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Q7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I can see we learnt and made advancement that makes our recent film more of a thriller genre based movie. In terms of adding mystery and tension which are needed to define a thriller film, we used knowledge and built on it what we learnt through the production process to add cuts and transitions and fashion them in a way that would be necessary to create these moods. Such editing techniques included jump cuts, split screens, quick and harsh cuts etc. We also used time compression to bring attention to an object. None of these tactics were used in our preliminary task and when you compare the final cut seems much more thrilling as a result of these. We learnt the different ways to use different camera shots and angles that would create a more aesthetic look e.g. over the shoulder view of the phone used on 0:25. Also the zooming of the camera from mid shot in to close up that makes the audience “zone� into the object of importance. Such actions added to the creativity of our piece that was lacking in the preliminary task as well as the desired mood and by noticing this we decided to use editing techniques that did give off these moods. Apart from the obvious visual differences, we also gained such skills (as well as learning the importance of it) as time management and team work and how coming together in an organised fashion solves and prohibits many problems that can and will occur. We realised and began to learn that the more organised we were in the process the more we could get done.

Question 7