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COOKIES There was a baker who loves to eat caker He baked and baked and made 2 types cookies With all the love and all the goodies The chocolate chip cookie with all the chocolate chips and all the m&m cookies that meet the baker’s lips M&M cookies had less m&ms than chocolate chip cookie had chocolate chips again M&M cookie was very mad And that made chocolate chip very sad Chocolate chip cookie had a lot of chocolate chips more than you knew it had 3 multiplied by the sum of the amount of M&Ms and the square of 2 is the sum of the amount of M&M and 24 M&M hated chocolate chip to the very core But with all of the chocolate chips how could he dare to allow M&M the pain of loosing that he shall not bare The baker came back and had to count because he had a picky client who wanted amounts so how many M&Ms does M&M cookie have? The baker found out and the client as well So now you must find out and you shall

Cookies - Rachel 8B  

Math Poem, try to solve it!!!