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Lecture performance by Anna Lundh, artist and initiator of Visions of the Now, “The Tale of the Big Computer”, including the historical framework and origins of Visions of the Now. Friday the 24th, 2013. Photo: Kim Fagerstam

artist Anna Lundh, the Festival brought together artists, musicians, theorists and scientists to perform real-time research “on the now” and to explore contemporary interplays between art and technology. The 2013 Festival re-enacted the Festival of 1966, Visions of the Present / Visioner av Nuet Festival for Art and Technology. This was organized by Fylkingen, a society for experimental music and art founded in Stockholm in 1933, and the director Knut Viggen. It was held at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm and was inspired by an interest in the field of technology and its impact on the arts. The program included lectures by, among others, Iannis Xennakis, Yona Friedman, and performances and works by Alvin Lucier, Karl-Birger Blomdahl, Ralph Lundsten and a number of other significant artists at the time2. While reminding of a momentum that was, the 2013 Festival seemed to be calling for renewed attention. The institutional interest in new media art in Stockholm is certainly there. The responses to new media art culture, executed in various initiatives, from exhibitions to seminars and symposiums to experimental new media commissions, reveal 2

an incitement to keep up with the new forms of artistic practice. Among recent and noteworthy initiatives is Bonniers Konsthall’s presentation of Art Hack Day in April this year, which followed a series of art hack days initiated by Olof Mathé in New York, Boston and San Francisco. This happening and hackathon at Bonniers brought together sixty artists and hackers to produce a flash exhibition of close to 40 projects on the theme “Larger than Life”. Additionally, Bonniers Konsthall’s 2012 exhibition dedicated to sound art, More Than Sound, which presented sound art objects and installations together with a lecture and performance program, challenged an area of new media art culture, activating the experimental field between music, art and technology. In 2011, Magasin 3 presented two art apps for mobile phones, Call and response by the artist Erik Aalto, an interactive video adaptation of the art work The object is performance, and Men That Fall by the artist duo Performance Pictures. These mobile app works were part of Performancexhibition curated by Richard Julin in 2011. Earlier this year, Magasin 3 commissioned We Think Alone (2013) by the artist Miranda July for the exhibition On the Tip of My Tongue. This artwork, which consists of a themed


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CoCAin…04 Review of Contemporary Art Centres and Museums