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EVS Świecie 2017 VISUAL NAME of the project: EVS Swiecie 2017 VISUAL Dates of the activity: 03.02.2017 – 02.12.2017 NAME of coordinating/hosting organisation: Towarzystwo Miłoników Ziemi wieckiej (Enthusiasts of the Swiecie Region Society ). Location of the project: Swiecie, Poland

During EVS project we will provide our volunteers with accommodation, food allowance money, pocket money (85 euros per month), reimbursement of 90% of travel expenses from her/his place of residence to Swiecie and back, bicycles for travelling around our region, insurance, trainings, help of mentors and EVS coordinator.

EVS Świecie 2017 VISUAL will be 10 months activity. Our activity will start at the beginning of February 2017 and it will end at the beginning of December 2017. There will be two volunteers involved into this project, one from Hungary and one from Spain. Main activities for our volunteers will include: 1) promotion of European youth projects in between young people in Świecie Region. We will visit many schools and youth organisations where we will present Erasmus Plus and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programs, create promo materials about these programs and distribute them during our presentations. This part of the project will take part also in other nearby towns such as Chełmno, Grudziądz or Tuchola. There will be also a possibility to promote youth programs during annual events such as Swiecie Days, Balabun Day or Astronomy Night. 2) creating portal called ‘’Świecie News’’ which will be presenting different cultural events in the Swiecie Region (this activity will require mobility of the volunteers, photographing and writing short texts about certain events). 3) organizing European Cultural Meetings at different schools in Swiecie. Our volunteers will lead presentations and workshops about their own culture/countries but also about

European Union in general. They will have an opportunity to cook traditional dishes from their countries and present them during ECM. During these meetings Polish students will present Polish culture, cuisine, dances etc. (these activities will only during the school season). 4) running blog ‘’Letters from Poland’’ which is promoting Polish culture. 5) creating a photo album about our region from which 12 pictures will be published in a calendar and the rest of the pictures will be published day by day on our blog and a fan page ‘’Fotografie Świecia’’. 6) promotion of young artists from Świecie Region inside our side-project called ‘’Świecka Sztuka’’ by organizing art exhibitions, creating and publishing promo materials about their work, helping with logistic part of the project, This part of the project will require a bit of travelling as exhibitions will take place in different towns in Poland. 7) creating promo movie about Swiecie Region which will be a view of our area in the eyes of foreigner (this is the activity only for the summer season). 8) our volunteers will take part in different cultural activities like Christmas Market (the beginning of December), Balabun Day (in the middle of September), Astronomy Night (in the middle of August) and European Bicycle Trip (in the middle of September). 9) working with children in a kindergarden, one or two days per week (teaching foreign language mostly but only during the summer season). 10) assisting to the hosting organization on selected tasks regarding organization of the 1st edition of ‘’Four Ocean’s Travelers Festival’’ in Świecie.

About Świecie: Świecie is a small town about 30 000 inhabitants. Town itself has a good economy strongly connected with the biggest paper factory in northern Poland. It has a Teutonic Castle and lovely old town where our office is placed (exactly in the museum of Świecie Region). Inside the country Świecie is located just 100 km from Polish seaside and beautiful city of Gdansk. It is also 150 km away from Poznan and 200 km from Warsaw. Going just 50 km to the south it is possible to reach Torun (Unesco heritage spot where lived and worked Copernikus). Our volunteers will live in a quiet neighborhood in Swiecie in a fully equipped apartment (coshared with students or whole flat for themselves). Working week for our volunteers will be 30-35 hours, 5 days per week.

Profile of volunteers we would like to host: Our volunteers will need good communication skills and a will to learn Polish language. We would like to invite to our project young individuals who already have some interest into art and European youth programs and would like to increate their horizons with us but also teach us their own point of view. Motivation to realize our project goals is very important but we also hope that our volunteers will try to establish some little projects/ideas on their own (with our help and assistance of course).

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