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if this world were miine id

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s st t a r

alex alex al love ex alex l sm ove lo alex a ile lex ve s ilo mil lov ale ve e e sm yo ui ile lo ha lo sm pp ve y


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place it at your feet all that own you been so good to lex alex a x e l a x e me.if this world werealmine,id give the flowers the x al e love x id be e v eand o l l a birds and the bees your love beside me e v x o l le smile were mine id a e e l i v that would be all i need if this world x m lo le es l i a e v vey i would make give anything. if were mine x sm o l i lo thisileworld u o y e e v you a king with untold you could have anym v wealth lo s i u y pgive o p ile were a thing if this world mine. id you each day y h e ppy v a wanted the moonlight id ilo if hyou sunny and blue, and u py o give that too. if ythis p world were mine,oh,baby id give a h you anything. oh,baby, your my inspiration and theres no hesitation when u want me honey, just call me, oh . oh,baby, your my consilation and i feel so much sensation when im in your arms when u squeeze me oh, that way you do . ooh, the way that you do oh. . . the way that you love,boy oh,yeah oh,yeah the way that you do. ooh, the way that you love oh. . .oh . . . every sky will be blue as long as your loving me baby,oh, whoa..whoa..o when im in your arms life is wonderful,my love give me pretty lovin baby , give me pretty lovin honey, keep on lovin me baby whoa .. ohh ..ohh you know i need you honey you i need you baby keep on loving me. loving me the way you do my love i love the way you love me baby i dont wanna let you go i love the way that you love me baby mmm ohh , the world would be yours it would be yours . if you believe

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