Issuu on Google+ Layout design by Angel Ito Cover Photograph by David Mingoranz Issue No. 1 (Online re-issue) based in london, u.k.



The Cock is Growing quickly-but before we get too ahead of ourselves, we decided to re-issue our debut edition-The Resur-erection. Back when we were still scrambling with technology and layout design-a lot of things got left out or forgotten. We are happy to present a revamped Online Version of our original issue with Photo Spreads never before seen-and new layouts that do the work justice. This lil baby is growing into everything we want it to beand we thank you for your support. Keep up to date with all things Cock No. 7 on our website at and like our facebook page to keep abreast of our latest rants and our slant on Art Life and Culture! (We combined it into one long ass word “ARTLIFECULTURE�)

Like a ose made R from the flames of desire... Team

Art Direction -Asun V. Make Up/Art Direction-Marco K. Asst. Make-Up for Mac-Angel Jimenez Hair-Susan Haya Photogrpaher-Curro de Los RiosAsst-Xisco Fernandez

ANA ParAdelo

2010 Collection Fashion Focus

Styled and Photographed by La Otra Cara

Art Direction and Styling -Asun Valero Romeo Bargueno Ass. Direction Art Direction/Make-up- Marco K. Make Up- Angel J. Hair-Paco De La Toore Photography David Mingoranz

As we began the journey of Cock No. 7-and our search for young fresh talent we ran into Chema, Alvaro, and Anna. Fresh from Spain, they could hardly speak a lick of English, they were super styling spanish friends of Asun V. They started coming to the creative meetings eager to get a foot in something creative in London, as thats what they hope to do with their lives, but the language barrier was quite thick. They wanted to contribute to the magazine and set to the streets of Camberwell and snapping themselves unleashing their youthful force and naked ambition onto the streets of London-ready for what ever may come. We’ll be checking back in on them in future issues seeing how London affected their lives

a Alvaro

Chema a

Advice from our Agony Aunt

Disgrace Jones


Try Handcuffs, clothes pins, an adult diaper and a dog leash! In that order-in that order sweetie-and if they keep calling you a sleepwalking wanking weirdo-then own it babybecause that’s what you are! D.J xx

issue supplement The Art from the multi fold mini supplement included with issue no. 1 by Bettina Fung.

if you are amused by this shit-wait till they get a load of me!

Glory hole, Holy Gore, Gimme some moreLandscape of a dirty boy’s mind by Angel Ito

By Angel Ito

fuck bunny

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Cock No. 7 #1 The Resur-Erection Issue