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We are a team that one day dreamed of a unique product to offer, with which to leave a mark in the world of cocoa, and we can be happy to confirm that today we are a reality. The result of our dream is COCOA PREMIUM. As an exporting, importing and marketing company, the main objective is to strengthen our alliances with producers to offer a quality Fine Cocoa of Aroma, and to satisfy the needs of the market in a direct way. Our collection center has a team of professionals who receive the grain from its fruit, where the fermentation process takes place in wooden crates, sun drying and grain selection. We handle an integral control of quality that is obtained through technical assistance guaranteeing cocoa of Fine quality of Aroma. Through our exporter company together with the managers of maritime and air export logistics, we coordinate the process of sending cocoa beans to all destinations.

We have an Importing company located in Spain that carries out the process of nationalization and storage of the grain; later it is commercialized and distributed. We carry out the process of transformation of the grain into cocoa liquor in Spain, obtaining; as a result, a product with an EU quality guarantee. We assure our clients a true Fine Aroma Cocoa, true artists who transform the raw material into exquisite chocolates, and the satisfaction of the most demanding palates who enjoy the taste, subtlety, and delicacy of PREMUM cocoa. Cocoa Premium offers Fine Aroma grains and cocoa liquor stored in Spain and Holland, importing and marketing it to our final customer.


From our production center in Venezuela, COCOA PREMIUM works hand in hand with producers with the tradition of cultivation from the field to the benefit of cocoa, conserving an ecological balance without the application of chemicals or fertilizers, guaranteeing the natural process to preserve the organoleptic qualities of cocoa obtaining a product 100% ecological. Our relationship with producers is not only limited to establishing a fair price for their product, but we also get involved in the needs of their communities, inculcating habits of progress to achieve growth motivation, obtaining; as a result, a responsible cultivation and ecological balance in order to give a greater added value to the commercial relationship, which allows us to transcend the principles of "Fair Trade". Our commitment and responsibility are materialized with all those involved in this chain: starting with the farmer to the final customer from the social and environmental point of view, focusing on Cocoa Premium as the image and guarantee of a quality product.




Highlight notes of nuts such as peanuts, hazelnut, and merey.

Highlight floral and fruit notes.

Floral notes

ORIGIN There is a great variety of cocoa hybrids throughout Venezuela where fruit flavors such as plums, cherries, raspberries, strawberries are distinguished. You can also appreciate flavors of hay, oak, honey, banana, apple, and melon. Taking advantage of the geographic characteristics of our country, we collect cocoa from the east to the west, obtaining a unique variety.

ORIGIN AND ORGANIC TRADITION As it could not be otherwise, ours is a 100% agro ecological Cocoa, taking care of the planet, not taking part in the process any chemical additive, guaranteeing an excellent Fine Aroma Cocoa, obtaining a unique flavor.



TYPES OF COCOA The genetic variability and the conditions of soils and climates result in an explosion of flavors. Recognized as the highest quality cocoa for the preparation of the most exquisite chocolates in the world, there are three types: Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario.


CRIOLLO With aroma and high flavor, it is grown in the South of Lake Maracaibo and the foothills of the Venezuelan Andean mountains. It is considered that it has great quality, it is reserved for the finest and exquisite chocolates. The tree that produces this type of cocoa is very scarce and fragile: it only represents 10% of the world production and has a thin and soft shell. They have a delicate bitterness, acid and fruity flavors, are little astringent and have an aromatic subtlety. Citrus fruit flavors can be detected.

FORASTERO This cocoa has a low flavor and aroma, strong and bitter, slightly acidic, astringent. This is known in the Western and Central Amazon. It is used in many mixtures to give body to chocolate. It has a strong and resistant shell. It represents 70% of world production. It is not classified as "fine cocoa," it has great aromatic potency, but without fineness or diversity of flavors and it is used mixing it as a base with other superior types.

TRINITARIO It is a hybrid between Criollo and Forastero, equally of aroma and high flavor. It is fruity and perfumed, has a wide range of flavors; aromatic and persistent on the palate. Flavors of hay, oak, honey, banana, apple, and melon can be appreciated. In Venezuela, it is grown in Barlovento and the eastern part of the country. It represents 20% of the world production.


Cocoa paste with a unique origin and great aromatic variety is made in Spain where we use our Fine Aroma grains. Using the delicate process of the treatment of the grain to obtain the cocoa paste, a high-quality product is obtained, with refinement less than 30 microns with different nuances, thanks to a delicate characteristic roast. These nuances are preserved thanks to good packaging, resulting in a product with quality assurance UE. The coco paste is fitted without tempering, so the crystallization of cocoa butter results in lighter shades in areas of the product.

UNIQUE GENETICS AND WEATHER CLIMATE Venezuelan cocoa stands out genetically thanks to the climatic characteristics of the country. Venezuela is one of the countries with more annual hours of sunshine, has a very diverse climate, with an ideal heat and mountains that form concentrated cocoa, sweeter and









The sun and the tropical climate make splendid cocoa, a cocoa nectar that has no comparison. Venezuelan cocoa has a fantastic taste and aroma, with unique sensory characteristics where you can perceive any number of flavors of the world, such as notes of earthy, molasses, fruit, floral, toasted, coffee and many persistent flavors.

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