishing them”.   IDEAL SWEET MORNING FOR CARLA. “ It often differs as i’m a person who likes to discover new things.. but for the moment its coffee in hand, surfing internet for work materials, what’s the next theme the next challenge.. fave music in the background for some added enthusiasm doggies piled up by my feet. So I guess it’ll be coffee, internet, music, dogs oh and an office all to myself!” FOR THE LOVE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. “Facebook as I can post work and inspirations.. I’m not one to type out a lot. Images are my words”. IMAGE LOVE. “Right now it would have to be this image. I just like the serenity in this image… this sweet little one had never been professionally photographed before and she was such a natural. I love that her expression is not contrived in anyway; gives such a feel of peace to me”.

Corina Van Sluytman Corina V. Photography

BIO. First camera at ten and was hooked with portraits; capturing the essence of a person in front of her (including her pet rabbit). Got into watercolours. Trained in graphic design. Tries to keep artistic side in photos she takes. Luminescent quality and captures the pastel in her images. HER INSPIRATION. Magazines; the latest issue of Vogue.    THE LOVE OF PHOTOGRAPHY. “I love to be able to capture moments in time for my clients, it’s so humbling to know that these photos will be passed on to future generations. It’s such an honour to make my clients emotional and filled with love when they see my photos.  I recently did a special Family Portrait session for my past wedding clients - the bride’s brother’s father-inlaw had cancer and only had a few months left to live. I did the session and he passed away 3 days later.  The family was so glad they did the shoot and I was so moved by the entire experience. Those photos are so very special to that Family”.   IDEAL SWEET MORNING FOR CORINA. green smoothie & pancakes | a rare and quiet Saturday morning where I don’t have a wedding booked, so I can relax with my Family | a gorgeous pink sunrise | fresh spring air | a walk in the woods with my family and dog Bailey. FOR THE LOVE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. “Facebook works best for me, I’ve received many inquiries through my fan page and it ’s great to be able to tag my clients names and automatically all of their family and friends can see a sneak peek from their wedding and can check out my fan page with one click”. IMAGE LOVE. “I love this image because there are so many stories happening at the same time, and so many emotions captured all in one image.  I’m also in love with the gorgeous natural light at Trinity Chapel in Toronto”.

Patricia’s Cake Creations COOL SPACE

location Patricia’s Cake Creations | Toronto pastry chef  Konrad Drewnowski menu Hazelnut Bannana Mousse Cake photography Elton Lau

Patricia’s Cake Creations Patisserie & Café specializes in a variety of elegant, whimsical wedding and special-event cakes and treats for all occasions. They serve gourmet coffees, High Tea for any occasion (reservation required). They have a variety of delicious French macarons, meringues, tarts, croissants, mousse cakes and beautifully decorated buttercream cakes.

THE CHEF Chef Konrad is a traditionally trained French pastr y chef that s t u d i e d a t t h e Fr e n c h Pa s t r y S c h o o l i n C h i c a g o, I L. H e i s Patricia’s brother and a co-owner of Patricia’s Cake Creations. THE CREATION Inside of the dessert was a hazelnut mousse, banana cream, solid white chocolate base and coated in a white chocolate glaze.

Random Goodness RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS… • • • •

Be kind to someone you dislike. Let the driver merge. Call a grandparent. Smile at others.

COCOLILY RULE NO.1 Catch snowflakes on your tongue. COCOLILY RULE NO. 2 Have a meltdown.  Cry it out and then refocus on where you are headed.   COCOLILY RULE NO. 3 Smile a little more, regret a little less.   COCOLILY RULE NO. 4 Start the day with the juice of half a lemon in warm water to wake up the body.   COCOLILY RULE NO. 5 Use your vacation days before the year ends.

WINTER TO DO LIST Your seasonal bucket list and we recommend at least one for winter. Crochet a scarf. Spend the day in your pyjamas. Make homemade hot chocolate. Immerse yourself in a novel and make it a sofa sunday. Build a friendly snowman for your garden. Perfect your beef stew and turkey chilli. Update your emergency kit. Make s’mores in the oven.  Have an indoor carpet picnic.  Eat a picnic lunch in a snow fort. Make snow ice cream. Try hot yoga. Host a fitness happy hour. Fridge and pantry purge. Wear fuzzy slippers. Have a hot chocolate night with a toppings bar. Host a soup potluck. Make an indoor fort and have a family sleepover. Have a playdough date. THINGS WE LOVE 1.  Freshly baked croissant 2.  Staying buried in fluffy clovers longer than you should 3.  Snow crunching beneath your feet 4.  Early morning breakfast dates 5.  Leg warmers + cable socks 6.  Waking up without an alarm clock



... the nostalgia issue...


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Cocolily Magazine Winter 2014 vol.2 no.1  
Cocolily Magazine Winter 2014 vol.2 no.1  

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