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Hi! My name is Suzannah Safi; I’m a romance author, a promoter, a graphic designer, and the creator of Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine. I have many novels and short stories that are published and tons are in process to be published with different publishers, and some I published on my own. As a promoter I created the new Magazine Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine for everyone to participate in it, no limit to who will be in the magazine or what we will gossip about. It’s for all types of readers who like fiction and gossip lol. Also I’ve created Romance Alley and you can check it at this site is for authors who write romance in its all genre.


My other passion, being a freelance designer; I created my own Book Trailer Company, you can visit my book trailer design company’s website at I have created many trailers and book covers for authors to boost their book promo in an intriguing artistic way with affordable prices. I wanted to do something that I enjoy, have passion for, and I found that writing, promoting, and designing book trailers and covers are my real passion so I’m doing that and proud of what I’ve accomplished. Can’t have enough sleep, hick who needs it anyway LOL. Welcome and I hope you enjoy the first issue.

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Entertaining and fun magazine, Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine is for all readers to enjoy and learn about authors and their adventures. Interviews, gossip, travels, recipes, dreams, books and more please join us and learn about new authors, their life, and their hard work to bring you beautiful entertaining stories. Every issue will have different authors, stories, articles and gossip. Have fun and ask the authors anything on my blog Readers do you want to be a guest on Cocktails Magazine, email me at admin(at)suzannahsafi(dot) com and join the party with us and let authors and the world know what you like to read and learn about you as well. Authors do you want to gossip and talk about anything and let readers know you and your books in a fun way, contact me. Hope you all enjoy this issue and the ones to come every month. Love. Peace. And be safe.

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Shades of November by Author Beth Trissel I have a fireplace DVD, I kid you not, and a large electric space heater that Misty days, cold rain falling, leaves scattering from the trees in a red-gold swirl meld with days of brilliant sunshine. Pure looks like a wood stove with a fake fire in it. But it gives out warmth and if I play the firelight streams through late autumn color and spills over fields of new, green rye. My fair valley is a glistening jewel on such place DVD while running the space heater/wood stove, at least it provides the feel days and I can see the Alleghenies from my window. When of a hearth. Certainly better than when all I it’s hazy, mist veils the mountains rising beyond the muted hills above our meadow. On my dining room table sits a box owned was the DVD that emitted zero heat in of crocus and other tiny bulbs that ought to be in the this drafty old farm house. My sister, feeling ground. I’ve already planted oodles of bulbs this fall and tem- this was the height of pathetic, gave me the porarily stalled as to where to put these. I got carried away in wood stove/space heater for Christmas. We hot muggy August when daughter Elise and I ordered the do have ancient chimneys here but none are bulbs–even tacked this order on to the one she and I’d already made after she returned to school. Back then autumn seemed safe to use. Someday, someday, we shall build a new one. But the farm has a way of but a dream of faultless blue skies, crisp air, and glorious eating up all the scanty funds before they leaves that stretched on and on infinitely in my mind. stretch to include a new stone hearth. I’d love In reality, fall comes and goes all too quickly…the wonder a massive hearth such as I describe in many of and beauty that lures me into those long dark months before the return of my beloved spring. Not all the leaves are fallen my novels. The Big Meadows Lodge up on yet and some vivid color remains on the trees, but not for the Skyline Drive has the most wonderful long. Still, there is much to be savored about every season hearth in the world. I could settle in for days and I seek for the joys in this one. For one thing, advancing and write in that cozy room with a superb November is what I call ‘the view of the ridges and valley spreading out snugly time.’ For those of you below–my father says when he was young and with real fireplaces, I envy the air clearer, people could see the Washingyou. There’s such primal satiston Monument in Washington, DC from a faction and comfort in the point in the Blue Ridge. I hope we will get crackle of a wood fire, the orange glow of the flames and red our air quality that pure again. Meanwhile, coals, the smoky fragrance. when I’m in the lodge before that hearth I’m deeply content to let the rain fall and fog shroud the ridges. A snug log cabin would also do nicely as a writers retreat 4

One of the benefits of these darkening days is that it’s an excellent time for writing and reading, two of my most favorite occupations. I need a new CD, something with a historic and fantasy sound, music that transports me from here to there, to write my latest light paranormal romance to. Recent choices include the soundtrack from Prince Caspian, Lord of the Rings (all three of them) the latest Harry Potter soundtrack…I’m open to suggestions. I love Celtic music and have collected releases from various artists but nothing I have seems to suit the mood I’m seeking. On goes my search for the perfect music to write to.

My latest release is Native American Historical Romance novel Red Bird's Song. My blog is the happening place:https://

*This is also a great time of year for making soup and baking bread, one of today’s projects. *Pics of The Alleghenies, Our Farm in the Shenandoah Valley of VA, The Big Meadows Lodge, and Me with my faithful friend Sadie Sue~Pics by mom, daughter Elise, and I don’t know who took the one of the lodge.

Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine Owner author Suzannah Safi Author of sizzling Romance Stories for the Soul


Eli Warriors for the Light by Karen Nutt Meet A True to Life Character The main characters in my book, Eli: Warriors for the Light are fictional beings, but some of the places, people and animals are true to life characters. I’d like to you to meet McGregor. McGregor, my kitty-cat came to live with us over eight years ago. He was a little guy about eight weeks old, a stray living in the bushes. Once we managed to bring him home, he hid under the bed for two days before we convinced him we weren’t a vicious animals looking for prey. Now he’s a solid fourteen pounds and the sweetest cat in the world. His favorite pastime is being brushed or having the area behind his ear scratched. He likes catnip; cat treats and enjoys long leisurely naps. McGregor makes a guest appearance in the first book of my Fallen Angels Series. Ryden is the proud owner. I use the term owner lightly, since cats do as they please and tend to train you and not the other way around. I have to say McGregor’s baby blues won Ryden’s heart from the start. Eli: Warriors for the Light is available now at most online bookstores in both print and Ebook formats. The second book, Lucca will be released early 2010. To find out more about the series, please visit me at:

To Love A Hero by Mona Risk The Road to Publication: PERSEVERANCE Is it the key to success or the cause of heartaches (and prospective heart attacks)? It’s a strange question I’ve been asking myself many times while going through a rollercoaster time to say the least. During the course of one week, I received three rejection letters and three requests. The editor requesting revisions on one of my manuscripts quit the publishing company after working with me for a year and promising a quick response.(?!) That same week, my first book, TO LOVE A HERO, was released by Cerridwen Press. Maybe I should rephrase the above paragraph in fewer words. Emotional words: Disappointed. Anxious. Relieved. Depressed. Joyful. Delirious. Can my poor heart accommodate so many emotions crammed in one week time? Eventually all my manuscripts will find a happy home. I believe it because I want to believe it, because without faith in myself, in my writing, my muse would hide, sleep would elude me and my heart would hammer, race, slow, and hurt. So I decided to send the requests, stop whining about the rejections and forget about the editor who rejected my revisions. I reached a difficult goal: to have a book published—>


My first book, the book of my heart, TO LOVE A HERO came at Cerridwen Press. I cried with joy when I received the Call. I thought it was the culmination of my dreams. It should be and it was...for a certain time. I immersed myself in happiness and celebrated the release of my first book, TO LOVE A HERO. Let me tell you about my Call.

long hours of study and work. Now she’s determined to excel in her first international contract. BUT… In Belarus, a Russian country dominated by male chauvinism and intrigues, Cecile finds more chemistry than she bargains for. Can she betray his trust to save his career? Would her love cost him everything he valued? I had a lot of fun writing this book and I hope you will discover a new country and interesting culture while reading TO LOVE A HERO.

It all started ten years ago. In a different life, I was Director of the Analytical Division of an environmental company. I supervised a staff of chemists performing analytical tests and I worked on various government contracts. A monotonous predictable life that suddenly changed when I won a contract to refurbish a military laboratory in Belarus. I traveled fifteen times to Minsk, capital of Belarus, and was well received by everyone. I worked with colonels and generals, chemists and engineers. I was invited to theirs homes and became friend with their wives. During the inauguration of the lab we were featured on their national TV. Needless to say, I fell in love with the country. Five years later, I wrote my first book, TO LOVE A HERO. Through my novel, a fictional story about an American chemist and a Belarussian officer, I lived again my fantastic trips to Belarus. My story highlights the hospitality and warmth of the gorgeous and gallant Belarusian officers who sing, toast with vodka and make a woman feel like a goddess. TO LOVE A HERO blurb: Major General Sergei is a true hero in his country, admired by men and adored by women. BUT… When a lovely American chemist stumbles straight into his arms, Sergei has more on his mind than patriotic duty. Raised in boarding schools, Cecile buried her loneliness under


Writing a book is one thing. Seeing it published is another. During my journey to publication, I have often pondered if it wasn’t easier to refurbish the lab in Belarus, struggle with the chauvinism of my foreign clients and pass the thin-comb inspections of government auditors. I wrote my book in three months and spent four years editing it. I entered my manuscript in numerous contests and edited according to judges’ comments, submitted to innumerable critiques and edited according to critique partners’ suggestions, requested help from wonderful mentors and edited according to pertinent advice, and I edited, and I edited…for months, for years, while trying to save the plot and create my voice. It happened at the FRW conference in Miami, I hadn't planned to talk to any publisher and I didn't have a pitch, but I sat in front of Ms. Gorlinsky trying to summarize the book of my heart. She smiled, asked questions, and I relaxed.

A week later I sent my requested material to Cerridwen Press and a month later came the first e-mail from an editor requesting the whole manuscript. By then my mother had been rushed to the hospital with congestive heart failure. I copied my manuscript on my laptop and stayed at the hospital all day, helping my mother drink and eat, and in between, reading, editing and revising. I sent my manuscript to my new editor after two weeks. It was 7:30 am. Still half asleep from a late night, I saw the e-mail address and the heading, TO LOVE A HERO. I froze unable to open it and called my husband. He clicked on the e-mail and hugged me before I could even read it. Cerridwen Press would like to offer you a contract. Oh my God. I cried and I laughed. We bought a box of chocolate and took it to the hospital instead of champagne. I was a published author. Finally. I wrote an acceptance letter, a delirious letter, which was far from professional.

Since then, I’ve published five books, garnered fantastic reviews, was featured in Barbara Vey’s Publishers Weekly, and won many awards. Have I reached my goal? Not yet!!! The road to publication is a long one, sprinkled with emotions, with tears of frustration and shrieks of joy. The end of this bumpy road is too far away to even glimpse. Put your hand on you heart, take a deep breath and keep going my friend. Just when you think you’ve reached your goal, push it a little further. As a writer you have too much passion to stop.

Check to order for TO LOVE A HERO, a sizzling love story in an exotic setting. Also available at

Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine Owner author Suzannah Safi Author of sizzling Romance Stories for the Soul


Author of French Kiss—Cherie Le Clare is sharing her free story All She Wants For Christmas

us making promises that we mightn’t be able to keep.’ The stubborn set of Roy’s jaw told Nancy that his mind was made up. He thought he was doing the right thing by her, even if she couldn’t – wouldn’t - understand. She held her breath as Roy reached under the flap of his top pocket to withdraw a small, brown paper parcel. ‘Open this after I’m gone,’ he said gruffly, placing it under the sparsely decorated tree. Nancy fisted one hand against her mouth to block the swell of emotion, and, with the other, wiped her cheeks. With her back to the range, she rocked back and forth on trembling legs. ‘I wish…’ She swallowed her words; her voice breaking.

New Zealand, 1940 ‘It’s time?’

Roy’s sad smile cut into Nancy’s heart and as he bent to the coal range to stoke the crackling embers, she leaped up and clasped him in a hug.

Roy raked an impatient hand across his freshly shaven curls but, as he drew close, her breath caught at the mist of pain in his green eyes.

‘Please don’t go yet.’ He turned and gathered her against him. She laid her head on his shoulder, breathed in the warm scent of his neck and whispered, ‘I have a Christmas gift for you.’ As his arms crushed her to his chest and her fingers scraped the rough fabric of his khaki army jacket, Nancy’s bitter tears bled into his collar. Her man was leaving her, leaving her to fight in a war thousands of miles away. But he needed her to be brave, so she drew in a shuddering breath. ‘I’ll wait, no matter how long –’ ‘No!’ Roy’s hands were like iron bands on her wrists as he took a step back. ‘We’ve been through this before.’ Releasing her, he hissed an oath as he slammed shut the firebox hatch and muttered, ‘You know there’s a chance that I won’t come back. No sense in either of


The split in her heart widened. She searched his taut skin as he reached out to curve his hand around one cheek. ‘Nance,’ he murmured, his features softening. ‘No matter what happens, our shared memories will always be with me.’

His caress squeezed her heart and tears spilled from her closed eyelids in a waterfall of agony.

Then she sank to her knees, her fury spent, her breath catching on a sob of horror as the flames greedily devoured her labor of love, the knitting ‘Don’t cry, sweetheart. Please don’t cry.’ He bent and kissed her lips. She drank in his touch as if she she’d worked on secretly for months – the gift Roy were drowning, clutching his sleeve to urge him closer, couldn’t be bothered waiting for. so close that she could feel the urgent beat of his heart She clutched at the rapid rise and fall of her chest, her throat tight. The orange and yellow flames against the flimsy fabric of her dress. Her toes curled as his kiss deepened. Her pulse licked and danced as she stared, unable to tear her lifted and soared as his hot response encouraged her to gaze away. The truth, she realized bitterly, was that he didn’t want her gift and he didn’t want her. hope he’d changed his mind; that he was not going to That’s why he’d told her not to wait for him; he’d leave her; that he’d stay for Christmas. set her free only so that he could be free himself. The But when the clock struck the hour, Roy lifted rat! his head and Nancy’s heart sank to her cracked leather Gradually her breathing slowed and the ball boots. of rage inside her hardened, like soft candle wax as He placed a finger under her chin to lift her it cools, into a lump of cold, flat misery. downcast eyes. ‘You’ll be alright. I’ve chopped a supTick, tock, tick. ply of kindling wood and mended the kitchen door. She glanced at the clock on the mantel above You’ve got everything you need.’ She stared at him, exasperated, biting her lip to the range. He’ll have reached the dock by now. Her gaze fell on the parcel he’d left for her and she stop herself from screaming I need YOU! Forcing her reached for it. despair behind a wobbly smile, she mumbled, ‘I… what about… ’ But her protest was smothered by Roy’s Tick, tick, tock. hard, final kiss. And as he strode out the door, she ran The parcel lay limply in her hands; she didn’t after him, her hand poised to wave, but he didn’t even want to open it. What was the point? glance back. Gulping in rapid breaths of air, Nancy Tock, tick, tock. stumbled back into the house and slammed the door. He’d be boarding the ship. It wasn’t sailing She had no choice but to accept he was setting till tonight – she still had time to… She sank back her free, that her love wasn’t enough to delay him. But with a ragged sigh. He wouldn’t want her there. she’d thought, hoped, he’d at least want to postpone their goodbyes for as long as possible. She pulled at the parcel string and the paper fell away. Did she want to peek inside the tiny, plain Instead, he’d made it perfectly clear that he couldn’t wait to get away to join the troops on the ship. box? Curiosity got the better of her. Her eyes widShe snatched up the decorations she’d made out ened as she stared at the three sapphires set in a gold of scraps of cardboard and hoarded string and tossed them into the firebox. ‘I hate you, Roy Bennett!’ Sting- band. A flame of renewed hope sputtered to life in ing, hot tears blinded her as she heaved the pathetic ex- her heart. It was Roy’s grandmother’s ring; the one he’d told her he was keeping for someone precious. cuse for a Christmas tree into the backyard. ‘I hate you!’ She kicked awry the Nativity scene she’d spent She blinked away a fresh welling of tears as hours crafting from old flour bags and, with a scream she read the note tucked inside: If you’re wearing of despair, pelted the door with the three threadbare this ring when I return, then I’ll know that you love seat cushions. me as much as I love you. ‘I hate, hate, hate this damned war!’ Wrenching a lambswool sweater from its snug hiding place behind the couch, she stuffed it into the coal range.


He interrupted her with a kiss, the sweetest, most bone-melting kiss she’d ever had. ‘Happy Christmas, my love.’ He smiled against her mouth.

How could he torture her like this? The RAT! She heard the door open and glanced up. Her heart hammered painfully and she fought back the urge to launch herself into his arms. ‘Have you forgotten something?’ A shadow crossed Roy’s face at the coolness in her tone. ‘You said you had a gift-’

And, to her ultimate joy, his following passion confirmed his love much, much louder than any words. Her Christmas wish came true.

‘You’re too late!’ She flushed as she glanced at the coal range. His eyebrows rose. ‘You were that mad with me?’ Then he grinned. ‘It’s no laughing matter! I spent months…’ ‘Never mind, sweetheart.’ In a heartbeat he’d crossed the room and, ignoring her resistance, he drew her against him and picked up her hand. ‘Don’t you know,’ he kissed the ring on her finger, ‘that to see you wearing this is the best gift I could ever have?’ He sought and held her gaze. She raised her chin. ‘You hurt me!’ He flinched. ‘And I hurt myself. That’s why I came back.’ He sighed. ‘I’m sorry. It’s just that I couldn’t bear to say-’ His throat worked as he swallowed. Nancy watched him struggle to control his emotion; her pride softening like ice cream in the sun. Now she realized - having to say goodbye was tearing him apart. She squeezed his hand. ‘It’s a beautiful ring – thank you.’ ‘The stones match the blue of your eyes,’ Roy murmured, wrapping his arms around her. ‘Nance, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this before I leave…’ He groaned. ‘But you’re so damned irresistible.’ He held her gaze. ‘Will you marry me?’ She gulped, her pulse racing. It was what she’d always hoped for. And yet, she hesitated. ‘Yes… but what I really want -’ She let her fingers slide down his hips.


© 2010 Cherie Le Clare Visit the author’s blog at ~****~

Interview with author Autumn Jordon on ‘Get to Know the Author’

Now let’s meet author Autumn Jordon Suzannah: Autumn, tell us all who is Autumn Jordon, the author and the person? Autumn: If you’ve visited my website, you already know my middle name is ‘Trouble’. My family gave it to me. Not that I cause problems. They just seem to find me, and believe me, I’ve put the experiences to good use in plotting my romantic suspense novels. I live in on a mountain top in northeast PA with my own hero and a trio of pets-think Homeward Bound. My five children stop in often to check the refrigerator. I’m the only person I know who loves to rake leaves and shovel snow. I enjoy hiking, working in my garden and flower beds and if I had a horse, I’d be riding every day. Maybe it’s best I don’t, because riding would definitely cut into my writing time. Suzannah: How long have you been writing and how do you feel during writing one of your novels?


Autumn: More years then I want to confess. I’ve always wanted to be a novelist and about ten years ago I started studying the craft. With four of the five children still at home, my time was limited, but I never gave up learning and writing. I’m bubbly when I start novel, then I get to the middle and think, “Man, this sucks.” But, I mentally roll up my sleeves and get to work. When the end comes into light-I’m a panster- the excitement builds again. Then I put on my editorial hat and start polishing. Confession. I love editing and layering. Love it!

Suzannah: Tell us about the most interesting place you visited.

Suzannah: Autumn, where can your readers find you?

Autumn: Washington D.C. Hands down. There is so much to see and learn, no matter what your interests are. I’ve visited four times and my DH and I are planning to go again.

Autumn: My website is I blog each Wednesday at and I’m on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter

Suzannah: Have you ever felt that you are living in a scene in one of your books and got scared?

Suzannah Safi: Thank you Autumn for being here with us, wishing you the best of success. Hope to see more of your news, till then, take care and I hope all of you enjoyed knowing Autumn Jordon. You can comment on Autumn’s interview in my blog under the magazine info.

Autumn: I’ve actually went through two back to back armed robberies while working in a restaurant, and hell yes, I was scared. It was months before I stopped having nightmares of a guy wearing a ski mask shoving a shot gun into my face. I’ve had someone try to break into my house while we were at home. Talk about feeling violated. My family is in trucking, and I’ve had to deal with the FBI on thefts. So, yes to your question. Suzannah: do you have a dream that nags at you so bad that you want to accomplish as soon as possible? Autumn: The next ten books. Suzannah: what type of stories you write, and why? Autumn: After writing several books, I found my voice in romantic suspense. I guess I should’ve known this was my genre, because I’ve always loved reading suspense and mystery novels, even before I started reading romances. I love a story where your heart beats fast throughout the novel and with having two thrilling plots (romance and suspense) intertwining, romantic suspense novels do just that. My debut novel, Evil’s Witness, was a 2009 Golden Heart Finalist and recently won the 2010 Golden Leaf award for ‘Best First Book.’ It begins with a tractortrailer heist. See real life experiences do come in handy. In Evil’s Witness, a Mafia target needs refuge. To break his case, a FBI agent needs a witness. Together, will Stephanie and John survive a killer’s wrath? And while on the run, find the kind of love they’ve both closed their hearts to?


I would like to welcome author Nan D. Arnold on ‘Get to Know the Author’ Now let’s meet author Nan D. Arnold Suzannah: About your new story, ‘Merry Acres Widows Waltz’ I heard there is dead bodies! What’s up with that? Nan: Yeah, starting on page 1! Suzannah: How did you come up with this very interesting plot Nan? Nan: Living with a retired husband (grin). There are many pluses to a retired spouse but some minuses, too. I started thinking Stepford Wives-- in reverse-then decided to have an angsty protagonist working on guilt issues. Then I threw troubled marriages into the mix all within a retirement community where everybody is supposed to sing, dance, and play golf all day long. The theme is: all debts are paid. But, one day, I may return to a more farcical Stepford Guys. Nan Arnold author of quirky fiction for boomer babes. Suzannah: In your opinion, what was the funniest She is funny, adorable, and witty author, let’s meet the paragraph in your story? author. Nan: Warning! Merry Acres is dark humor. All the humor is wry and comes from one of the characters, This is a review done on Romance ally by author Betty Ann Harris for ‘HITTING THE HIGH NOTES’ a columnist for The Merry Acres Gazette, think Eve …Is a witty and clever book that was a total delight to Arden and Rosalind Russell combined. Funniest paragraph comes when Georgiana Duncan meets by read. The author, Nan Arnold, has a wonderful sense chance Detective Mike Morgan and works up courof humor that breezes through each page and carries age to tell him she thinks things in Merry Acres are through the entire story. This charming story gives awry. Allergies and baklava are involved. A tiny hope to the imperfect single women who are looking for their knights in shining armor. Maggie Duncan is a fragment of the scene is excerpted on my website. middle-aged woman who craves to find love again and Suzannah: what makes Nan laugh? to have a meaningful relationship with that special someone. Things are not looking good for her when she suddenly finds herself being pursued by not just one man, but several! Amidst chaos and a seemingly endless game of cat and mice, this story flows like a well thought out play; each character playing their part with exquisite timing. I give this book a well deserved 5 Hearts!


Nan: What doesn’t? I find humor in everything. I can laugh at a funeral—with discretion. In fact, if it’s at all possible, I intend to die laughing. Also, Everyday irony. For instance, wishing for the day my dear hubby retired, then getting it. Suzannah: what type of stories you write, Nan, and why? Nan: I would call it an over fifty version of chick lit. I adore chick lit, the irreverence, the humor, the selfabsorbed heroine, so boomer-esque no matter the age. But, without the shopping. It’s all about the protagonist’s journey, if it includes romance, great, if it doesn’t, that’s grand, too. Merry Acres Widows Waltz however is a departure. Ask my crit pard, writer Cheryl Dale. “Did YOU write this? Where’s your humor? I mean it’s good, but unlike you.” Ditto my beta reader, my cousin Jeanie Ryan. “Where’s the romance?” (She’s such a romantic, how are we related?) Everybody’s a critic, I feel like Woody Allen when people complain about his movies and whine “I like the funny ones better.”) Yes, gentle readers, I, Nan D Arnold, am multi-faceted. Okay?

I had one of those out of body experiences. Completely calm, never been so relaxed before or since. What brought me back was the awful sounds of the crunching bumper and headlight of my (brand new, only one payment made) Pontiac LeMans , a muscle car. Obviously, a guardian angel was around if nobody else was. Somehow (strongly suspect aforementioned angel) I got the car back onto the road and drove (yes, ugly, but drivable) to my grandmother’s house. Uncle had connections, had it fixed so my parents didn’t have apoplexy when I returned home. Suzannah: Nan, where can your readers find you? Nan: My website is and I’m doing a blog thing (at last) Under construction but Up and Running soon-ish, http:// Or, check out my crit pard’s blog site upon which I piggyback most days. Suzannah Safi: Thank you Nan for being here with us, wishing you the best of success. Hope to see more of your news, till then, take care and I hope all of you enjoyed knowing Nan D. Arnold. Nan is offering is offering one print copy of Hitting the High Notes, and a pdf copy of Pesto Packing Mama, along with wallet-sized 2011 calendars to one commenter. You can comment on Nan’s interview in my blog under the magazine info. Nan will contact the winner with the wonderful gifts.

Suzannah: I want the funniest situation you were in and the scariest one? Nan: Oh, man, a tough one. Okay, caffeine required. Back in a sec. Now then, the funniest. Hmmm. Let’s just say it involved bucket seats, stick shifts and two teenagers, one of them being me. It was not funny at the time…but in retrospect, a scream. Kids are so lucky today; parents offer them a posh guestroom or use their travel points and rent teens a nice bed in a five star hotel. Trust me, discomfort works wonders for keeping a gal virginal. Scariest: I’m tooling up I-45 on the way to my grandmother’s over Thanksgiving when I missed a turn. I grew up in Texas and at the time you could go 75 (which meant we went 95). It was raining. I saw the exit, and simply jerked to the right. Bad move. Hydroplaned off an embankment. Fortunately, wet earth broke the collision when I stopped. But, you know, it was weird. After the first seconds of “OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO DIE”


A dish I love and would like to share with you, Yummmy. Sweet Potatoes pie recipe. Ingredients •

1 pound 3 ounces sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed

1 1/4 cups plain yogurt

3/4 cup packed, dark brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg

5 egg yolks


1 (9-inch) deep dish, frozen pie shell

1 cup chopped pecans, toasted

1 tablespoon maple syrup Directions

Put the cut potatoes into steamer basket and place steamer basket into a large pot of simmering water that is no closer than 2 inches from the bottom of basket. Allow to steam for 20 minutes or until the potatoes are fork tender. Mash with potato masher and set aside. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Place sweet potatoes in the bowl of a stand mixer and beat with the paddle attachment. Add yogurt, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, yolks, and salt to taste, and beat until well combined. Pour this batter into the pie shell and place onto a sheet pan. Sprinkle pecans on top and drizzle with maple syrup. Bake for 50 to 55 minutes. Remove from oven and cool. Keep refrigerated after cooling. Suzannah Safi Where can you find me on the web? Website: , Blog: , Facebook: Just find Suzannah Safi Twitter: , Amazon Author Page: OTHER: These are my publication info: Worth Every Breath Available e-book & print from , This Time You Are Mine Available e-book & print from , Behind a Closed Heart-a free short story , Sway Me with Lust- Available e-book from Beyond a Planned Fantasy-Available e-book from My Sun Your Shadow - Available e-book from Adrenaline Rush - Rule Breaker - Available e-book, only at my website


Who is taking the first spot in the next Issue from Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine?

Hello. Anyone out there? What am I doing here? Whatever in this world do I have to do with…romance? Just ask my wife! I’m a mystery writer. (Name’s Ronald S. Barak. Please call me Ron. “They” say I’m what you get if you mix…John Grisham and Jerry Seinfeld. Hmmm...well, they would have if they’d thought about it.) While certainly not a romance author, I do think I’m an incurable romantic. And, of course, an opportunist too! So…as long as I’m here…and in anticipation of my making a more “proper” entrance in the upcoming second issue of Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine featuring mystery and thriller writers like…moi, please (please!) take an “advance” peek at my latest (it’s also my earliest, but “latest” has a much nicer ring to it) at…, chronicling the day-to-day adventures—and misdeeds—of a serial killer knocking off our political leaders in modern day Washington, D.C. for messing up our country. Wow, it’s been an honor to make a “cameo” appearance in this historic premier edition of Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine, but I think I better get outta here while the coast is clear (that’s just the way we mystery wordsmiths speak), and before any of this issue’s featured romance novelists spot me hanging around in their ‘hood. As with any good mystery (or any good bottle of wine), be waiting… anticipating…and watching for…me:)


Hope you enjoyed issue 1 of Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine. Check the next issue2 in December, you never know what will dwell inside until you read it :). Please share your comments on my blog at And don’t forget to visit the authors websites to know what they are up too I hope they are behaving LOL



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