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Put An AC Cage Around That Thousand Dollar Box You Have Outdoors It's unthinkable but sad to say it is true. Crooks looking for fast cash are targeting air conditioners for the copper components contained in the unit. This isn't a way to make cash. The thief receives about $40 to $50 for every air conditioner they manage to collect and the householder incurs between $700 to $5000 from the damages while having to repair or replace necessary equipment. If you are worried about the possibility of your air conditioner being stolen, you might want to consider getting an AC cage. Copper is a rather valuable commodity these days - averaging nearly four dollars per pound - and one of the most common reasons items are stolen is that they contain copper. All around the nation, copper theft has become a major problem. This malleable element just keeps expanding in importance as copper is used in the manufacturing of electrical equipment. Since they are quick to remove and contain a fair amount of copper, air conditioning systems are an easy target many crooks target. While the criminals can get away promptly, they do lots of damage to property which the homeowner will need to repair. As long as it takes to replace the Air conditioner, the home or business will be without air conditioning which is not appropriate in most situations. Probably, your air conditioning unit is kept in a remote area of your property, possibly outdoors. This gives intruders quick access to the apparatus and minimizes their worries of being detected while extracting their booty. For anyone with the right tools and the criminal frame of mind, you are in essence leaving a $1000 box exposed and unprotected. An AC cage however can save you a lot of money long term even though it will cost some money in the beginning. With an AC cage that would be robber will have many obstacles to jump over before they can essentially steal that highly sought after Air conditioner. It will make impossible the usual routine of getting in and out in five minutes, and most intruders won’t even bother attempting to mess with the cage. Most commercial and residential air conditioning units can be fitted with an AC cage as they are adjustable. They are also very affordable - much more affordable than being robbed and flexible payment plans are an option also. With a simple installation, you are left with a wellprotected AC unit that looks nice also. If it is necessary to remove the cage for maintenance reasons, you as the owner (but certainly not the robber!) will be able to do this without any trouble. To anchor the AC cage in the ground, you will first want to position the cage over the AC unit and place marks on the ground where the anchoring holes should be. Take off the cage and place it to the side in order to dig holes where the marks have been positioned. The holes should extend approximately 16 to 20 inches into the ground, and since you may encounter tree roots within this distance, have a small saw readily available. Once you’ve dug the holes, you need to add the anchors to the cage bottom (you should position the cage upside-down to do this). Then you’re ready to lower the cage on top of the unit again, with the four anchors going into the prepared holes. After making sure that the cage is positioned evenly, pour some concrete combined with water into the holes and spread it all around the anchors. Adding an AC cage around your air conditioner is a simple way to prevent theft. For more


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Put An AC Cage Around That Thousand Dollar Box You Have Outdoors