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Royne Svensson Mestaruuskokeen toinen tuomari: Although we have equivalent rules we use them very differently. But to find the best dogs are often easy. A good dog is always a good dog regardless regulations. During the championship, I saw many good dogs with good speed on ground without scent. Take care of the property in your breeding. It will be the best hunting dogs. During the championship, we found almost only pheasants deployed during the morning it made the felled bird it make it easier for the dogs. The advantage was that all had similar situations. As for the kind you have found a great method to send on a line to retrieve when most of you could control the dogs until an unselected game. It was very impressive. The best dogs were really good and the winner turned out during the day on a variety of good characteristics such as speed, style, pattern, conducted with modest means and worked constantly for their handler and solved in a good way of retrieving a runner. My wish is you start with a trail where the dogs are working in pairs, it will provide better dogs in the long term when there are more difficulties to cope with. Hoping for closer cooperation between Sweden and Finland in the future with the equivalent trails and exchange of experiences and knowledge. You have a good community where you can enjoy each other's success it´s a good friendship. Thanks to all who contributed to a successful championship weekend.

Mestaruuskolmikko Sanna & Salli, Henna & Hertta, Tiina & Muu sekä tuomarit Royne & Marcus, kuva Maria Toivanen.

Lauantaina tuomari Juha, ohjaaja Cappe ja Morgan, kuva Henna Kyllönen Kuva Henna Kyllönen


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Cockerspanieli 4/2016