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The highest standards for life today and in the future

Working in partnership with Ninestiles Academy Trust and Ninestiles School - an Outstanding Academy

We ensure our stakeholders are proud of our achievements and the ethos we promote


College Leadership Team

• Welcome P3 • Key Stage 3 & 4


• 6th Form P6-7 • Parental Partnership


Sian Hartle - Principal -

Chris Quinn - Executive Principal Ninestiles Trust

Carol Squires Chair of Governors

Denise White Vice Principal Curriculum

Michelle Savage Vice Principal Inclusion

Mark Thorogood Assistant Principal

Dave Burley Assistant Principal Data & Timetable

J. Delahaye Assistant Principal Post 16

Nicola Goulter Assistant Principal Pastoral

• Uniform P9 • Independent Study


• Specialist Staff P11 • Excellent Resources


• Pupil Premium P13 • Student Progress



• Ambassadors P15 • A Caring College


• Transition P17 • Extra Curricular P18-19 • Sport P19

We ensure our stakeholders are proud of our achievements and the ethos we promote

Jacqueline McGillicuddy

Assistant Principal Learning Skills

Anne Marie Heeley Ben Freeman Associate Assistant Principal Associate Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning


Cockshut Hill is a vibrant Technology College where students both ‘enjoy and achieve’ Although we are pleased that some subjects have once again exceeded national average, College life is not just about exam percentages. We are proud once again, that all our subject departments are fully staffed with specialist teachers. We hope that your children will commit the next 7 years to being excellent learners, including in our highly commended 6th Form.

Priorities: •

even better achievement levels for all students

focus on development of cross curricular learning skills -reading, literacy, maths, communication, personal learning and thinking skills

continue to develop an engaging range of pathways for all students, giving even more variety and choice of subjects to support their future aspirations

develop leadership qualities in all students, enabling them to contribute further to improving our College.

Our Vision: •

the highest standards for life today and in the future

making a positive contribution to our community

ensuring our stakeholders are proud of our achievements and the ethos we promote.

The highest standards for life today and in the future

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

In year 7 students are organised into bands and

Students choose an appropriate pathway at year 10,

grouped in sets for the main subject areas. We

with a view to engaging in education or training until

are able to accelerate the programme for higher

they are 18. The pathways are flexible, and students

achieving groups. Students who need help and

can opt for traditional GCSE courses, a blend of GCSE

support are given a well-structured special needs

and BTEC courses or a more vocational programme.

programme whilst having access to statutory subject. Students will be well supported in their

There is a common core of English, Maths, Science,

transition from primary school. Key Stage 3 also

ICT, Games, and RE, but differing pathways allows

focuses upon developing their skills in Literacy,

the choice of ICT, DT, performing arts subjects,

Maths, ICT, Science and their learning in the

modern foreign languages, humanities or vocational

Foundation subjects throughout years 7, 8 and 9.

areas. Vocational students spend two days per week

Students are grouped in mixed-ability tutor groups.

where they study a broad skills based curriculum. The College continually reviews the KS4 curriculum

Basic Courses

in order to meet the needs of our students and the expectations of the DCSF. BTEC courses are widely available in a number of subjects.


Provision in DT has been expanded to include


electronics and ICT to include computer science in


direct response to employability needs.

Design Technology





Study Skills






There is a broad range of appropriate academic and vocational subjects and courses for students to follow. Ofsted 2013


The sixth form is good. Teaching in the sixth form is good. Consequently, results are improving and students are making good progress. Ofsted 2013


Key Stage 5 - 6th Form

Year 11 students are interviewed so that wherever possible the structure of courses can be tailored to the individual.

At Cockshut Hill Sixth Form we are committed to

The Sixth Form is not only about academic

every individual fulfiling their potential and our

achievement but also about developing the whole

provision is an important part of this.

We are

person. Students can contribute to this through

continuing to expand year on year and offer a wide

partaking in educational visits or other enrichment

range of courses to suit the needs of all students

activities. An extensive range of enrichment activities

who want to continue their education. Students can

are on offer. All this is done within a friendly and

follow advanced and BTEC level courses at a variety

supportive environment that challenges students to

of different levels.

be the best that they can whilst contributing to the development of both the sixth form and the College

At Cockshut Hill Sixth Form we offer high quality education





as a whole.


environment. Good teaching and learning ensure that all students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. An increasing number of our Head Girl 2013-14

students gain access to university each year. Students can choose to follow academic A level courses, vocational BTEC courses or any combination that suits individual needs.


Results in the small sixth form are improving and students are making good progress. Students are making particularly good progress in vocational courses. Ofsted 2013


Parental Partnership


Once a family have decided on Cockshut Hill the

We unashamedly set and achieve high standards

partnership begins. We have a transition teaching

of uniform. We believe in the value of a uniform

assistant who works in our feeder primary schools

and the sense of common identity that it affords

to ensure a smooth transition. Students will spend

to individuals within the community. Students are

a day with us in the summer term which is followed

expected to wear full uniform that is smart, practical

by a meeting with families in the evening. There are

and moderately priced. Details of the uniform can

two Parent Evenings for Year 7 students to ensure

be obtained from the College and website.

they have settled well and are making progress. We also hold a Coffee Evening to ensure that the transition process was a success for your child. We offer specialised events appropriate to the year group to offer advice on option choices or careers. Cockshut





comment on academic progress, attendance and behaviour in addition to the more traditional annual report. We hold a variety of events to celebrate students’ achievements. There are Commendation Evenings and Year Group Awards where we reward effort and attainment across the College, and in Autumn term a Presentation Evening is held for senior students who excelled in external examinations.


Safeguarding policies and procedures meet all current regulatory requirements. Ofsted 2013


Mural wall in progress - Make a Difference Day

Independent Study

Specialist Staff The College is fully staffed with

Individual study is an important part of the education

specialist teachers for September with

of every student. From a very early age, independent

an exciting range of subjects delivered

study skills are vital in maximising performance and

in each key stage.

are encouraged. Every student needs to acquire the self-discipline of devoting a certain amount of time outside college hours each day to independent study. Independent study may involve reading, investigation or research or be part of a long-term project. In particular we have found independent study booklets containing several weeks’ work are beneficial. The student planner assists staff and parents in working together to monitor student’s progress and allows students to learn to manage their time. The College offers opportunities for students to study out of normal hours. An independent study timetable is issued for all students. Study support is available in the Learning Pad.

Where homework is set, it is appropriate and makes a positive contribution to students’ progress. Ofsted 2013

BIG Dave’s World - Anti Bullying Fire Engine Pull

Excellent Resources

Pupil Premium

The buildings are situated on one site at Cockshut Hill,

The college has benefited from additional funding to

with on-site tennis courts, a grass games area and a

support students who have free school meals or are

well equiped Sports Hall with Fitness Centre.

looked after. This funding is being targeted very carefully


off site facilities are used for a wide variety of sporting

and includes:-

activities. The College is fortunate in having its own

2 Additional teaching assistants to support students

extensive playing fields in Sedgemere Road. We also

including those who come to secondary school with

benefit from daily use of the Powerleague all weather

lower-than-expected attainment (below level 4 at

pitches within a short walking distance.

KS2). •

A more primary based model of teaching with

We have been enabled to equip the College with up to

less teachers who will support learning in a very

date ICT facilities. We have a good ratio of computers to

personalised way for a small group of students until

pupils and the majority of teaching rooms are equipped

the individuals are ready to join all lessons.

with interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and multimedia

Supporter funding enrichment activities.

projectors. This has altered how lessons are delivered

Extra staff to enable smaller teaching groups.

enhancing students’ learning opportunities.

Summer school to boost literacy maths and confidence!

Recently we have set up a media centre which is

Additional support staff in our Children’s Services

equipped with video cameras, i-books, i-pads and a

department to support families where barriers to

green screen. These facilities are available for all staff

learning hamper progress.

and students to use with support from a dedicated media technician. These facilities are transforming the

One-to-one and small group sessions to boost basic skills.

way learning is archived and are helping to transform the information available to stakeholders on the website. The teaching accommodation continues to be improved and work this year will see a transformation to a number of rooms and corridors, which will help to provide inspirational learning spaces.

We ensure our stakeholders are proud of our achievements and the ethos we promote

Make a Difference Day Clean up

Student Progress We want all our students to enjoy their time with us and

The subjects and courses students follow, supported by additional activities and the school’s underlying values, promotes students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development effectively. Ofsted 2013

achieve their very best both academically and socially. It is important that both staff and students are aware of how individuals are progressing in their learning forecasts and the next steps needed to make progress. To facilitate this we monitor pupil performance using data based on prior attainment and predictive forecast grades against their current performance. This allows us to recognise progress and put in interventions where necessary. Parents and Carers are kept informed of their child’s progress through:• •

academic progress reports academic tutoring sessions when tutors give individual advice to students about their progress and appropriate targets.

annual written reports

annual parents consultation evenings.

Ambassadors Year 7 students as with all other years have the opportunity to apply to be proactive in College life, working with a range of stakeholders becoming team members for: •


Student Support

Students as Learning Partners

Parental Partnership

Head Boy/Girl

A Caring College


The pastoral system is organised on a year group

Parents/carers will be amazed at how quickly

basis led by a Year Achievement Co-ordinator, with

students settle in to College life, make new

a Year Manager to support them. In addition there

friendships and start work. See the Transition pages

is an Assistant Principal for Pastoral Care, a Vice

on the website, a range of adults are here to help.

Principal for Inclusion and a Children’s Services team. These members of staff, plus the Vice Principal Curriculum monitor the academic progress and social development. They also liaise closely with the Form Tutors to ensure that any concerns are identified as soon as possible. Members of our Children’s Services team are also available to offer mentoring and encouragement. Each student can therefore approach someone who knows them well for advice, guidance and counselling.

Students say they know who to go to if they are worried about anything and know that support is available if they need it, for example from peer mentors. Ofsted 2013

Extra Curricular


We believe it is important that our students are offered the chance to participate in a range of extra curricular activities to broaden their personal interests. We offer a range of activities including :

There is a strong tradition of sport at Cockshut Hill

• • • • • • •

Art Club Drama Computing Music, Choir and Festivals Outdoor Activities Sport Young Enterprise Activities

Camp, ski trips, specialist days educational visits and residential opportunities.

and we have a dedicated and hard-working PE Department that offers a wide variety of sporting activities including football, rugby, basketball, netball, cricket, athletics, rounders, dance and gymnastics. At Key Stage 4, the students will be introduced to a new initiative called the Sports Leaders Award. It is designed to introduce young people from the age of 14 to the Skills of Sports leadership. We encourage participation, as well as competition, against other local schools. The department holds an annual Dance and Gymnastics Christmas Show. Our excellent facilities are appropriate to the high achievement of the department. Our football teams have won many trophies, Year 11 boys going through to the Villa Park final in the Birmingham City Football Cup and we also have a good success rate against local schools. A number of Cockshut Hill players have gone on to play for Premier League Clubs.

Students are able to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and there is a good range of popular enrichment activities. Ofsted 2013

Year 11 Prom - King and Queen 2013


Making a positive contribution to our community


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