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The Leading European Voice of a United Healthcare Industry

About COCIR COCIR is the European Trade Association representing the medical imaging, health ICT and electromedical industries. Founded in 1959, COCIR is a non-profit association headquartered in Brussels (Belgium) with a China Desk based in Beijing since 2007. COCIR is unique as it brings together the healthcare, IT and telecommunications industries. Our focus is to open markets for COCIR members in Europe and beyond. We provide a range of services in the areas of regulatory, technical, market intelligence, environmental, standardisation, international and legal affairs. COCIR is also a founding member of DITTA, the Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT and Radiation Therapy Trade Association (

Vision and Mission A BETTER WORLD WITH IMPROVED ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE, SAFE AND QUALITY HEALTHCARE COCIR promotes harmonisation of regulatory frameworks, supported by state-of-the-art international standards. Our industry provides safe and high quality products and services, which contribute to reducing health inequalities and enhance cost efficiency in healthcare systems. COCIR’s key objective is to promote free worldwide trade of innovative medical technology while maintaining the competitiveness of the European medical imaging, health ICT and electromedical industries.

The Value of Our Industry COCIR’s members play a driving role in developing the future of European and global healthcare. Our industries are among the most innovative and dynamic - in Europe and worldwide. COCIR membership is currently comprised of more than 30 corporate companies and over 10 National Associations who represent approximately 7000 companies. Over 80% of these are SMEs. The global market for medical equipment is worth €80 billion (€28 billion in Europe), an annual growth rate of 5% and investments in R&D representing up to 8% of sales volume. In Europe, over 500,000 workers are employed in the healthcare sector.

Key Partners in Healthcare

COCIR has forged close relationships with European and international healthcare stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals and providers, insurers, EU regions and other industry players. Together we have joined forces to promote seamless, integrated solutions and optimise patient outcomes.

Our Industry

COCIR is the leading European voice for the following three industry sectors, whose products and services include:

Medical Imaging • Computed Tomography (CT) scanners • Ultrasound • Nuclear Imaging • Radiation therapy equipment • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) • Imaging Information Systems • Medical X-Ray equipment: X-Ray Angiography, X-Ray Multifunctional, X-Ray Fluoroscopy and Urology, X-Ray Mammography

Health ICT • Medical Imaging Information Technology, e.g. PACS, RIS • Enterprise Information Technology • Hospital Information Systems • Clinical Information Systems • Electronic Health Records • Telemedecine • Mobile Health

Electromedical equipment • Patient Monitoring • Intensive Care equipment • Electro Surgery

Our Key Competencies Policies

COCIR maintains ongoing dialogue with policymakers on trade, regulatory and technical issues related to healthcare at regional, national and EU level. Through in-depth policy monitoring, we also provide early warnings of potential threats and opportunities to our members.

Business and Innovation

The drive for sustainable healthcare systems is imperative in Europe. COCIR believes that the innovative solutions developed by the medical imaging and Health ICT technologies have a critical role to play in addressing productivity, accessibility and affordability gaps. Therefore, our technologies deserve a greater allocation of funds as part of EU programs such as Horizon 2020 and Structural Funds; and to benefit from business opportunities through European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs).


Since 2009, COCIR has developed a Code of Conduct and integrated resources (eLearning, Q&A, Dos and Don’ts), building an ethical framework to support and guide medical technology companies in their relationships with healthcare professionals.


COCIR experts are proactively leading a number of initiatives across relevant environmental policy areas, supporting regulators and helping companies comply with legal requirements.

Regulations and Standards

COCIR is supporting its members by promoting: • Convergence of regulatory frameworks in Europe and beyond • Use of international standards as a complementary tool to support regulatory frameworks • Reduction of regulatory burden worldwide • Cooperation among sister trade associations in non-EU countries


COCIR is the EU leading industry voice on eHealth. Our aim is to reduce market fragmentation, accelerate European eHealth deployment and work on key subject matters such as interoperability, telemedicine and mobile health.

Market Intelligence

For over 15 years, COCIR has been collecting accurate market intelligence data (orders and sales) on the evolution of medical imaging equipment markets in Europe and beyond. With over 90% of the global industry players in medical imaging technology COCIR members, our market intelligence is reliable, accurate and undisputed.

Global Reach

COCIR is opening markets for its members, to safeguard and foster long-term sustainability for our industry and to provide them with an opportunity to expand their business beyond Europe.

COCIR China Desk The COCIR China Desk, open since 2007, is based in Beijing and provides specialised support to companies interested in entering the Chinese market. The Desk closely monitors the evolution of the regulatory framework in China and keeps COCIR’s members involved in key, ongoing discussions regarding future changes planned in the regulatory environment. It also plays a key part in supporting members achieve prompt registration of their products in one of the world’s largest markets.

COCIR is a founding member of the Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT and Radiation Therapy Trade Association DITTA ( and cooperates with international organisations on matters of common interest. DITTA supports global regulatory convergence, driving alignment, improving market access and enhancing the global competitiveness of DITTA member companies. DITTA also contributes to specific actions and provides continuing support to international organizations such as IMDRF, WHO, World Bank and Basel Convention.

DITTA Members

COCIR Membership Benefits • Being represented by a single and global voice for the European medical imaging, health ICT and electromedical industries • Benefiting from in-depth expertise and monitoring on a broad range of topics and technologies • Engaging with high-level policy and decision makers on economic, regulatory, technical, research and innovation matters • Representation by an organisation that demonstrates the value of medical imaging and health ICT technologies and encourages their wider availability, deployment and adoption

COCIR Company Members



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• Monitoring Regulatory Framework • Influencing Policies • Sharing Competencies • Promoting Ethics • Fostering International Standards • Driving Environmental Best Practice • Building Market Intelligence






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Not a member yet? Contact COCIR Diamant Building, Boulevard A. Reyers 80, 1030 Brussels, Belgium Tel +32 (0)2 706 8960 Fax +32 (0)2 706 8969 Email Web

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