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Jason: Not firing a client early on who we knew wouldn’t be a good fit. Trust your gut.

C&D: What do you consider to be your biggest asset as a designer? John: We are not afraid to take risks, and we have a good understanding of color.

Jason: John and I are storytellers and have a passion for history and travel and old movies and cocktails and dining out and such that weave into our design web. Plus, we have a distinct point of view. We bring a client’s personal brand to life—not our brand. We guide the conversation and curate the content.

C&D: What’s the best piece of advice you would offer someone about hiring a designer? John: Hire someone who will challenge you—otherwise, you can do it yourself. Jason: Transparency is key. If you don’t understand the costs associated with hiring an interior designer, ask upfront so there are no misunderstandings down the road.

We bring a client’s personal brand to life - not our brand. We guide the conversation and curate the content. Jason Oliver Nixon

C&D: What do you think every designer should know how to do? John: You need to have an understanding of how furniture, window treatments, and such are made. Know the craft. Jason: Know how to mix a killer vodka martini and be able to create names for colors that are better than what you might find on the average nail polish. For example, in our world “purple” just might be “An Aubergine Sonata in C Major.” Sounds so much more dramatic and inviting, don’t you think, when discussing the hue that you applied to a client’s living room wall… Who cares that there’s no C Major—or maybe there is— but that’s irrelevant as our piano teacher flunked us as we were more interested in theater and putting Sun-in in our hair. Faction. Fact meets fiction. Heaven. I sort of wish I had learned stenography, but now I am too old and plus you can outsource tasks such as that. “Outsource” is my favorite verb besides “beaucoup encore” and that might be an adverb or dangling modifier.
 And two for fun...

C&D: What is your favorite way to entertain in the summer? 08 |

John: Outdoors with the dogs. Southside cocktails and

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