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How to Choose Your First Sex Toy Sex toys have always been kind of a forbidden pleasure. You enjoy it an absolute secrecy, preferably in a locked room with lights out and once you go out to get one you’ll probably never masturbate by hand again. Buying your first sex toy is a very important step for you to take, and just like with anything else the first impression is all that matters. Rushing into to buy the first one you see might not exactly be the smartest choice, it might be a good idea to think on it for a while before making a final decision. Think about why you want one of these Think about what you want from the toy. What kind of stimulation pleases you the most? If you’re a woman, you might prefer external clitoral stimulation rather than actual penetration. Are you looking for an anatomically accurate piece? Because you don’t necessarily have to settle for one of those. If you like the fact that it resembles sex organ and it helps get you off – by all means, go for it! But you’ll find that there are some pieces out there that are irregularly shaped, and that’s the key to gaining pleasure through them.

You don’t have to buy anything at the first go As always, visiting a sex toys shop might not exactly be comfortable for you. You might be thinking about what to say when you speak to sales staff, or considering not going in at all, but you would be missing out on such a great experience that it’s really not worth turning down to some fears. Remember, if it’s your first visit, you don’t even have to buy anything. Just browse, see what it’s all about! Maybe it’s going to help you decide the next time you decide to drop by. If you want to read more, follow this link. Safety is also a consideration Apart from looking for things that are going to bring you pleasure, you should also keep an eye out for safety. Despite what you might believe, there are a lot of different materials used in

producing sex toys, and those can range anywhere from regular silicone to actual wood and glass. Keep in mind that all of these materials are perfectly safe for body use, but unfortunately some manufacturers will tend to use cheaper materials and still pawn them off as safe. Needless to say, these kinds of toys can easily bring injuries you don’t want to sustain. Pick up some lube while you’re there If it’s your first time using a sex toy, it might not work out as well as the real thing. If you’re aroused enough, you won’t have any problems slipping into it, but if you’re not this is where things might end up going south. When buying a toy at a sex toys shop, be sure to buy some lubricant just in case. There’s no shame in using it especially during masturbation, and you’ll find that there are some pretty good kinds out there. You can get your regular water-based lubricant, or you can even go kinky and purchase a tingling one. Some of them have other special effects, and there are also flavored lubricants which are a barrel of fun on their own.

How to choose your first sex toy