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Having a baby is one of the most amazing, life affirming things anyone will ever do, but sadly it doesn始t happen easily for everyone. In fact, the majority of couples trying to conceive will take between 6 and 12 months, with some trying unsuccessfully year after year. Although there are, at times, genuine health problems that can prevent a woman from falling pregnant (or a man from getting her pregnant), the vast majority of cases are easily solved naturally and holistically. In other words, there are a lot of people struggling to cope with their 驶infertility始 that simply don始t need to be. This guide offers you simple, holistic, entirely natural tried and tested ways to dramatically increase your chances of finally falling pregnant, with tips, tricks, methods and even tinctures for you and your man to try. The families that these tips have helped create over the years number into their millions, and yours can be next. All you have to do is read on, absorb the information and put it all into practice thoroughly. Use it as your fertility bible if you will, and you are sure to find yourself firmly on the path to motherhood in no time.

Chapter 1 - The Importance of Diet and Nutrition

Although youʼre not pregnant yet itʼs crucial to take diet and nutrition seriously now. Not only will it ensure that you provide a healthy vessel within which to grow and carry your baby when you do fall pregnant, but the foods you eat and the drinks you drink also play a very large part in balancing your body - meaning that often what you eat and drink can enable or prevent you from falling pregnant. Think about it - is a diet full of bad fats, salt, sugar, preservatives, E-Numbers and manmade flavorings and colorings really going to help your body become healthy, perform at its very best and nurture a growing a child? I donʼt think so! Your body deserves the best and so does your baby, so read on to see how to eat to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and build a happy, healthy child... Fertility Diet Eating an organic, vitamin and mineral rich diet is crucial for ensuring your body is happy and healthy in preparation for bearing a child. You should be eating a balanced diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates and, ideally, start taking a pregnancy-specific multivitamin with Folic Acid - crucial for ensuring your baby has the best start in life. Organic food is best because itʼs not been dowsed in pesticides and fertilizers, both of which can clog your system and decrease your general health. Donʼt worry too much if you canʼt find or afford organic food though - simply ensure you wash all your fruit and vegetables thoroughly. Wholegrain breads, pastas and rice are fantastic too, and not only will you be improving your overall health but youʼll also begin to realize how bloated the white, processed and refined versions used to make you. The general rule is that if itʼs available as white or brown, choose brown. This goes for sugar and flour too - after all, for them to make anything white when it should be brown they have to bleach it! Luckily most, if not all, food stores, have fruit for sale, and this is one of

the best foods you could ever eat both before and during pregnancy. You should to be getting at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day, and this rule has never been so important as when you始re preparing your body for a child. Grabbing an apple, banana, orange or pear is great, but there are plenty of other fruits that are particularly good for you - such as berries. A handful of blueberries, raspberries or strawberries can be great for your baby and great for you when you consider....

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