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Bubble Bubble Fizzy Juice

Description Bubble Bubble is a carbonated juice drink. These

bottles were designed to evoke a strong feeling of happiness. Using bright colors was used to attract people’s eyes to our product by sparking their curiosity.

The brand identity emerged from the classic idea of carbonation. The die cuts give the bottle label more of a creative and playful design.

Light the Way Lantern Company Packaging

Descriptions Light the Way is a night light company

inspired from Istanbul, Turkey that sells classy night lights. It was created to represent elegance and simplicity. The pattern was inspired by the iconic lanterns hanging up throughout the stores and markets of Istanbul. The packaging is easily accessible due to the small compact container. It was made to help show off the product inside while it rests on the store shelf to be sold. It makes it easier for someone to understand what it is without having to open the products packaging.

Censorship Posters Pro & Con to Censorship on the Internet

Descriptions These Censorship posters are to promote aware-

ness of the pros and cons to the internet. They were inspired by the idea of how people can get bullied through the internet. By using the iconic images we all know by depicting a humours educational poster. These posters will be placed onto social networking sites as well as any other educational sites or locations.

Internet censorship prevents cyberbullying.

Internet censorship prevents communication.

Cobra Starship Concert T-shirt & poster

Descriptions These two items were made to promote the

Cobra Starship tour “Hot Mess.� These colors were chosen to keep with the style of Cobra Starship and how they like to use very bright colors throughout their band identity. Their music is very energetic and exciting so by illustrating this vector images to help keep their style similar. The poster was created using illustrations and the shirt was screen printed.

Brand Upon the Brain Movie Poster promotion

Descriptions Brand Upon the Brain by Guy Maddin poster was

made to replicate the eerie feeling throughout the movie. By only utilizing three colors to help bring out a more dramatic effect. These images that I used were some important parts of the movie. The illustrations and title typeface were all hand made. The typeface was inspired by the eerie feeling in the movie.

The film company presents a GUY MADDIN film “Brand Upon the Brain!” S TARRING Sullivan Brown Gretchen Krich Maya Lawson Erik Steffen Maahs Katherine E. Scharhon CASTING Joy Fairfield C OSTUME D ESIGNER Nina Moser PRODUCTION D ESIGNER Tania Kupczak D IRECTOR OF P HOTOGRAPHY Benjamin Kasulke E DITED BY John Gurdebeke Jason Staczek E XECUTIVE P RODUCTIONS Jody Shapiro AJ Epstein Philip Wohlstetter PRODUCED BY Amy E. Jacobson AND Gregg Lachow WRIT TEN BY Guy Maddin AND George toles C INEMATOGRAPHY BY Benjamin Kasulke D IRECTED BY Guy Maddin PRESENTED BY



Chocolate Covered Chocolate shop re–design

Descriptions Chocolate Covered is a company located in Noe

Valley, San Francisco. Their original brand identity was very dull and didn’t show off the beautiful chocolate choices that are sold within the store. By creating more of a simple and elegant identity to support the products being sold. By using brown tints and a classic image of chocolate was to help make people recognize it is chocolate shop. The store has a very intimate feeling throughout and this logo makes costumers feel more of an appeal to come in.

Save our Oceans Green Peace Poster

Descriptions This pair of posters are to promote awareness

about our oceans. The poster was inspired by the typography that was hand rendered to represent a fun and playful type. The colors used resemble the colors people know as water and can associate the characters to underwater sea animals. These posters depict humorous characters with revealing information about what is happening to our oceans. They are able to stand alone or be side by side.

Over 80% of life on Earth lives in our oceans and seas far beneath the waves we see. With this we are proved with vital sources of protein, energy, minerals and other products as well as over half our oxygen. Due to the climate change and potentially disastrous impacts we have done to our world, they need us more than ever.

To learn more & see what you can do to help visit

Three quarters of global fi sh stocks are suffering from over fi shing and 90% of the top predators are gone. Unfortunately that isn’t all our oceans face. About 15 billion pounds of plastic is produced in just the USA. Plastic contains toxic chemicals and many animals mistake it for food where it gets caught in their digestive tract. Even trash like ghost nets ensnares and traps our sea creatures.

To learn more & see what you can do to help visit

Domaine De Mourchon Wine Label Redesign

Description This redesigned label for Domaine De Mourchon,

which is a French RosĂŠ wine was to be elegant and simple. The "O" was illustrated and then cut out from a wood block the "O" was chosen because it was used the most in the name. By using the cut out as a pattern in the background of the text helps to make it look more elegant and simple. The pink color was to bring out the type of wine inside.

Globetrotter Magazine

Descriptions This magazine was inspired by my family who are

travelers. By using the word Globetrotter as the title to evoke the mood of traveling. The audience for this magazine is men and women between the ages of 18 – 28 who enjoy traveling and would like to learn about places to go and what to do. By creating 4 spreads of type and 2 photo spreads to demonstrate different layouts. All the photography and ads were created and taken by me. Some of the articles were also written by me and my own experiences.

Underwater Swim Swimsuit Packaging

Descriptions Underwater Swim is a small boutique that sells

all forms of swimsuits for young girls to all ages of women. The brand identity is to represent a sand dollar because they are found often while walking down a beach. The blue logo color was to represent water.

The pattern of the box was to be created and help promote the different designs they would be selling. The box was made to be a keep sake, so that once you take it home you can always reuse the box and place something else inside. It is easily stack able as well as light and easy to ship.

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My portfolio of my work as a Graphic Designer.

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