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“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are making the impossible.”

- St. Francis of Assisi


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E D I TO R ’ S N O T E Hello Lilies, welcome to the first seasonal issue of “Lilie’s World” magazine by Coccolily. As we approach the Fall season, it’s time to take stock of what the year has brought so far. For all the goals we’ve achieved, we say yaay us!! for those which have not gone so well, September is a new start. 2013 might almost be over, but it’s not over yet. In everything you’ve failed to do this year, commit to it now, make that decision, take that flight, say yes!! We at Coccolily are excited to bring you our amazing new Fall/Holiday Collection and can’t think of a better time to be doing exactly what we love... for you. This fall, embrace your potential, enjoy life, take chances, and don’t be afraid to start again, we wouldn’t have any other way.


the new


Gaining publicity from a variety of media outlets and being featured in high profile fashion magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and Company, gave immense exposure to the Coccolily label, highlighting the need for expansion and a new focus in the direction for the brand. Coccolily is now undergoing rebranding and we invite all our Coccolily fans to join us on this journey.The “new� Coccolily clothing brand will be an integration of the labels signature whimsical style with bold designs that accentuate the inherent sensuality of every woman.


T H E Laurène - Assistant Creative Director

Melanie - Styliste “Je n’ai pas étudié en mode. Je ne suis pas au courant des tendances. Je ne regarde pas les magazines ni les émissions sur la mode. Tout ce que je fais, je le fais par instinct. Je travaille comme un peintre devant sa toile blanche. C’est très valorisant. J’ai une relation privilégié avec les gens, comme je les rencontre souvent dans une situation de vulnérabilité. Je dois mettre les gens en confiance avec leur apparence physique et ce qu’il dégage. Tant comme personnalité publique ou pour l’image d’une compagnie. Ce que je préfère c’est les lookbooks et les défilés. Pour l’adrénaline et aussi pour le lien que je développe avec les designers, à long terme.”

“The most important thing I can’t live without is food! No matter what food, which I’m almost always willing to try! Other stuff are secondary for me, even if I really enjoy sleeping, trips and doing sports. Create some things awakens a part of me that proves to myself that nothing’s impossible to make, and that’s what I like. Make what you want if you desire.”

Evangelina - MUA and Hair Stylist “I am obsessed with sour candies and eat bags and bags full of them until my tongue burns; I can’t go to bed without putting lip balm on and I can not go outside without sunscreen on (rain or shine). I do make-up and hair on lots of different people and for different projects and each time, it’s a new experience with its challenges and rewards. I get to channel my inner creativity all the time and work with a team of stylists and photographers to make it come to life. Not only I do what I love the most but I get to meet new people all the time. I am living my dream!”


Francesca - Campaign Manager “I’m an adventurous soul who loves exploring- different cultures, people, places, food and style. Theres so much of the world out there to see and experience that my bucket list is overflowing with possibilities. I’m involved in so many different areas of the business and enjoy being able to interact with people from all creative walks of life. I love the fact that what I do involves finding solutions to problems and creating new relationships. I count it a blessing to be involved in something I love - Fashion!!”

T E A M Andréanne - Modèle Olivier - Assistant photographe

“J’aime mon travail car il offre la possibilité de se dépasser. Chaque shooting est un défis que je m’amuse a relever avec passion. Fait cocasse sur moi: je suis la plus grande trouillarde sur cette terre. Le soir lorsque je rentre dans ma voiture je regarde toujours le siège arrière pour être certaine qu’il n’y a personne de caché.”

“Quand j’ai eu mes premiers contrats, en me voyant partir avec tout mon équipement, mes filles me disaient: “ Papa tu pars même pas travailler, tu vas prendre des photos!” Depuis, quand on me demande ce que je fais, je dis: “Je prend des photos” C’est pour ça que j’aime bien ce que je fais, c’est du travail qui n’en a pas l’air!”

Racky - Photographer Naana - Creative Director “I feel that I am a bit of every culture because I have lived in so many countries around the world. I love different cultures and I love travelling. I love what I do as creative director and designer of Coccolily. I have a very visual and creative mind that keeps going even in my sleep. I was destined to create. My soul and spirit acknowledge this creative spirit given to me from God.”

“At the end of a shooting day I always think that models will have nightmares about me saying “ Regard Intense” I probably say it a thousand times. As a photographer, Racky strives to get the best of beauty and fashion. Having been born and spending most of her youth in Paris, The fashion industry has always intrigued her. The turning point was when Racky modelled for a Benetton campaign, shot by Oliviero Toscani. He inspired her to become a Fashion Photographer. Based in Montreal since 2003, Racky works with the biggest models agency in the city, namely Next Modesl, Specs Models and Montage. In 2011 she received the Applied Arts Student award.”


Carol - Production “Being behind the scenes is like opening that little eye that glimpses some secret moments on a set that are so real and peculiar, but not always are shown, and nobody else can see. It’s like having your little box of secrets.”

Scene selections at the location of the photoshoot.


B e h i n d THE SCENES

Women are like jewels, we shine and sparkle even in the most unlikely and desolate places.This Fall, our feature editorial “Dazzle Days,� pitches glamorous style against a backdrop of alleyways, exploring the idea that true beauty stands out everywhere.










Dazzle days CAMPAIGN CREATIVE DIRECTION : Naana Tennachie Yankey, Laurène Lessard, Carol Ribeiro CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Francesca Doe PHOTOGRAPHER : Racky Diack ASSITANT PHOTOGRAPHER : Olivier Chawaiki MUA & HAIR : Evangelia Pavlakos STYLIST : Mélanie Brisson 15

MODEL : Andréanne Robillard (NEXT)

Coccolily’s Lilie dress


Coccolily’s Lydia dress



Coccolily’s Clementine dress


Coccolily’s Crystal skirt


Coccolily’s Jilian dress



Coccolily’s Juliette dress


Coccolily’s Lolita dress



WANT Lalique “Libellule” Crystal 2013 Limited Edition A want list wouldn’t be complete without a special fragrance. We absolutely adore the floral notes of Laliques “Libellule” Crystal 2013 Limited Edition hidden in a crystal flacon that ups the glamor stakes on any dresser.

Yswara - Sankofa Tea Set This to die for black porcelain and 22 carat gold “Sankofa Tea Set” Collection created for luxury tea specialists Yswara, by South African artist Adrian Lombard is perfect for tea lovers.



Vacheron Constantin - White Lily The White Lily watch is one of a trio set exclusively available in two limited editions; only 20 of the round diamond bezels and 5 baguette diamond watches exist worldwide. Created by Vacheron Constantin, it pays tribute to an English botanical illustration published in the 19th century - ‘The Temple of Flora’. The diamonds, the distinctive craftmanship and the fact that we love lilies makes us yearn for this watch, as far as statement watches go, this watch says everything. 27




MAKE-UP ARTIST : Eva Pavlakos Eva prepped the model’s face (Andréanne) with a primer, MAC’s Prep & Prime Natural Radiance as well as MAC’s Fast Response Eye Cream. These products ensure that the model’s skin is ready for make-up application. Next, Eva applied a light coat of MAC Fix Fluid Foundation in NW20 to Andreanne’s face which helped even out the skin tone and hide blemishes. The make-up look direction was strong, bold eyes so liquid liner was in order with L’Oreal’s Lineur Intense in Carbon Black on the top and bottom lashlines. To add dimension to the eyes, Eva applied MAC Cork eyeshadow in the crease and MAC Shroom on the eyelid, browbone and inner corners of the eyes. To finish the look, L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara was applied in Carbon Black. Since the eyes made a big statement, Eva decided to go easy on the cheeks and lips. MAC’s Harmony was used as cheek color and MAC’s lipstick in Myth.




“You’ve worked hard all year long, go on...you deserve it. Give yourself a zero calorie chocolate treat with the Coccolily high gloss nail polishDirty Chocolate. It’s vegan friendly, pregnancy safe and free of nasty chemicals.” 31

highLIGHTS -


nights -

Gorgeous party dresses are a must have for the holidays, elevate your look in outfits with strategically designed cutouts that add 32 instant glamour and a bold look.

Many Women | one VO I C E The creative process has been very exciting for us, we’ve had so much fun going through yards of beautiful fabrics like kids in a candy store. Putting together this Collection was like cooking a gourmet meal for clothing, simple enough to be “ready to wear”, but special enough to stand out of a crowd.